Reds try to make it 12 losses in 13 games today. Another loss will mean another sweep by an opponent (3rd in the last four series), and it will mean a six-game losing streak.


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  1. Steve

    We’re doomed today. Everyone knows you can’t bat the catcher toward the top of the lineup.

  2. Y-City Jim

    Is Dusty growing some brain cells?

  3. Matt Steele

    Sutton is still batting leadoff playing the outfield so I don’t think Dusty has that many brain cells growing yet

  4. Matt Steele

    Guys I think I know what happened and it should be obvious

    Rolen’s veteran leadership demanded that Baker bat Hanigan 2nd.

  5. Chad Dotson

    Looks like the Reds feed is not in HD on DirecTV, so if I watch any of the game, it’ll be the Colorado broadcast. Woo-hoo! No George Grande!

    Of course, I may decide to watch the Scooby-Doo marathon on Cartoon Network instead.

  6. REDS1

    This lineup actually makes sense. It won’t win the game but it makes sense.

  7. Chad Dotson

    Does everyone realize that Drew Sutton, for the 3rd straight game, is playing a position he has never played before as a professional?

    What a screwed up roster, if Dusty is forced to play Sutton in the outfield.

  8. Chad Dotson

    Rockies announcers are KILLING Taveras….

    After saying they liked Willy personally, they cited his on-base percentage and called it “horrible” three times. Then they put up his stats on the screen and compared his OPS to league average.

    They said, “he’s going to have to figure out how to steal first.”

  9. Dan

    Why isn’t anyone in the Cincinnati media talking about how bad Taveras and Gonzalez have been?

    I mean… look at the numbers. They are mind-blowing…

    Taveras – .240/.279/.290 in 372 PA (!!)

    Gonzalez – .194/.239/.272 in 226 PA (!!!!!)

    Is no one talking about this? Is no one making Dusty state publicly why they’re playing so much? Have we really gotten nothing more out of Dusty than “they’re established”??

    I love the Reds (for some reason), but they are a joke right now.

  10. Y-City Jim

    I know it would be of limited value but why don’t the Reds just fire Jacoby and let Dusty work exclusively with the hitting. Spier can take on more of the day-to-day stuff.

  11. WORLD

    Sixth place.

    What a shame.

    Tony Perez. Ed Bailey. Dave Concepcion. George Foster. Pete Rose. Jim Maloney. Lee May. Joe Morgan. Jack Billingham. Bobby Tolan. Don Gullet. Joe Nuxhall. Tom Seaver. Fred Norman. Roy Mac.

    Just tossing a little mental sunshine your way.

    What has happened to this once proud franchise?

    Bob Castellini should be ashamed. He has his finger on the button. He owns this mess. He could make it better.

    But he does nothing.

    Such a shame.

    The oldest franchise in the history of major league baseball….. at the bottom of the sea.


    This Organization Stinks.


  12. Dan

    What could Castellini do to make things better, in your view, world?

    In my eyes, he truly wants to win, he just a) doesn’t know how, and b) thinks we’re closer to winning than we really are.

  13. Chad Dotson

    “Sloppy play by Cincinnati, and Reds fans — rightfully so — letting them hear about it.”

    So say the Rockies announcers, after the error by Gonzalez.

    On Gonzo: “That’s just laziness. Just pure laziness.”

    These Rockies announcers are telling it like it is. Meanwhile, George Grande is probably pretending that things are just peachy keen.

  14. Chad Dotson

    Why didn’t Scott Rolen go over to SS and use some veteran leadership? He should’ve been screaming at Gonzalez, shouldn’t he?

  15. Chad Dotson

    As bad as Taveras has been, I gotta think Gonzo has been the worst player in the majors this year.

    Yet, he keeps getting run out there to SS every day, and he even gets to bat second way too often.

    I’m so sick of this team.

  16. Jimmy James

    I don’t have TV or radio today. Sounds bad. What did GG or Marty say about the Gonzalez error?

    I bet they didn’t use the word “laziness”

  17. REDS1

    Chad you are correct. Gonzalez clearly should not be playing nearly so often.

  18. Chad Dotson

    You know, Janish is no great shakes. I’ve gone on the record as saying he’ll never hit much in the majors.

    I guarantee you, though…he’ll hit better than Gonzalez has hit this year. And his defense will be tons better. Yes, Janish has made a couple of untimely errors this year, and that’s why he’s in Dusty’s doghouse.

    His range is so much better than Gonzo’s though….it’s crazy.

    Alex Gonzalez’s career should be over. He’s not a major leaguer anymore.

