Let’s use this thread to discuss any rumors that are going around as we approach the deadline. I don’t know if the Reds are going to be able to swing anything, but I can think of one player that I hope to see traded.

The editors will update this thread with any stories that come across the wire relating to the Reds.

Discuss tonight’s game here, as well. Let’s cheer on Justin Lehr as he makes his long-delayed major league debut.

UPDATE: Can anyone come up with a good reason why the Reds shouldn’t just clean house right now?

UPDATE 2: Heh:

My source tells me the Reds are still trying to make a big play for Hanley Ramirez, but the new word is that the Reds are hestitant to take on his salary with no clear position to play him. Alex Gonzalez is deeply entrenched at short, you know.

UPDATE 3: Jerry Hairston, Jr. has been traded to the Yankees. Details still sketchy.

UPDATE 4: Fox Sports is reporting that Scott Rolen has been traded from Toronto to Cincinnati for Edwin Encarnacion and …. wait for it … Yonder Alonso. If this is true, Walt Jocketty should be terminated immediately.

UPDATE 5: It appears that Scott Rolen was obtained for Encarnacion, Josh Roenicke, and Zach Stewart. The Yanks sent us a crappy minor league catcher, Chase Weems, for Hairston.

This isn’t much better than trading Alonso, in my opinion. Stewart is a STUD.


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  1. Chad Dotson

    It’s really quiet on the trade front right now. What’s Walt Jocketty waiting for?

  2. per14

    Um…what is this about a Hanley Ramirez rumor? Is that just pure bunk? I saw it on Reds Reporter and heard about it on WLW.

  3. per14

    Hmmm. Just reading the words “Hanley Ramirez rumor” right now after I posted that makes me realize how absurd that is.

  4. Chad Dotson

    Tomorrow night in Cleveland, it’s Victor Martinez bobblehead night. And it looks like he has just been traded to Boston. Hilarious.

    I’d love to have Martinez.


    Hairston to Yankees, wonder if his agent Casey Close, once of Columbus, Ohio, pushed his other client, Derk Jeter, for the trade?

  6. Jose

    no news on what we got in return
    maybe if we’re lucky they might give us a couple hot dogs and a soda, and some bleach seat tickets to a yankees game for Bob and Walt, that way they can watch a real team play

  7. Nathan

    Yeah – I’m seeing that about Rolen too. Oh my.

  8. ian

    If the Rolen thing is true, we have unquestionably the absolute worst front office in the history of baseball

  9. ian

    apparently it didn’t take my hyperbole html tag

  10. ian

    evidently rolen has to approve the deal. please god let him deny.

  11. per14

    Why TF would Rolen NOT deny the trade?

  12. per14

    Well, scratch that. He is from Jasper, IN.

  13. Chad Dotson

    Yeah, it depends on who we gave up. Waiting for the other shoe to drop on that one is scaring me to death. I don’t trust Walt.

    Also, it depends on who is going to play 3B the other 60 games of the year while Rolen is injured. It would’ve been Hairston, but…..

  14. Andy

    Jonathan Mayo is hearing we got Austin Jackson from Yanks for JHJ.

  15. Chad Dotson

    Let’s not forget that Edwin is my favorite Red, which will mean my favorite Red has been traded two straight years.

    My new favorite Red is going to be Willy Taveras or Dusty Baker.

  16. dave

    Plus, I’m hoping Scotty will have a mad on for the Cards and mash them every time we meet up!!!

  17. per14

    Yeah, Rolen is certainly NOT much better than EdE, esp. when salary is factored in.

  18. Brad

    It doesn’t matter if we gave up exactly no one or less than no one (i.e. Taverasty) and the Jays are eating his entire contract. There’s no reason for this trade at all. The maximum 2 wins Rolen gives us over EE (ALL on defense) will not put us into the playoffs next year. It’s a waste. EE is still an about average 3B who we have under control for more years at a lower price. That is valuable in itself, and especially if prospects don’t develop.

  19. Chad Dotson

    Over the next three years, I’d say EE will be better than Rolen offensively.

