Hello Redleg Nation,

Colorado is beautiful.  Vacation is fun.  How are things there?  I hope well.

Today, we went to the Garden of the Gods.

What did you do? 

Hope all is well there.  My 10-year-old nephew – a Rockies fan – is very happy this weekend, for some reason.

See you soon,


7 Responses

  1. Matt B.

    I would be ecstatic if the Reds DFA’d Gonzalez. Come on, they have to do something. They’re going to pay Gonzalez anyway, so pay him to go sit on his butt. His .511 OPS doesn’t even equal Votto’s .596 slugging percentage. I know that his .194/.239/.272 line really makes the front office salivate.

  2. Chad Dotson

    Chris, you dirty rotten so and so. I’m thinking about revoking your posting privileges.


    Have fun on your vacation…and please try not to think about the Reds much. It’ll be better for your mental health and enjoyment.

  3. Kyle

    Garden of the Gods is pretty great. I did that along with the Falls (forget what its called) and Pike’s Peak in Colorado City while I was at a conference a few years ago. Garden of the Gods was the highlight though.

  4. Rob

    Gonzalez’s career is done. The guy has been in the Majors for over 10 years, and he looks worse than a rookie out there.

    His hitting is pretty much predictable: groundout, strikeout, or popout to infield. He doesn’t do anything else. Hell, I think he has 2 hits since returning from from the disabled list. Grande was salivating the other night when he had an RBI on a groundout. The guy is just atrocious.

  5. Kyle

    He actually has one hit from returning from the disabled list and is in an 0-18 slump (he is 1-27 since coming back). Baker’s got to keep sending him out there though so he can “get his stroke back.” Hank Aaron used to tell Dusty the hardest thing about baseball is getting your stroke back when you are slumping.

  6. GRF

    Never heard of Gaarden of the Gods until now. Have to check it out someday.