Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

Chicago 4
Cincinnati 2
WP: Wells (8-4)
LP: Harang (5-13)
S: Marmol (4)




–I can’t single out anyone for particular derision tonight. The entire team is terrible. Yes, Harang was bad, but even if he were great, the team can’t hit.

–I love Joey Votto, but he and Brandon Phillips are the only guys in tonight’s lineup that haven’t been in AAA recently, or deserve to be out of the league entirely (See Taveras, Willy and Gonzalez, Alex — although Gonzo had two extra-base hits tonight!)

–Seven losses in a row. Thirteen losses in fourteen games. Since the All-Star break: 3-15. Fifteen games under .500. Tied for last place in the National League Central. (The Reds might have been in last place all alone, but our old buddy hit a homer to put the Natinals ahead of the Pirates for good. Thanks, Dunner!)

–I’ve never seen the bottom fall out quicker than we’ve seen this year, but that’s what can happen when you’re winning games early with smoke and mirrors.

–We’re going to be contenders in 2010. Isn’t that right, Walt Jocketty?

–Will the Reds win another game this year?

*This Organization Stinks.