From Mark Sheldon:

“They’re taking it to us. We’re not getting after it,” Baker said. “We certainly have to do a whole lot better than that. This is pitiful. They’re not a good club. And if they’re not a good club and they’re beating us like that, what does this make us?”

Well, it’s partly your fault, Dusty. Take a look in the stupid mirror.

Trade them all, Walt Jocketty. Clean house. Keep Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, Edinson Volquez, and Johnny Cueto. Send the rest of ’em packing. I’m tired of watching this mess.

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  1. David

    You forgot the best part: “”This is totally unacceptable,” Baker said. “This is embarrassing. It’s like pitiful to watch. This is terrible.”

    Who is running out the lineup of with Taveras hitting leadoff? Who refuses to hit Hanigan? Now, certainly losing EdE for half the year, Votto for a month, Volquez for a third of the year, and having other guys (Dickerson, Hernandez, etc.) banged up hurts. But c’mon.

    The problem is… who has trade value? Phillips, EdE, Gomes, Rhodes and Weathers are the ony guys I can see who have actual value in that we could get something back. Nobody is dealing for Harang, Arroyo or Cordero and giving anything worthwhile back. We either have to choke on those contracts or take nothing in return.

  2. james

    “Take a look in the stupid mirror.”

    That made my morning.

    I think Rhodes would be worth a decent prospect. And Gomes to an AL team is a possibilty. That’s all i can see. I agree that Cordero, Harang, Arroyo would be nice to move, but no one wants those contracts either. Can we trade Dusty?

  3. Rich

    The only positive in this whole mess is that the Reds will get a higher draft selection slot if they keep losing. However, I believe that the players the pride to tank the rest of the season. The reality is that they do not have the talent to truly contend. There are some nice pieces like Bruce, Votto, Hannigan, & maybe Phillips to build the offense around. Pitching wise there some good pieces too, but not as strong as once believed. I think the best course of action is to continue to develop the farm system as much as you can. The bottom line is that Reds market does not allow them to sign high level talent. It has to be developed and trade for. I think that you will see some trade activity or releases in the near future.

  4. Little Rock Reds Fan

    Hurry up football season.

  5. Brian

    I think now being 10 games under there will be some action from the Reds, I think that they could move Arroyo or Harang but would have to eat the majority if not all of the remaining contract this year (but atleast they will be off the books next year).
    I can see the Yankees and Angels as an option two teams that need a 4-5 guy that would turn into a long guy in the postseason. I think that even if the Reds don’t get much back for them they need to move both of them just to get them off the books for next season and focus on a rotation of Volquez, Cueto, Bailey, Owings and ?.
    I could see EdE, Arroyo, Harang, Rhodes, Weathers and maybe Hairston as trade canidates but Arroyo and Harang will be hard to move even during the offseason.
    I can also see Jocketty taking a buyers approach, in that he trades for more established players but players that are under contract for atleast next year getting a head start on the offseason.

    All in all, I am really interested to see not only what Jocketty does for the remainder of this year but also the offseason because Jocketty really needs to put his stamp on this team because he has been a winner for years and I also wouldn’t be surprised (could be wishful thinking) if he went out and got HIS MANAGER because lets not forget it was Krivsky that wanted to hire Baker and also signed Arroyo, Harang and Cordero to those large contracts. and for Baker being a “PLAYERS MANAGER” they really don’t look like they are playing hard for him.

  6. brublejr

    It sounds like to be that Dusty has given up. He is not capable of making players better, or filling out a correct lineup. I didn’t think the team could keep the pace from the first half, but this is ridiculous…

  7. Bill Lack

    I agree with David (#1)…it takes a lot of balls for Baker to fly off the handle when he’s playing Taveras every night and leading him off…

  8. BigRedMike

    This season and the fact that Baker cannot teach or manage a line up just reinforce my belief that he is a very average manager at best.

    It is not all his fault, but, the Reds would be much better off with a different manager.

  9. GRF

    Sadly, the only trade I hear anything about is picking up Scott Rolen, which is the absolute last thing this team needs.

    This hurts worse because we actually had some cause to be optimistic at points earlier on.

    Question I have now is not the buyers vs. sellers thing; it is whether we should be building for 2010 or is it more realistic to be looking ahead to 2011 and later?

  10. Brian

    same line-up as last night. the only difference is Nix is in A Gonz spot in the lineup and Hairston is play SS. I thought we had a backup SS who made the team out of Spring Training named Janish?

