Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

San Diego 7
Cincinnati 1
WP: Latos (2-1)
LP: Harang (5-12)

–Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: ROCK BOTTOM!

–TOS* One stupid hit. Against the immortal Mat Latos.

–Lots of things can be repeated, with slight changes, from last night’s recap. This is one: the Reds have 13 hits in three games against a team — the Padres — that is now 6-20 in the month of July (with a third of those wins coming at our expense). They’re worse than us, yet we can barely put the ball into play.

–Tonight’s leadoff hitter: .279 OBP. This is your 2009 Cincinnati Reds!

–What else can I say? This team is a complete disaster.

–Cincinnati is now 10 games under .500. To finish the season with a winning record — we’re gonna win now, says Bob Castellini! — the Reds would have to finish the season 37-25. Impossible.

–The Reds have now lost 14 of their last 18 games. They are 3-10 since the All-Star break. Once again, I am beginning to think the Reds may not make the playoffs in 2009.

–Nine straight &^***(&(&%$&#@#! losing seasons is now all but assured. Why do I bother? The once-proud Cincinnati Reds are now no better than the Pirates or the Royals. That makes me exceptionally sad.

–A question for you: has this team quit? And if so, is this the earliest that we’ve seen a Reds team quit?

*This Offense Stinks.

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  1. Dennis

    Obviously beyond pitiful. Will Dusty ever figure out what OBP stands for? It stands for Obviously Beyond Pitiful. I’m only surprised that Gonzalez wasn’t hitting second tonight behind Taveras to create some more havoc.

  2. Chris Wilson

    [i]–TOS* One stupid hit. Against the immortal Mat Latos.[/i]

    Can anyone not see this line and think of Harry Doyle from Major League?
    Is it football season yet?

  3. AnnapolisRed

    I don’t think they’ve quit, I just think they are terrible.

  4. Chris

    I quoted the line (probably violating the TOS) and linked to the audio clip in the game thread.

    And yeah, they have definitely quit. So has their manager. Not that they’re “not trying” – they’re professionals, proud, and playing for future contracts. But you’re certainly not going to get anything extra.

  5. AnnapolisRed

    Did you see the stat on TV they showed that three of the worst five pitchers in the National League against the opposing lineup the first time through the order are Harang (#1), Arroyo (#2) and Cueto (#5).

  6. Steve

    There is no way that Baker is capable of managing the Reds for the rest of the season in the manner that they need. Just listening to how discouraging he was tonight after the game should be evidence enough for WJ and BC. Much of what has gone wrong for the Reds is not Baker’s fault, but it is his responsibility.

    The Reds need a fresh perspective, one that is flexible enough to be willing to play the young players and interested in teaching them so they can develop. Baker fails in both regards.

    His failure to pinch hit for Harang in the 6th inning tonight when that move was obvious to everyone shows that he has become discouraged to the point of distraction himself.

    The Reds have to turn the page on this year, and the only way to make that move productive is to replace Baker and his entire failed coaching staff.

  7. John

    Don’t worry guys. Walt traded for OF Wladimir Balentien. Happy days are here again.

  8. Steve

    Baker’s tirade about the team being “embarrassing” and “pitiful” and “terrible” is pretty interesting considering that basically now the entire team is playing like Taveras and Gonzalez have all year.

    The Reds have had an unusually large number of injuries this year, and that’s not Baker’s fault. But he can’t be exonerated because of that. The responsibility for the poor fundamental play of the team, the inadequate preparation of the starting pitching, the discouraging/stubborn lineups, all lay at Baker’s feet.

  9. JerBear

    This is truly rock bottom for the 09 team at least. Nothing really to say. The worst thing is that I see little hope for the future. It’d be one thing if we were bad and had a couple Jay Bruce prospects coming up.

    I’m hoping Heisey will be good…but our ace Harang has somehow become terrible and we’re stuck with him for another year. Volquez has arm problems…Bailey and Cueto are kind of unknowns.

    This is really really bad. Not sure it’s worth getting even too upset about. The team, the franchise, are in a horrible situation right now, and quite honestly…I’m somewhat shocked.

    I thought Castellini would turn this franchise around…he seems like he really cares. If he can’t turn it around, who can? Unless some owner committs to upping the payroll, but 30-40 million how do the Cincinnati Reds become winners again? Only a great farm system can do that, and I don’t that right now…Improved, Yes, but not great.

  10. aaron

    I can only quote Uecker from major league “one hit! that’s all we got one @#% %&#$ Hit!”

  11. pinson343

    I don’t want to pile on at this point, the team is down, and I did not see this team collapsing like this.

