Some items I’ve been meaning to link….

–John Fay talked with GM Walt Jocketty about a number of interesting things, and you should just go read this entire post. Most interesting info is about moving minor league stud Todd Frazier to 2B, where he will be a great hitter. Jocketty also doesn’t rule out moving Brandon Phillips to shortstop; another good idea.

However, if Jocketty is telling the truth when he says the Reds have never discussed moving BP to SS, then the whole organization is being run by fools.

Ten random photos of Chris Sabo’s goggles. Sweet. Very sweet.

–Prepare for the apocalypse: Paul Daugherty wrote something that reasonable Reds fans can agree with! It’s never happened before, you know.

–Do you understand surplus value? Justin does, and he is enlightening the rest of us, as usual.

–Scott Rolen was out for a second straight game last night. This guy just can’t stay in the lineup.

The Reds are done, and here’s why.