Will the Reds win a game this month?

Yes! And it’s going to be tonight. I think we’ll win one sometime around the 19th of August, too.

Discuss it here. Two topics of discussion to get you started:

1. Red Reporter wonders if Bob Castellini is running this team into the ground.

2. Stupid Cubs.

What are your thoughts on those two items?

UPDATE: By the way, I thought the lineup couldn’t get any worse than last night’s. I was wrong. Check out this mess:

Taveras CF
Rosales 3B
Votto 1B
Phillips 2B
Gomes RF
Balentien LF
Gonzalez SS
Hanigan C
Cueto P

That lineup wouldn’t finish first, second, or third in the AAA International League.

90 Responses

  1. Ramrod



  2. Mike

    Why don’t we just bat Joey Votto leadoff? There is zero chance anyone will be on base ahead of him, so we are just getting him up to the plate 2 outs earlier…

  3. Matt B.

    I’m glad that Gonzalez’s 2 RBI last night managed to get him back in the lineup and ahead of Hanigan.

  4. Travis G.

    “Oh-for-August!” (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap) “Oh-for-August!” (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap) “Oh-for-August!” (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap)

  5. Steve

    Tonight – the Reds will win!!

    Cueto will out-pitch Tom Gorzellany.

  6. John

    Amazing. AGon gets 2 hits and immediately goes back to the #2 spot. Any young player gets 2 hits and they sit the next day.

  7. Kaleb

    I can’t even force myself to watch them with the lineups that Dingle Baker makes.

  8. Kaleb

    Lead of HR from Fukudome, gonna be a good night….

  9. chris

    I admit that I am actively rooting against this team. It has never come to that, but only utter failure can (hopefully) get through this bunch’s heads. Of course, they’ll just tell each other (and us) that it was all injuries.

  10. Steve

    Taveras! 0-18, another great streak in the works for our lead off hitter!

    Rosales’ hustle pays off. I’d rather see him play than just about any other one of the Reds.

    Votto must be wondering what someone in a Reds uniform is doing standing on one of the bases ahead of him.

  11. Brett S

    Is it good or bad or does it not matter that we have one lefty in our line up tonight?

  12. mike

    Taveras is on another one of his streaks
    18 plate appearances in a row without getting on base

  13. Mark in CC

    Looks like the Reds are facing Sandy Koufax, at least he looks like that to the Reds.

  14. al

    chris #11, i feel the same way. it hurts, but i want dusty baker fired so badly, i would take losing every game from here on out to get it.

  15. mike

    three things (not the only things) I like about the Reds this year
    I like the approach 3 hitters take

    Votto comes to the plate with a poker face and level head. Relaxed and ready to hit

    Hanigan comes to the plate and says I’m not going to swing at bad pitches and is patient

    Gomes come to the plate with an attitude. I’m going to swing hard and getting a hit off of you no matter who you are. Aggressive and visibly so. He looks like he’s ready for a fight

    Is it a surprise they are 3 of the 4 most productive Reds?

  16. Steve Price

    Wasn’t it Gorzelanny who was so frustrated with the Pirates that he demanded to be sent to the minors?

  17. adaircam4

    well, according to Dusty Baker, the Reds are very close to going on a really hot streak for a long time…awesome!! Nothing to worry about!

  18. Steve Price

    Dusty gave up weeks, if not months ago.

  19. Steve Price

    Tomorrow, the Jose Rijo trade, where we traded an aging star for a young player.

    Thursday…where we undervalued relievers that we let get away.

    Amazing…just this past week we did the opposite of the first, and did the second mistake in the same deal.

  20. Steve Price

    for those who think Jocketty hasn’t’ had enough time…

    1. Bob Howsam turned over 20 of 25 players with two years of becoming a GM in 1968.

    2. Murray Cook traded for Danny Jackson and Joe Rijo within five weeks of each other. Jackson was undervalued, Rijo was young and not performing to expectations.

    we traded a young shortstop when we had talented skill players rather than nonfielding minor league hitters, Kurt Stillwell for jackson, and traded an aging star, Dave Parker, for RIjo

  21. mike

    the Reds could go on a 10 game win streak at this point and still not catch the 4th place team.

    not that there is a lot of youth to play but it IS time to give up and play ANY young guys you can.