    Depends on how much you value defense, and how much Rolen can stay on the field.

  20. Chad Dotson

    True, David. But once that deadline passes, we might start getting some hard information. That’s what I’m waiting for.

  21. Charlie

    How big of an upgrade or downgrade would Rolen be over Encarnacion in the clubhouse/as a teammate? And what is the value on that?

  22. Chad Dotson

    Doug, I don’t necessarily disagree with anything you say, but you have to take into account that Rolen is old. He isn’t getting any better, and he could drop off substantially at any time.

    We can argue all day about whether EE is going to improve at all but the fact is that he is four months older than Votto. There’s a chance he will be substantially better than Rolen on offense.

  23. dave

    I don’t understand you guys… In the last 3 seasons (including ’09), EE has played in exaclty 13 more ballgames than Rolen. …and that’s while Rolen has battled back from that shoulder. I think we’re seeing a re-habbed Rolen and that player is significantly better than EE all the way around. …and I’m an EE fan.

  24. dan

    I may quit being a reds fan today if it’s EE and Alonso. That would be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. It could be over…I think maybe I’ll go for umm the Marlins perhaps? I like the way the manage a team.

  25. Brad

    Even if Rolen is 3 wins better, it’s still not worth 12-15 million to the Reds. The marginal wins he could provide are still not putting us anywhere near the playoffs next year. It’s just wasting money.

  26. dave

    Oh…I don’t know…Stubbs, Frazier, Heisey, Lotzkar, Henry…

  27. Chad Dotson

    If it’s Alonso, get ready for a Reds fan meltdown unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

  28. Andy

    I hope Fox is wrong about Alonso, because tonight went from a sober Friday night to a black-out Friday night…

  29. Chad Dotson

    C’mon, AB…that’s no fun! Jump to conclusions and fly off the handle like the rest of us!

  30. Chad Dotson

    It’s clear that Walt Jocketty thinks the Reds were really a GOOD team this year, but lost only because of injuries. In other words, he’s clueless.

  31. Chad Dotson

    Looks like it really was Austin Jackson for JHJ, which is a pretty good deal for us.

    Possibly completely nullified by other idiocy, however.

  32. dan

    I’m reading across the internets that looks like Halladay may have been sent to LAA, so perhaps there is a 3 way trade going on here? Angels definitely have some people I would be OK having on our team if we have to ship off Alonso.

  33. Andy

    If we got Jackson that is GREAT, but you are right Chad. If we gave up Alonso and EE for Rolen…..wow.

  34. ian

    we got a class A <a href =”http://www.thebaseballcube.com/players/W/Richard-Weems.shtml”catcher with a 662 ops in 255 minor league at bats for Hairston! Coup!

  35. james

    Keith Law says Yonder is not included in the deal.

  36. Chad Dotson

    John Fay reports via twitter:

    johnfayman #Reds sending Encarnacion, Roenicke, ZStewart to Toronto. Got C Chase Weems for Hairston.

  37. Andy

    Zach Stewart included in the deal doesn’t make me any happier.

  38. james

    I think getting Rolen allows another year for guys like Frazier to get more seasoning. Rolen is an upgrade on def and a more consistent hitter than EE. EE is not the future 3rd baseman for the Reds.

  39. Andy

    Jocketty got fleeced BIG TIME on that deal. Roenicke and Stewart and EE? You got to be f****** kidding me?!?!?

  40. dan

    I’m hoping these are just more rumors floating around, as this makes me almost as mad as the Alonso rumor. This just seems like way too much to give up for Rolen, so I’m hoping that the truth will be much more reasonable. Although who I am kidding, this is the Reds we’re talking about.

  41. Chad Dotson

    I’m not okay with trading Stewart for a part we don’t need.

    If it were for a top shortstop or something, maybe.

  42. Brad

    James #145, EE does the exact same thing for less money. Rolen is not the future 3B for this team either and however much better he may be than EE, he’s still not getting us into the playoffs next year. That would be the only reason to add salary and it’s not there.