  11. Jared

    Dusty’s lineups look like mine on a video game. Where the computer picks automatically. And it doesn’t know how to handle injuries or a fatigued guy. A complete disaster.

    I’ve heard for years that Harang was one of the most underrated players in baseball. It looks like, now, he’s probably overrated by Reds fans. He’s solid, but he’s not great. What team has had any success without a great #1?

  12. Brian

    I’m undecided on the Rolen situation to be honest, part of it I think I want to like whatever the Reds do because I am still stupid enough to have faith in the organization.
    I mean a 38 (i know he is 34) but a 38 year old Rolen is an upgrade of EdE. I guess it depends what the Reds would give up.

  13. Matt W

    I have been dwelling on this for a few days but I heard someone on the radio talking about the Pirates just being a Triple A team for any team with money and I thought what makes the Reds any better recently?

    What is the difference between this team and the low level clubs in the majors?

    Since 2001 the Reds have won 633 games including this season; the Pirates 593, the Royals 570, and even the lowly Nats (Expos) have won 617. Not that much of a difference at all.

    The last time they were any good McKeon was in town. It is depressing :emotion:

  14. David Kaiser

    your right about getting rid of almost everybody but why does queto keep getting a pass while baily does not?he always seems to start strong then fades after the all star break both this year and last.why is it ok for him to get shelled repeatedly and not bailey?bailey gets sent down after every bad outing but he stays because he’s young and is learning?bailey isn’t old and how is he supposed to grow when having to worry about every start being his last for awhile?and volquez pretty much faded after his strong start last year in case you were not watching so don’t try and blame thier troubles in the wbc.again if the reds are not going to bring up and play thier top prospects what’s the point of getting somebody else’s?they need to clean house top to bottom.we as fans will suppoty yhem if they put out the youngs and let them everyday so we can see there is hope.but when you have a manager and gm who put people out there who can’t play and refuse to play guys who may have a future then why should we care?

  15. Travis G.

    why does queto keep getting a pass while baily does not?

    23-year-old Cueto: 51 GS, 295.1 IP, 2.3 K/BB, 1.36 WHIP, 4.39 ERA, 4.75 FIP

    23-year-old Bailey: 24 GS, 119.2 IP, 1.02 K/BB, 1.72 WHIP, 6.77 ERA, 5.67 FIP

    Cueto, to this point, has been about twice as successful as Bailey. Both are very young and accordingly inconsistent.

  16. abcisme

    Re: Matt W @ #16

    As I started reading the posts, the exact same thought crossed my mind and then I saw your comments.

    The difference is those clubs apparently know how to draft talent because they’re they ones trading the talent. What do we have to show for the last 10 years (besides Votto and maybe Bruce) ?

    Bueller ? Bueller ?

  17. The Godfather

    Did You Know, as an off-season/second profession Dusty Baker is a motivational speaker? Couldn’t tell by watching this team!

    (He did give motivational speeches to General Motors…that really worked!)

  18. David

    Thing is… I don’t mind a trade for Rolen. The prospect label is gone for EdE. He is an average offensive player and a below average defensive player. Rolen is a great #2 in front of Votto. I don’t see him hitting .320 again next season, but he is likely to have around a .350 OBP. He doesn’t strike out. He’s an upgrade over EdE defensively and maybe he can help entice Scutaro to come.

  19. per14

    (He did give motivational speeches to General Motors…that really worked!)

    That is stinkin’ hilarious.

  20. Steve Price

    I’ve been a Scutaro supporter for years.

    However, that ended a few years ago. We need a young shortstop…young being younger than 25, preferably younger than 24.

    Tying up more money in a veteran contract, i.e. Scott Rolen, should be placed on the same shelf with Arroyo, Harang, Cordero, and Gonzalez contracts.

    There’s a better chance of Encarnacion improving next year than Rolen maintaining this year.

  21. Dan

    I’d like to try Sutton at 2B and Phillips at SS.

    I don’t know if that would work out or not — that’s the point of trying it at the end of a lost season — but I like the concept. Phillips has shortstop-ish skills, and Sutton is a young switch-hitter w/ some pop. It might work…

    Unfortunately, we’ll never find out b/c Dusty has decided that Sutton is a utility player (like Janish, Rosales, and Hanigan) and Dusty NEVER FREAKIN CHANGES HIS MIND.