  19. WORLD

    I know the owner of the Reds. I’ve chatted with him over a cigar and a pop or two and know his desire to win. He is burning to win.

    That being said, he has to look at the picture clearly and not take the view of those who are covering their backsides for their jobs. How in the world can he believe that the Reds are moving forward?

    Dan, what would make you think that the Reds are in good shape? I suggest you look at what’s on the field before you answer that question. If there is bona fide MLB talent in the minor leagues, how come they are not up here now?

    Sit with Marty B. for about an hour and you’ll get the true picture. This organization is in bad shape.

    Fire the manager and the general manager and take a fresh look at the whole thing.

    Start there.

  20. AB

    One of the most frustrating things about Gonzalez is that he’s taking PT from Janish. Nobody thinks Janish is a world beater, but due to limited sample size we don’t know how valuable he is. The next two months (and the previous two…but that’s in the past) would be a perfect time to see what we have in Janish, so we can decide if we can get by with him next year or if we have to come up with a different option if we expect to be competitive. Oddly enough, it’s a shame for both the Reds and Janish.

  21. Y-City Jim

    Imagine how good the infield defense would be with Janish out there at SS. Yes, the offense would still stink but it still would be nice to at least excel at one dimension of the game.

  22. Dan

    Yes, Taveras and Gonzalez should be DFA’ed tomorrow. That right there would make me feel better about the team, and frankly the team would be better — immediately.

    World, I’m very very down on this team, and I think the Rolen trade was embarrassing, negligent, stupid, short-sighted… pick your word. I’m not defending Bob or Walt or Dusty. I think they’re all delusional about how good this team is.

    I just wanted to hear your view on what you thought the owner could do to make things better.

  23. Y-City Jim

    Sit with Marty B. for about an hour and you’ll get the true picture.

    Sit with Marty for an hour and 1) die from the cigarette smoke, and 2) strangle him after an hour of his incredible holier than thou negativism.

  24. Chad Dotson

    Turning the television off, going to go outside and play with the kids. I may or may not check the score later and post a recap. We’ll see.

  25. MLH

    Sutton has the only two hits for the Reds!!

  26. Dan

    Idle (negative) thought here…

    I hated the Kearns/Lopez trade too, but I think I hate the Rolen trade more. (And none of this has to do with Rolen himself, by the way — I think he’ll be pretty good this year and next.)

    In the Kearns/Lopez deal, I’m convinced that Krivsky didn’t nearly get enough value back. He undersold them badly. (And don’t talk to me about what they’ve done since then — I know that Kearns has stunk unbelievably. I’m talking about the value that Kearns and Lopez had ON THAT DAY. He HAD to be able to get more for them.) But… at least the move did add promising young talent. We got younger as an organization that day.

    In the Rolen deal, I think we similarly didn’t get value back, but we also got far older as an organization. We lopped off a little piece of our promising future. THAT is what irks me so much. Edwin for Rolen – fine, nice move. But to give up Roenicke (age 26) and Stewart (age 23) also??? Inexcusably stupid and short-sighted.

    The Reds of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 are worse because of this move… all for a modest upgrade to the 2010 team.

    How can that be worth it?

  27. shane

    wtf??? they pinch run for Rolen?????

  28. MLH

    wtf??? they pinch run for Rolen????
    He got hit in the head according to ESPN.

  29. REDS1

    Gonzalez is down to .191. Sit him PLEASE. Janish is not a world-beater but he at least deserves a shot.

  30. REDS1

    Seriously. He was hit in the head?

    Wouldn’t that be fitting based on how this season has gone.

  31. MLH

    From the ESPN game notes:

  32. Dan

    Who’s watching? Tell us about Rolen please.

  33. Stephen

    Rolen seemed to be okay, just shaken up. It seems like he was just taken out as a precaution. He turned his head enough that he took it just behind the ear, it looked like.

  34. bird2431

    rolen was hbp in the helmet, looked like it rung his bell but should be ok.

  35. LVW

    Hanigan batting 2nd? Seems I commented on that in detail on here 2 or 3 weeks ago. Maybe Baker does have a little ability to think outside the box afterall.

  36. Kurt Frost

    I like how you guys assume veteran leadership automatically means punching everyone in the face.

  37. bird2431

    no, but i would like it better if it did

  38. REDS1

    No more position players to hit? Not having a full roster strikes again.

    What’s up?

  39. AB

    What the crap is happening??? This is uncanny.

  40. REDS1

    Sorry no tv. I am guessing he is just bunting.

  41. AB

    Yeah, but hitting Homer makes it a no-brainer at all as to what his intentions are.