  43. james

    Is walt going to try and sign Mark Mcgwire now?

  44. RiverRat

    Rolen and Jocketty together again. Correct my dates, but didn’t Jocketty sign Rolen in St. Louis, and then when Jocketty left, they got rid of him?

  45. Chad Dotson

    And of course the Reds fail to trade D**** W******* for the third straight year, or whatever. Sheesh.

  46. Beroader

    Saw this on cincinnatireds.com:

    Toronto would reportedly get third baseman Edwin Encarnacion and a Minor Leaguer in return, according to FoxSports.com.

    Note it says “A Minor Leaguer”. Hopefully, that means, at least, no Roenicke, though it could mean Stewart. Take it with a grain of salt, though.

  47. Andy

    I am hoping for Vina and Edmonds! Move BP over to SS and let Vina play 2B.

  48. Mark the Red

    oh god, this really is worse than being the Pirates.

    At least they can try to go young, have something of a plan.

    We get another few years of horrible decisions from mgmt and crappy product on the field….

  49. Chad Dotson

    Alright, I’m going outside to play with the kids. I’m going to try to forget about the Reds for a while.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  50. james

    Next year everyone is going to have bounce back years and stay healthy. Rolen is always healthy. :p

    Just pathetic. Might as well say Nationals, Pirates, and Reds. The Reds aren’t any better than those teams.

  51. AnnapolisRed

    This really reminds me of the Austin Kearns trade when everyone went crazy about how bad it will be losing Kearns with EE playing the role of Kearns. My prediction is it will be the same outcome, nothing for nothing (which is not good, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think it is the end of the world either).

    As far as Weathers, Arroyo and Harang–Guess what, NOBODY WANTED THEM. They aren’t very good and make way too much money.

    I would say we didn’t get any better or any worse today (don’t get me wrong, that isn’t a good thing when you are already terrible)

  52. REDS1

    Like most of you. I don’t like these moves. How much difference is Rolen going to make?

    But he will be more expensive than EE.

    Did we get any money in these deals.

    It sounds like we just gave Hairston away.

  53. Nathan

    I think I’m with you AnnapolisRed (#191). It feels like we overpaid now – but I think it will end up a wash in the end – or close to it.

  54. Beroader

    Any hope Scott Rolen will nix the trade? It’s happened before.

  55. jason1972

    Edwin and Rolen seems like a wash. It was pretty apparent that Easy Eddie was not going to be the future at 3b. So maybe Rolen holds it down competently through 2010 while the Reds see if Frazier, Soto, or Francisco proves themselves.

    Roenicke AND Stewart in addition seems like a steep price to me, but neither were seen as sure fire major leaguers yet were they?

    JHJ seems like a throw away for salary. I don’t think his loss has much impact on the Reds now or in the future.

  56. WanderingBear

    I’m almost angrier about Stewart being included in this deal than I would have been if it was Alonso. Stewart has proven himself at a higher level than Alonso, and he’s a pitcher. Not saying we won’t work it out, but Alonso is a 1B. We already have Joey Votto. Pitching wins championships. Zach Stewart was a high K, high groundball pitcher, perfect for GABP. And we gave him up for a 34-year old 3B. I don’t know how anyone can be “ok” with this deal. Do you honestly believe just getting Rolen will make us contenders next year, even if he’s healthy?

  57. WanderingBear

    Who are we calling up to replace Hairston?

  58. Mike

    Its funny how everyone loves all the minor league players until they get to the majors (Wagner, Gruler, Howington, Espinoza – All Reds first round picks, all busts). Its like backup quarterback is always more popular than the starter, until you realize why they are the backups.

    Reality: we did not just trade two hall of famers. In fact, a many players have good games in the minor leagues and turn out to be just average pitchers. Many even have great years in the majors and turn out to only be so-so in the long run.

    The question of “Who will be our 7th pitcher in the bullpen?” seems silly if you are solidifying one of your top 4 players in the batting order that will play everyday.

