Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

Colorado 6
Cincinnati 2
WP: Jimenez (8-9)
LP: Bailey (2-3)

As Casey Stengel said, can’t anybody here play this game?

–Ha. You want something “positive” about this organization? You must be dreaming. The Reds are a disaster.


–Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2009 Cincinnati Reds are now in last place.

–Ownership/management is deluding themselves if they think this club is a few injuries away from competing in 2010. Completely and inescapably delusional.

–Why didn’t Veteran Leader (TM) Scott Rolen punch someone in the face for not performing well tonight? This looks like exactly the same Reds that we were seeing before he arrived.

–I’m going to be honest: this team is terrible in every way and I don’t know how much longer I can be counted on to recap this nonsense. If I wanted to watch minor leaguers, I’d head down to Sarasota and watch the Gulf Coast League.

*This Organization Stinks.
**From Top To Bottom.

23 Responses

  1. Matt B.

    Big Bob may not like losing, but he’s an idiot for taking on Rolen’s contract, especially in this economy.

  2. Unproven Minor League Pitching

    The Reds aren’t taking on Rolen’s contract “in this economy” since the Blue Jays are paying the rest of his salary this year and some of next year’s. The Reds actually cut payroll by trading EE away, since they won’t have to pay him the rest of this year, same with JHJ.

    The Reds only took on a few million (maybe less than $5m) for Rolen. If you think that’s too expensive of a contract then you’ve pretty much consigned the Reds to making no meaningful moves.

  3. Kurt Frost

    The Brewers signed Corey Patterson to a minor league deal. I must confess I was nervous he was available because he’s still fast.

  4. Brett S

    The bullpen is still a brightspot, for the most part. But that isn’t much consolation, that they can usually give up just one run in the seventh, eigth, and ninth innings.

    A lot of people have threatened withholding their fandom over the reds mismanagement, and while I could never do that, I must admit having rooted for the players on my fantasy team at the expense of the Reds for the last few games (yay Tulowitzsky!).

  5. Chad Dotson

    Josh Roenicke up in the Toronto bullpen right now.

    Edwin’s 1-3 and has scored a run.

  6. Chad Dotson

    Where did you see that Toronto is picking up some of Rolen’s salary next year? Link?

  7. pinson343

    After the game, Homer Bailey, who said he “made two bad piches” (but who’s counting ?) also said that the “Rockies are hot right now.” Oh ? In the Rockies previous series against the Mets, they went 27 consecutive innings without scoring a run. They didn’t get “hot” until they faced Weathers and then Homer.

  8. JerBear

    I was wondering about the money issue too..If Edwin was to make like 4 million next year and Hairston around 2 million, then the Reds are really only taking abo about 5 million for next year right?

    I wouldn’t discount the idea totally either that one of pitchers gets traded as well. Then they’ll buy out Alex Gonzalez…I think it’s a 500,000 buyout. That’ll cut out some more money. I’m just trying to understand how much we’re really adding/subtracting money wise before Free Agency begins in the offseason.

    One positive…Scott Rolen actually wants to be in Cincinnati. It was nice to hear that. I know it’s for personal reasons, to be closer to home, but hey at least we have one happy guy on the team. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hits very well at GABP barring injury.

    How bad does Alex Gonzalez have to be for Paul Janish to get a start? Dusty Baker is loyal to a fault.

    Finally, it’s amazing to me how bad the pitching has been. At what point do Dick Poole and the coaching staff deserve blame? How can your starters be great for 2 months, then terrible all of a sudden. You don’t see the Cubs, Cardinals, and Astros starting pitching just getting horrible all of a sudden. I don’t get it. Sure, we’ve had injuries…but there have literally been 0 above average starts since the All Star Break that I can remember…maybe like 1 from Arroyo actually.

    Having good pitching earlier in the year proved how it can carry even a horrible offensive team….they now have a terrible offense, and not very good pitching.

  9. AnnapolisRed

    Chad I think he was talking about GG and CW saying tonight that the Blue Jays gave the Reds 5-7 million. That obviously carries over to next year.

  10. Matt B.

    Oh, I didn’t hear they got more than four million. Even still, like Fay said, the Reds won’t have much payroll flexibility unless Bob opens up his wallet.

  11. Rob

    Jocketty said he wasn’t done trading this year. I have to think that either Arroyo or Harang will be gone. Hopefully Arroyo. There IS NO WAY he is worth the money he is supposed to be paid for next year. Hopefully Jocketty can sucker a team like the Yankees to take him and his ridiculous salary on and get something halfway decent in return. I wouldn’t mind seeing Melky Cabrera in a Reds uniform.

  12. Chad Dotson

    Oh, okay.

    Well, I won’t take GG and CW’s word for anything. It’ll be very interesting to hear whether that’s true or now. Still a crappy trade, but maybe mitigated a bit.

  13. Matt B.

    Chad – who is your favorite Red now? With your track record, considering Dunn and EE, we will be able to determine who’s next to be traded.

  14. brublejr

    Matt, I think Chad’s favorite now is Weathers 😀

  15. REDS1

    I cannot believe that this year’s “dark horse” team is looking at a last place finish. That’s penny-pinching imcompetence for ya.

  16. AnnapolisRed

    Rob-Why would the Yankees want Arroyo and his salary and why would they give us Melky for him? It is great to say things like Arroyo and Harang should be gone, but who wants them? I know I don’t/wouldn’t.

    I agree about Dick Pole. Not impressed at all. The pitching staff has been awful the last two months and can’t get anybody out in the first inning. Does Dave Duncan have any desire to be a manager?

  17. Dan

    I wouldn’t say it’s “penny pinching.” It’s just incompetence. Or stupidity.

    Does Jocketty care about this team at all beyond 2010?

    We’re getting HAMMERED in just about every post-trade-deadline analysis I’ve read, and I completely agree w/ it. 36 hours to think about it and it still looks stupid and unbelievably short-sighted to me.

    You cannot ever have too much good young pitching. You can’t. Horde it – get as much as you can. It’s the most valuable thing in baseball.

    Instead, we trade two 26 year olds and a 23 year old away for one year of a 34-year-old. Mind-bogglingly stupid.

    Sigh… maybe my fantasy team will win it all this year. At least they always do what I want…

  18. Dan

    By the way, any talk of re-signing Rolen after 2010 is completely irrelevant to the discussion of this trade. Walt could’ve done that anyway, without ever trading for him. What this trade got us was 2 months of Rolen in 2009 and 1 year of Rolen in 2010. THAT’S ALL.

    Meanwhile, in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015, up north in Toronto, the Blue Jays will have 2 cost-controlled young pitchers.

  19. Dan

    The next time this team finishes over .500, Walt, Castellini, and Dusty will all be gone. (I don’t mean dead… I just mean not having anything to do w/ the Cincinnati Reds.) Mark my words.

    I think this is the most pessimistic I’ve felt about the long-term health of the team since 2003.

  20. Travis G.

    Firing the general manager again would be a really dumb move. Firing the manager just probably isn’t going to happen, because the team owes him $3.5 million next year. Firing the pitching and hitting coaches would be good moves.

    Like, first thing tomorrow morning. This afternoon, even.

  21. Chad Dotson

    Chad – who is your favorite Red now? With your track record, considering Dunn and EE, we will be able to determine who’s next to be traded.

    I’m leaning toward Willy Taveras.

    Under no circumstances can I pretend that D**** W******* is my favorite player. I’m afraid I’d be struck by lightning.

  22. Glenn

    Taveras is a guy who’s name will certainly be found on the waiver wire. Unfortunately, no one will be stupid enough to claim him.