  42. REDS1

    The failure to advance the runner proves costly.

  43. AB

    I think that’s a perfect example of poor managing making it difficult for players to succeed.

  44. AnnapolisRed

    #28-That is funny coming from you. It cracks me up that this board is so negative, yet Marty gets killed for being negative. Don’t get me wrong, we SHOULD be negative, I am negative, but why does Marty get killed for being negative (and George, who I hate, gets killed for being positive). Just make up your mind.

  45. AnnapolisRed

    #32-I love how you say that Kearns had more value than that? Seriously, how would you know? People on here say you can’t quantify leadership (you can’t) so how can you quantify a player’s value for other teams. Kearns/Lopez for what the Reds got was suck for suck. That team had a chance and the bullpen was awful, they tried to get better in the bullpen and it failed. I had no problem with that trade at the time and I still don’t.

  46. AnnapolisRed

    Chad-I agree. Gonzalez is worse than Taveras.

  47. AnnapolisRed

    He was out, terrible call by Joe West, but a lazy throw by Gonzo made it close.

  48. AnnapolisRed

    I really hope this team loses 100 games. That is our only chance that something is going to get done (IE get rid of the manager, coaching staff, gonzo, Taveras, Weathers, Hernandez, etc.).

  49. MLH

    Is Dusty giving him an earful or sleeping.

  50. AnnapolisRed

    He doesn’t even do a good job of arguing. It is meek at best. Very weak.

  51. REDS1

    We have scored 4 runs. But only five hits. I just cannot believe how bad this offense is.

  52. AB

    That, right there, would have been a great time for Dusty to go off and get tossed.

  53. REDS1

    If it was as close as you guys say why doesn’t he just get tossed. I don’t understand it. Is he afraid of getting ejected?

  54. MLH

    How can you get your head stomped on day after day and not come unhinged!

    From Dusty, “I’m trying to think of some new stuff,” he said. “It’s not easy coming up with some new stuff. You try laughter. You try anger. Actually, you don’t have to try anger. You put your arm around them. You chastise them. Sometimes you have to ride it out.”

    I guess that goes for umpires too.

  55. Dan

    Annapolis – At the time of the trade, Kearns was a 26 year old starting outfielder and he was a former 1st round pick (#7 overall). He was batting .274/.351/.492 that season at the time. He was also known as a good fielder as far as I know.

    Lopez was a 26-year-old starting shortstop, batting .268/.355/.394, and the year before he had batted .291/.352/.486 w/ 23 HR’s.

    You can’t quantify leadership, but you can quantify hitting stats.

    The trade got slammed almost universally at the time.

    So I’ll stand by everything I said.

  56. REDS1

    At least the Reds took their opponent to extra-innings today.

  57. MLH

    It’s pathetic when fans are happy that it took them longer to lose!

  58. REDS1

    Sign of the times. When you have a AAA team masquerading as a major league team you have to set your standards a little lower.

  59. Dan

    Ownership is so delusional about where this team is, I also am sort of rooting for them to just implode and lose 100 games. It’s with very mixed feelings… but I actually think it might be better for the long-term prospects of the team.

    I’m also (sort of) rooting for Taveras and Gonzalez to go like 0-for-300 so it’s just totally obvious they need to be released.

  60. MLH

    I feel that. I’m happy when they make it out of the first inning without giving up runs.

  61. julio29

    I quit watching after the ninth inning.I’m pretending we got a tie.YAY!

  62. pinson343

    1. Why was Homer sent up to bunt ? Wouldn’t for example Janish be a better bunter/hitter ?

    2. Brantley and Thom were complaining a lot about the “no doubles” defense that they say led to the leadoff single by the Rockies in the 11th: “Should have been a routine ground ball out.”
    “Why would you have that defense with a ground ball pitcher who throws up to 96 miles an hour ?”
    Brantley said that when he pitched, he wouln’t allow a no doubles defense.

    On the other hand, isn’t it standard strategy for that situation ?

  63. Glenn

    I don’t care what your pitchers do or do not do. You can’t expect to win with only five hits. TOS!

  64. GregD

    – Kearns and Lopez were having good years when they were dealt

    – They were 25% of the starting lineup

    – They had good years the year before (the 2005 lineup that led the NL in runs scored)

    – Krivsky admitted that he overpaid

    – Other teams were getting bullpen help for less than the Reds paid (i.e. no one traded starting position players)

    – The Reds did not sniff the playoffs that year (the stated intent for the trade)

    – Kearns had a good first season and a half w/good defense in Washington

    – Lopez has played well since getting out of Washington

    – The Reds definitely did receive suck