The Reds have announced the fan ballot for the Reds Hall of Fame Class of 2010.  Unlike last year when Barry Larkin was elected, the ballot lacks a “no doubt” candidate.  The finalists:

  • Bret Boone
  • Jeff Brantley
  • Norm Charlton
  • John Franco
  • Danny Graves
  • Kevin Mitchell
  • Hal Morris
  • Paul O’Neill
  • Chris Sabo
  • Scott Sullivan

I know team HOFs are purely a marketing gimmick – and fan balloting doubly so, but that ballot is ridiculous. Some of those guys didn’t play 4 years for the Reds.  Nice players, but franchise HOFers?

There are “objective” criteria for ballot eligibility, but they sure seem cherry-picked, to me:

  • played for the Reds in the last 13 seasons,
  • played for the Reds for at least three years
  • in their third year of retirement.
I’m not sure which guy those rules were drafted to cover, or how Franco, Sabo, Mitchell, O’Neill, or Charlton qualify – none of them played for the Reds in the last 13 seasons.
In any event, I think Franco and Sabo are the only supportable choices.
  • Sabo played almost his entire (9 year) career was with the Reds, won a ROY, appeared in 3 all-star games, and hit an absurd .563/.611/1.000 in the 1990 World Series.
  • Franco was the all-time saves leader for a while, though most of his glory came as a Met.  As a Red, he was a 3-time all-star (in 6 seasons), and added a Rolaids trophy and 12th place MVP finish in ’88.  He’s still 2nd on the Reds all-time saves list, behind some other person.
  • Mitchell and Brantley weren’t around long enough; and O’Neill, Boone, Charlton, Sullivan, and Morris were never even close to being the best player on their teams.  Danny Graves was atrocious, for the majority of his career.  If Danny Graves is in your franchise Hall of Fame, there’s something wrong with your franchise.
In any event, voting is open Aug. 1 until Sept. 2 at various locations, including the Cincinnati Hall of Fame and Museum, Great American Ballpark, participating Skyline locations and online at  Knock yourself out, as they say.

19 Responses

  1. Chad Dotson

    Fan balloting? No question who is going to be inducted.

    Welcome to the Reds Hall of Fame, Chris Sabo.

  2. Chris Wilson

    Sabo gets my vote each day and everyday! Of course I’m biased towards Spuds.

  3. John

    Sabo definitely. Franco is a long shot. However, if your #2 all time saves leader gets in and your #1 doesn’t then there is something wrong with your franchise. I’m not saying Graves was any good (he sucked) but he has more saves than Franco.

    Then again, closers are dreadfully overrated. Sabo and just Sabo. If you think about guys that will be remembered forever, he’s one.

  4. aaron

    WHERE IS DAVE PARKER?!?!?!?!? I Know he only played 4 years but they were a great four years. Twice top five for MVP including a runner-up in ’85 he might have won if the Cards weren’t a better team….Sorry Cobra the Reds blew this one as well…..

  5. aaron

    Just because they weren’t the best player on their team shouldn’t exclude them from HOF (See GriffeySr/Concepcion/Geronimo,Browning)but Sabo is the pick I suppose…Boone, Oneill, and Franco need to lobby for other teams HOF’s where they made their mark.

  6. pinson343

    Thumbs up for Sabo. Loved those goggles. And I agree Dave Parker should be on the ballot. He was a big factor in the Reds progress from the awful 1982-83 teams to the 2nd place 1985-88 teams. Wish we’d make a pickup like him this offseason.

  7. poop

    If HalMo gets in there should be a big * by his name. Sully all the way!

  8. southroadredsfan

    I always liked Paully but was his career good enough as a Red? yes, I will take Paul O’Neill

  9. mike

    I honestly don’t think Graves sucked
    He had 5 pretty darn good with the Reds (33-21, 129 SV, 141 ERA+, that’s darn good)

    but his SO rate was low and his WHIP high so you just knew he was going to fall off a cliff soon. The Reds made him a starter and he was awful from then on. (5-21, 43 SV, 84 ERA+

    who have been the best Reds relievers of all-time?
    Franco is #1 for sure
    Then maybe Shaw, Carroll, Williamson, Brantley and Dibble?

    but I’d say Graves was in the next group, that might include Joe Beggs, Abernathy, Eastwick, Murphy, Brosnan, Borbon, and Granger

    even when you compare him to Charlton and Myers he looks OK.

    interesting thought. I think the Reds reliever with the most win shares is Clay Carroll
    Graves is 3rd

    I don’t think he should be in the HOF but I also don’t think he was awful

    now if we could elect 3 players together we’d be set
    The Nasty Boys would get in no problem

  10. mike

    I’m no Hal Morris fan but here is a strange comparison

    Player A: 106 Win Shares, 18.3 Win Shares/PA * 168, and 75 RCAA
    Player B: 96 Win Shares, 18.7 Win Shares/PA * 168, and 56 RCAA
    Player C: 106 Win Shares, 20.7 Win Shares/PA * 168, and 81 RCAA
    Player D: 167 Win Shares, 19.7 Win Shares/PA * 168, 114 RCAA

    those are only #s with the Reds.
    They are

  11. Andy

    Yeah, I’ll agree with Mike that your memory is being pretty selective when it comes to Graves. To say he was atrocious for the majority of his career is just false. I would think the fact the he is THE FRANCHISE LEADER IN SAVES would indicate a certain degree of competence and longevity and makes about as good a case as anybody has on that list. Of course the end of his career WAS atrocious, especially the last year he was here in Cincinnati where he completely crashed and burned. Ultimately, I think that’s what the fans will remember, not the 182 saves, but the fact he gave the finger to some obnoxious fans. For that reason, I don’t think he gets the fan support to get in, but if you look at this in the context of accomplishment while with the Reds, I’d argue that Graves is probably the top candidate on that (admittedly weak) list.

  12. poop

    I will always remember Graves as being terrible. Sure he got the saves, but they were in the ugliest way possible. If brought in with a one run lead, he would seemingly load the bases every time before getting out of the jam. If brought in with a 3 run lead, he would give up two runs before getting a double play to end the game. He was a closer who was less comfortable with the bigger lead he had. I have always considered him to be the most overrated player I have ever seen with the Reds.

  13. JS

    I think people not remembering Graves for how excellent he was as opposed to his last couple years when he was misused as a starter. I think that Graves is the only logical choice on the list.

  14. gweedoh

    Where’s the love for Hal-Mo? Mitchell report or not, he was a pretty great hitter (lifetime .304 BA, career OPS+111) who played 9 seasons with the Reds. Plus the legendary “stance”. I particularly remember him always coming through and being awesome during the strike-shortened 1994 season (.335/.385/.491). And he was an excellent glove-man, as I recall (although no stats at the moment to back that up…)

  15. Bill Lack

    By memory, relievers that I saw in my lifetime I’d take over Graves…Carroll, Grainger, Hall, Borbon, Eastwick, any of the Nasty Boys (Myers, Dibble, Charlton).

  16. Bill Lack

    There’s a guy that I think should be discussed for the Reds HOF…played 7 seasons, starting pitcher, 85-64 record, 3.43 ERA, ERA+ of 106, completed 38 of 196 starts.

    Fred Norman.