    Oh right, we just traded for a 3B at the end of his career…..

  22. Steve

    Brantley: “The ball is hit to deep center field, Willy Taveras takes a mistaken route, causing me to mis-announce it, first breaks to his left, then to his right and takes it in. That was a bad route.”

  23. Deaner

    Steve Price (21): That was Ian Snell who demanded that the Pirates send him to AAA. He went to Seattle in the Jack Wilson trade.

  24. Deaner

    I’d like to share a Stupid Cubs fan story…

    Opening Day 2009 in Cincinnati — Mets vs. Reds — guy two rows in front of me is wearing a backwards green (shamrock) Cubs hat and a Cubs sweatshirt (2009 Authentic style, of course, straight from MLB.com). The whole game this “Cubs fan” cheers for the Mets, “Let’s go Johan, no hitter baby!”

  25. Deaner

    There’s a whole generation of Cubs fans that aren’t in it for the baseball. It’s a way to continue the college town lifestyle after college. You go to Wrigleyville, booze it up, and “tailgate”. The baseball is secondary.

    That’s not my idea. It’s from a book called Wrigleyworld (http://wrigleyworld.com/) by Kevin Kaduk. The same guy who blogs on Big League Stew (http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/blog/big_league_stew).

  26. Eddie

    Nice play Willy.
    That Gomes play is why defense is so hard to quantify. Bruce would have been back there already to make the catch then the pitcher has to swing away and probably gets out. There’s 2 outs with no one on and Cueto doesn’t throw as many pitches which therefore keeps him fresh for later.

  27. RedinFla

    Pretty sweet “D” — but we still need to get some guys to actually cross home plate in order to have a chance at this…and I’m not sharing my stupid Cubs fan story – I’d rather block out the memory

  28. RedinFla

    …and then I think, “Well, I’ll just look forward to Spring Training.” except they’ll be a million miles away in AZ instead of right up the road.
    I’d call this an emotional roller-coaster, except a roller-coaster has ups…

  29. CarolinaReds

    And there goes Cueto…kid gets flustered and can’t throw a strike.

    I can’t believe you guys are still here watching these games. I love the Reds but my blood pressure can’t take it every night.

  30. Matt B.

    Welsh sounds so frustrated with the pitching staff, pitch calling, manager, and pitching coach. I can’t say I blame him.

  31. Matt B.

    I really don’t get why Cueto is throwing first-pitch breaking balls to hitters who are batting .238 and .208.

    And there’s Taveras with another terrible play. 3-0, Cubs.

  32. CarolinaReds

    What does everyone think of Travis Wood now at AAA? Chris Heisey? At least there’s hope for the future

  33. Mike

    Im glad we are keeping Willy T in the lineup for his defense. We all know the best fielding center fielder in the minors (Stubbs) would never have made that catch that went right over WT’s giove…

  34. Matt B.

    I could’ve gotten a better jump on that ball than Taveras.

  35. Eddie

    Wood has allowed no runs and only 3 hits through 7. Heisey is 2 for 3 tonight

  36. RedinFla

    I’ve stopped getting my hopes up, in self-preservation. I half-watch, like a casual observer.
    We may all be dysfunctional by September :clown:

  37. al

    does the front office not watch these games? why is it obvious to casual fans that willy taveras is an awful baseball player, but not obvious to “professionals.”

  38. Matt B.

    Unbelievable. Cueto gives up a hit to a pitcher who is a career .062 hitter. Why the hell are you even bothering with breaking balls and changeups to him?

  39. Steve

    Despite his slow start, Taveras should have caught that ball. Does anyone doubt that Chris Dickerson would have? Drew Stubbs?

    “He’s my centerfielder.”

  40. al

    8 in a row. i almost wish we hadn’t won that won game. then we’d be going for 14 straight losses.