    But something has to be said about our manager.
    “They’re not a good club,” said Baker of the 40-62 Padres. “And if they’re not a good club and they’re beating us like that, what does that make us? This is totally unacceptable.” It makes us a terrible team, Dusty.

    If this is unacceptable, why do you accept a leadoff hitter who can’t get on base and loafs in the OF ? Why do you accept a SS who is no condition to be a ML SS ?

    On a different track, why is the starting pitcher left in too long almost every game ?

  12. DennisC

    Definitely not an enlightened performance against a guy who to this point has had a cup of coffee in the bigs, but I think we can all agree that this Mat Latos kid has the talent to be a pretty nice pitcher at this level. Latos, Hanson, Cueto are all young guys who I can see battling each other for Cy Youngs at some point in the future.

    Back to this team – I agree with previous posts in that this Reds team has quit, at least for Dusty. My question is, who is available now or after the season that will work? This group is young, and they don’t need a “player’s manager.’. They need someone who will run a tight ship and light a fire underneath a player that loafs or doesn’t give 100% on game day. Who is out there that meets the criteria?

  13. Matt B.

    I think Larry Bowa could fit that bill, Dennis, in terms of holding players accountable and being fiery. I don’t honestly remember how good of a manager he was from a strategic stand point, though.

  14. The Mad Hatter

    To all those who claimed this offense would be much better and much more consistent with the increased team speed and the ability to manufacture runs, I have this to say (sticks turn out and blows).

  15. RedinFla

    This sums it up for me: I read the news this morning BEFORE clicking on Redleg Nation. Sad, to say the least.

  16. doktor

    at this point all you can do is laugh (it may have a touch of hysteria in it but its better than crying. 😀 ) and watch the core guys for next year. sure, dissappointed at this point, but Reds seem to have young pitcher with “stuff” compared to past years to let me think positively for next year. Cueto, Volquez, Bailey along with votto, bruce, BP, hanigan and maybe include EdE. Mix in some of the guys from the minors like Stubbs/Heisey, see if Walt can add some solid productive veteran hitter in offseason.

    Of course the only downer is if Dusty is still around and WT is still leading off in 2010.

    Go (2010) Reds.

  17. Travis G.

    I’d have to agree that Latos looked like a future star, but I’ll bet recent-vintage Brett Tomko could shut down this lineup.

    Speaking of former Reds and the Yankees, the Bronx Bombers are evidently kicking the tires on one Mr. Corey Patterson.

  18. The Godfather

    Last night was my wedding anniversary, so I promised my wife I wouldn’t watch the Reds (I know, I know, not a very big sacrifice at this point, but I watch them every night good, bad, or this…ugly). When I checked the score this morning and saw this train wreck, I’m glad I didn’t watch. Actually it was refreshing, I couldn’t tell you how many hits the Reds had, I couldn’t tell you who was pitching for the Padres, I couldn’t see the managing blunders of Dud-sty Baker, I thought hey maybe they won…

    Now back to reality…fire Dud-sty, trade Harang, Arroyo, Weathers, Rhodes…anybody they can get anything for…even if it means paying their overpriced salary. This team is done and has been for a while.

  19. Matt Steele

    here’s something from ESPN about C-Patt and the Yanks

    The Yankees might sign outfielder Corey Patterson to fill in as the backup center fielder until Brett Gardner returns from the disabled list, according to the New York Post.

    The Post report said Patterson was recently put on outright waivers by the Nationals.

    Earlier this week, Newsday reported that the Yankees might call up top prospect Austin Jackson to replace Gardner.

  20. REDS1

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: ROCK BOTTOM!”

    Its not rock bottom as long as there is a game tomorrow.

    Agreed on #4.
    I believe whatever success this team was having was a result of smoke and mirrors.

    When Bruce fell off and the pitching staff sank it was no longer possible to keep this team remotely competitive.

    Agreed on the idea of increased payroll. As long as the ownership is not willing to spend money this franchise is going to continue to be subpar. Okay. So we have to recover with our farm system. If there is anyone down there worth anything as soon as they get good we will just have to “sell” them off because we can’t afford them.

    Attendance is going to get worse and worse in Cincinnati until OWNERSHIP demonstrates they are willing to spend some money. Otherwise how many years until this team is competitive?

    You can whine all you want about Dusty Baker. Every sinking ship needs a scapegoat afterall. I just think most of us have the wrong scapegoat. Tony LaRussa (or insert your favorite manager here) would not be winning with this roster.