    I’m tired of rooting for talent and want to start rooting for wins. Veteran presence, great defense, no more E5E5, and a good bat from the right side. Do I wish we could have gotten him for less? Of course. Is it better to have a solid offensive player with great defense? Definitely.

  59. Glenn

    I’m ok with these two trades. EE was on my last nerve. If Alonzo had been included, I’d have been furious. I think the worst this is going to be is a “So What” type trade. Who knows though, Rolen might have a couple of good years left in him. I doubt that EE does. I wish WJ could have used DW or Rhoades to get some prospects though.

  60. Fisch

    What is the word on Chase Weems? Looking at his stats, he is not setting the world on fire at single A. Anyone know anything about him?

  61. Josh

    Steve, he’s a catcher. When Dusty played with Hank that’s where the C always hit. Its just baseball sense.

  62. Glenn

    Good point Eddie. There’s always hope.

  63. per14

    Dusty says Rolen will bat fifth. Hmm. Yeah, that makes sense.

    This could actually be an okay lineup:


    Chances of that happening? .00001 percent.

    Not sure why I’m even caring at this point.

  64. Josh

    This is off topic and I know that the BoSox have a good farm system, but do teams think its a “privelage” to trade with the BoSox? The Braves trading Kotchman to them for LaRoche? WTF? VMart for relief pitcher prospects? I don’t know if people trip over themselves to deal with Theo or RedSox Nation is so good at overhyping their players.

  65. Glenn

    This team has AAA talent and little more.

  66. Kenny

    Wells and Lehr brought up, EE and Roenicke gone? Taveras unavailable.

    What, do we have 8 hitters available tonight?

  67. ian

    Walt Jocketty says Rolen is a good rbi guy. He also admitted to caving in to the Jay’s demands. Folks, our GM is a yeloow-bellied retard.

  68. Jose

    Walt Jockety said that Rolen requested to be traded here, he wasn’t happy when the trade talks ended

  69. Ace

    Just think. This time next year the Reds will be trying to unload Rolen’s salary to a contender.

    I don’t like this trade one bit, and Jockety won’t find a trading partner as gullable as himself to trade with to get that good of a return. Next year Walt will trade Rolen for another undersized catcher.

  70. Chad Dotson

    I know most of you will disagree with this, but in two years we’ll wish we still had Edwin Encarnacion.

  71. Chad Dotson

    Two new polls in the left sidebar above.

    I’ll have a new one about the trade deadline deals soon.

  72. Jessica

    My guess for tonights game 🙁 23-1. Anyone else???

  73. Nathan

    Wait wait wait….I just realized something. Why isn’t Nix leading off???? Isn’t he the center fielder tonight? I’m so confused.

  74. jello

    Sutton with .091 avg
    Rosales with a .205 avg

    First two hitters are actually worst than usual

  75. shane

    I never saw Stewart but I wasn’t all that impressed with Roenicke

  76. reds234

    I wonder if they got Rolen jerseys pressed up ready for sale yet.

  77. Chad Dotson

    Chemistry, leadership, “gamer”, “play the game the right way”, “the guy’s a pro”.

    Welsh just hit all the Rolen keywords in a twenty-second span. He earned his Jocketty bonus tonight.

  78. taoistlumberjak

    Fire Dusty Baker (AND Walt Jokerty)

  79. Chad Dotson

    Yeah, Dorn is just a flat-out hitter, and he’d probably have a chance of being in the bigs right now if he hadn’t started out so slow.

    Then again, Jocketty wouldn’t even invite him to spring training with the big league club.

  80. taoistlumberjak

    Also, I told my fiance who we traded since she’s headed to Florida on vacation. She refuses to believe me when I tell her that we sent Hairson to the stupid Yanks for a guy who’ll be bagging groceries next week.


    I mean, truly and fully, why?

  81. jello

    Yeah, there must of been cash involved in that deal. If not, then Jocketty’s a moron.

  82. reds234

    Maybe Scott “never say die” Rolen?

  83. Chad Dotson

    Yes, it’s a possibility that Votto will get moved to LF, but not until 2011 in my opinion.