  41. WORLD

    Enough of this team. Boring. Going out into the New York night for a nice Russian dinner at the Petrossian at 58th and Seventh Avenue and then a little clubbing to cap off the night.

    Hold down the fort fellows.

    Banana Bob? Saw that tag today. Made me laugh a little bit. And the picture of the scowling old guy was spot on. That is how he looks when he chats it up with you.

    TONIGHT’S TRIVIA QUESTION: In the famous Pete Rose/Buddy Harrelson brawl, who did the hulking Pedro Borbon drop to the earth after hearing the diminutive Mets hurler calmly say to him, “Well, it’s all over now.” I’ve sat with these two over a few brews and listen to them tell the story together. Quite a hoot.

    Goodnight Boys.

    The World

  42. Matt B.

    Something needs to be done. If the Reds hadn’t beaten the Padres and really did lose 14 in a row, then Dusty would still probably be here.

    And now it’s 5-0.

  43. Eddie

    Can we ask FSN Ohio to show Louisville games instead of the Reds? Then we can watch a real team play.

  44. Matt B.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to that.

    The Rolen trade looks dumber and dumber by the day.

  45. Mike

    Eddie (#51) – FSN ohio is already broadcasting minor league baseball. At least that’s what has been on my TV the last 14 games.

  46. Eddie

    Rolen trade or not Willy Taveras is still our leadoff hitter and centerfielder and is still killing us.

  47. Eddie

    Mike (#51) – I was looking for good quality, winning minor league baseball.

  48. Matt B.

    Quite true. I actually looked into buying FireDustyBaker.com, but the Cubs fans still have the rights to it, even though it’s not currently up and running.

    I bet the Cubs traded for Gorzelanny just because they knew how pathetic he would make the Reds look.

  49. Mike

    Eddie (56) – my bad. I guess we need to lobby for higher quality minor league players around here. But I guess we can’t complain about Unproven Minor League Pitching too much, considering that’s what we are banking on to win next decade…

  50. Matt B.

    And now it’s 6-0. I’m glad the cheers can be heard over the boos.

  51. Eddie

    If you think about it this teams starting lineup is pathetic. Willy (4th outfielder), Rosales (utility infielder, AAA), Gonzalez (out of baseball), Gomes (4th outfielder), Balentein (AAA).
    That’s where I think those guys should be and I’m being nice saying Willy is a 4th outfielder.

  52. Mike

    Realistic question:

    if you flipped the rosters of our professional team and AAA team, would the AAA team have won 2 of the last 14 games??

    I doubt it – the Rockies/Cubs/LA are good, but could have they taken ONE from the Padres and maybe taken one from the Rockies or cubs?

  53. Matt B.

    Fay says that the Reds got $6 million from the Blue Jays for Rolen, and St. Louis is paying his $4 million bonus next year. Still, the Reds owe Rolen $9 million next season, or $4.25 million more than Encarnacion.

    Frazier is being moved to 2B in the minors, and Jocketty didn’t dismiss the idea of Phillips moving to SS next year.

    Jocketty also said Stubbs will be here before the end of the year. Wow, Walt, that’s a relief.

  54. Eddie

    Now that I think about it, I am starting to get excited about next season. If for no other reason than addition by subtraction. No Willy & Gonzalez in the lineup can only help the offense.

  55. BigRedMike

    Taveras will be the starting CF next year.

  56. Steve

    Matt B – I’ll bet no one has the rights to FireDustyBakerAgain.Com – you buy it, I’ll help post at it.

  57. Eddie

    Matt B. (#62) stop you are getting me excited. These all sound like they could be logical decisions. (Frazier is playing 2nd again tonight, 1 for 2 tonight so far)

  58. Matt B.

    ^ re: Taveras

    Steve – good call. I’ll look into it.

  59. Mike

    One more bat.

    I know that sounds crazy – but that’s because the team is playing so badly right now. They are not a 1-13 team over the entire season. Esp. once they remove Willy T/Gonzo.

    Even if Stubbs bats .250 that will be a huge upgrade from Willy T – and not a small defensive upgrade. As cowboy has said a bunch of times, Willy T takes terrible routes to the baseball.

