In response to David Ortiz being named on the infamous steroid list, Bronson Arroyo admits that he would not be surprised if his name is on that list.

“Andro made me feel great, I felt like a monster. I felt like I could jump and hit my head on the basketball rim,” Arroyo said of the substance that became infamous after it was discovered in the locker of slugger Mark McGwire during his historic 1998 home run chase

But it couldn’t help him throw a 92 mph fastball!?

“Before 2004, none of us paid any attention to anything we took,” Arroyo told the Herald during a phone interview. “Now they don’t want us to take anything unless it’s approved. But back then, who knows what was in stuff? The FDA wasn’t regulating stuff, not unless it was killing people or people were dying from it.”

The full article can be found in the Boston Herald.

I’m really getting tired of this whole thing.  We all know that most of the players during this period used some sort of performance enhancing drugs.  Let’s just move on!  I guess the biggest news out of this is the fact that Arroyo must have received a bogus supply of this stuff since his head — not to mention muscles — didn’t seem to grow any as a result.