  21. Matt WI

    I’d be happier with an improvement in player evaluation than an increase in payroll. As has been pointed out frequently here, the Mike Lincoln and Willy Taveras signings smacked of concern from the get go. Alex Gonzalez has been allowed to underperform all year while Janish languished on the bench (I fully acknowledge that Janish isn’t necessarily the answer either). Hannigan only gets to play if someone gets hurt. All of that can be corrected with improved use of players that they have and/or using more analysis before signing somebody.

  22. Matt WI

    Well then, Chad will not be supporting a Larry Bowa for manager campaign.

  23. BigRedMike

    “Agreed on the idea of increased payroll. As long as the ownership is not willing to spend money this franchise is going to continue to be subpar. ”

    Increased payroll would help some, but, the problem is that the Reds do not spend their current payroll very well. $12 million for a closer for a team that is not a contender?? $6 million for a SS that has no business being on a 40 man roster let alone actually playing.

    $11 million for an “ace” that has not won a game since the middle of May.

    The Reds may never be able to compete on a yearly basis, but, you can at least be smart about it.

  24. REDS1

    True Mike.

    Also as soon as they lockup Harrang and Arroyo to big contracts their performances decline significantly.

  25. Dan

    Right – we can’t cry “payroll” until we’ve shown that we can spend what money we do have wisely.

    Every one of these was wasteful (and not just b/c of how it turned out — we knew it at the time of the signings!!)

    -Cordero – $12M – He’s been very good but NO ONE is worth this when they only throw 60-70 IP.

    -Taveras – $2.25M – And $4M next year!!! Dickerson was and is better than him, period… and Dickerson makes $0.4M.

    -Gonzalez – $5.375M – Was good in 2007, but come on… he has a career .293 OBP (career .292 OBP at time of signing)

    -Hernandez – $6M (when you factor in the Orioles money) – He’s been OK, but Hanigan was ready, is better, and makes only $0.4M.

    -Lincoln – $1.5M (and $2.5M next year!!) – You don’t sign a guy for 2 years after he’s had 1 good year. You also don’t do it when you have Roenicke, Burton, Manuel, Masset, Weathers, Fisher…

    -Dusty – $3.5M – Really?? He’s better than most other MLB managers b/c of what exactly?

    You could also argue about Harang, Arroyo, Rhodes… but I’m not going to kill them for those. They were defensible at the time, IMHO, and they’re still not terrible. Harang and Arroyo are overpaid but not wildly so.

    At any rate… my point is that we could be MUCH MUCH better than we are now if the money available were spent wisely.

    Let’s learn from this, Bob and Walt!! Admit mistakes (maybe not even publicly… that’s OK… but RECOGNIZE that these were mistakes), learn, and move on.

  26. Dan

    We could be much better than we are EVEN AT THE SAME TOTAL PAYROLL LEVEL was the point I was trying to make there… sheesh… words, words, so many words…

  27. Matt Steele

    I would definitely not support Larry Bowa. We need a “fiery” manager sure, but we also need a smart one.

    Wait a second… Gonzalez’s OBP has gone up since he’s been a Red!? Even it was only .001 points that’s progress!

    Drew Stubbs could be in the majors this year doing exactly what Willy has done this year at a fraction of the cost. Hell I would probably put money that Stubbs would have outperformed Willy this year in the majors

  28. RiverCity Redleg

    I have no problem with the $ they are giving CoCo. Before he came here our bullpen was terrible and the back end of it was worse than terrible. Since we signed him, we’ve had a top 5 bullpen. We may have overpaid a bit, but that’s what it was going to take to get him.

  29. REDS1

    I agree CoCo was not a waste. We would really be complaining if our pen had blown 7 or 8 saves by now. NO one on our staff would be nearly as effective as Cordero has been over the course of the year.

    While I agree we have spent some money poorly, if we are not going to spend the money consistently it means we have zero margin for error. Which probably means many losing seasons.

  30. Dan

    Look we all agree that CoCo has been a very good closer.

    I’m just saying that NO good team spends 15% of its payroll on a closer. None. It’s just not worth it.

  31. REDS1

    Is he worth 6-9 more wins than we would otherwise have? Perhaps.

  32. Dan

    6 to 9 wins more??? No chance! No closer is worth 6 to 9 wins more than having Joe-Blow-Reliever be your closer.

    Let’s say Roenicke were our closer all year. I’d bet he’d be worse than Cordero, but only by 2 or maybe 3 wins.

    But Roenicke would also be $11.6 million cheaper, and who knows what we could do with that — maybe the offense wouldn’t stink quite so badly.

    $12 million for 65 innings simply CANNOT be worth it (unless you’re operating with a $150 or $200 million budget). I don’t care how good he is.

    If that’s what the market demanded, then we should’ve just said “no thanks.”