    If the Reds get a good SS or LF they will be in position to make a run at the division. I think they should spend money on a good SS or LF and if it doesn’t work out, then we sell them at the All Star break and rebuild for when Volquez returns.

    And if they are in it – then we finally will have something to root for.

  60. BigRedMike

    I am so surprised that this lineup is being shut out. :tired:

  61. Steve

    Doesn’t Balentin know that walking is no way to make the Reds team? It clogs the bases.

  62. Kyle

    Seriously, can they skip Cueto’s next start. The season is over. Dusty will end up blowing out his arm before the year is done.

  63. Mike

    Steve (72) made me realize why AGon bats second:

    If the leadoff hitter walks, we need AGon to hit into a double play to unclog the basepaths for Joey V.

  64. adaircam4

    Pirates, Royals, Natinals,Orioles…Reds are on the same level as these teams…just pathetic.

  65. Eddie

    What does everyone think about Phillips at SS? Is he above average at short?

  66. Matt B.

    I think Phillips is the Reds best option at SS for 2010. None of the free agents would be better.

    Orlando Cabrera (35)
    Alex Cora (34)
    Craig Counsell (39)
    Bobby Crosby (30)
    Adam Everett (33)
    Chris Gomez (39)
    Alex Gonzalez (32) – $6MM mutual option with a $500K buyout
    Khalil Greene (30)
    Jerry Hairston Jr. (34)
    John McDonald (35)
    Marco Scutaro (34)
    Miguel Tejada (36)
    Omar Vizquel (43)
    Jack Wilson (32) – $8.4MM club option with a $600K buyout

  67. Matt B.


    I’m shocked that Votto is the one who knocked it in.

  68. Steve

    When Bruce, Rolen and Dickerson are back in the lineup the next few weeks I’ll feel a little better.

  69. Eddie

    Yeah SS is a premium position, you’re next to never going to find a top tier one in free agency and if you do you’re going to have to pay to get him.

  70. Steve Price

    More and more I’m seeing young shortstops being a key to building winning baseball teams. I think Phillips may be too old now to be the shortstop on a championship team. I don’t think he’ll have the instincts or the quickness.

    Will it make us better? yes…will it make us a winner? I don’t think so.

    May be we should look into trading a pitcher or two for Brandon Wood, or may be even Alonso for Wood and others?

  71. Eddie

    I agree Matt B. but what kind of shortstop would Phillips be defensively? An average one? Above Average? One of the best in the league?

  72. Steve

    Wait. Did Alex Gonzalez go 0-4 again? No way.

    I think the Reds should give BP a shot at SS, just to see how he looks. I’d even try it this fall, since apparently our SS for next year is not in the organization now, aside from him.

    We might well be able to find a 2B internally or in the free agent pool more easily than SS.

    WT makes the last out again. Softly grounding out.

  73. Eddie

    SS aren’t just hard to find for the Reds, they are hard to find for the whole league. Give me one that bats .260 and plays plus defense and I will be happy.

  74. chris

    Oddly, EVERY Reds SS since th 40s made an AS game until this guy.

  75. mike

    oh preach good comparison

    Castro was a defensive wiz when he was a Red. Gonzo is in decline
    Castro could never hit but Gonzo has on or off years

    Castro was a HORRIBLE hitter, on the Taveras level. Gonzo had one of his good year last year and a horrible year this year, which is not out of line with his career.

    in the last 10 years here are the production #s for Reds SS with at least 600 PA

    1 Barry Larkin 1.09 5.30 4.21
    2 Felipe Lopez 0.81 5.21 4.40
    3 Jeff Keppinger -.21 4.57 4.79
    4 Alex Gonzalez -.93 3.95 4.88
    5 Juan Castro -1.32 2.93 4.25

    I’ll take Gonzo over Castro but this brings up another question

    or even better Keppinger/Freel at 2B and Phillips at SS vs Gonzo/Phillips

  76. mike

    “He’s my centerfielder.”

    was the quote that or was it

    “He’s our CFer”?