    Alonso won’t be ready until next year, mid-season, at the earliest. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him traded at some point.

    I have no problem with trading Alonso if we get back a piece that we need. I have NO CONFIDENCE in Walt Jocketty being able to determine what pieces we need.

  84. Chad Dotson

    Catching up on some posts from above….been playing Lego Indiana Jones with the kids.

    Soto won’t be ready by 2011.

    Francisco will NEVER be ready to be a ML 3B.

    Frazier could be ready, but the Reds aren’t playing him at 3B, so you see what they think about his future at the position.

    Walt’s already said he hopes to sign Rolen to an extension past 2010. Sheesh.

  85. Chad Dotson

    I’m getting dumber every second I listen to Jockerty foam at the mouth in the booth right now. Sheesh, what an idiot.

    He is completely clueless.

  86. Chad Dotson

    I love Lance McAlister’s take (on Twitter):

    how much faith can you have in a gm that passed arbitration and a 1yr deal to sign edwin for 2yr…including 4.75 next yr…?

    and then 4 months later realizes the team is better off without that 3b?

  87. Chad Dotson

    More from Lance:

    the reds trade their best pitching prospect for a 34-yr old 3b? Can i get a copy of that plan please?

    Jocketty has NO PLAN WHATSOEVER.

  88. Chad Dotson

    I don’t blame Edwin.

    I know, I’m a Edwin fan, but I really do think he’s going to be very good in Toronto. We may regret this deal even if Zach Stewart flames out.

  89. Chad Dotson

    Edwin is four months older than Votto. It’s a good thing Joey didn’t start out slowly, because Jocketty would have given up on him.

  90. Chad Dotson

    C’mon, Steve, those were quotes from “Billy Madison” about rambling and incoherent. It was just a stab at humor, methinks.

  91. Chad Dotson

    This team is a bunch of minor-leaguers. I keep expecting to see Mike Frank inserted into CF.

  92. Chad Dotson

    I’m glad we didn’t trade D**** FREAKING W*******!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stormy strikes again. X(

  93. Chad Dotson

    Okay, Chris…I finally agree with what you’ve been saying for weeks.

    I hate this stupid team. Why do I waste so much time and money following this bunch? All they do is frustrate me.

  94. CarolinaReds

    Yep, I tune in and see the game tied and JV at bat…next thing I know Weathers is on the mound giving free home runs…will things ever change? This team completely sucks and doesn’t deserve to be in the majors, pathetic from top to bottom except 2b and 1b

  95. Chad Dotson

    I stated the other day that the Reds just needed to clean house. The Reds did precisely the opposite, pretending that they are a part or two away from being a good team.

    I don’t think Jockerty is listening to me.

  96. Chad Dotson

    No, Mike. We’ll have veteran leadership by then. A gamer in the lineup.

    I expect to be in first place by Sunday.

  97. Chad Dotson

    I wonder what FSNO’s ratings look like?

    They’re going to be lower now that I’ll be watching other teams for the rest of the season.

  98. Chad Dotson

    Bruce better start hitting as soon as he gets back. Jocketty will give up on him pretty quickly.

  99. Veteran Leader

    Hey lads. I’m new here. Let me just say this right off : the youngsters here on this message board need to be taught how to post by someone “who knows how to post”.

    I can teach you when to steal (from other message boards), and how to field (criticism). I have been asked to join this board to provide that kind of leadership.

    Veteran leaders such as myself do not care about your silly OBPS (Online Based Posting Skepticism). This board will be all about RBIs (Respectful Banter on the Internet).

    Glad to be part of the team. 🙂

  100. Veteran Leader

    Thanks Travis, and under my tutelage you may become someone here on RLN. 🙂

  101. WORLD

    Scott Rolen can play 3B. EE cannot. Enough said there.

    Where’s the shortstop?

    And why, for goodness sakes, give away Hairston for a catcher when you have a good, young fellow who can catch and hit when he’s given a chance?

    Walt J. stinks on ice. Compare him to Amaro with the Phillies.

    Just be glad that the Pirates are in the division.