I don’t have a link because I’m posting this from a mobile phone, but the Reds just traded RHP Robert Manuel to Seattle for OF Wladimir Balentien.

Feel free to post a link to the story or to Balentien’s stats (or maybe one of the other editors will wander by and add a link). Either way, let us know what you think. I have no opinion yet. I’m following my wife around a shopping mall, and that’s not really a good place to do research on Mariners farmhands.

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  1. Chris

    A very lateral trade, in my opinion. Some people have commented on Balentien’s “potential” as a plus, but I’m guessing he will be a career .240 or under hitter, and we have plenty of those.

  2. Matt B.

    This is kind of like the Phillips trade. The Reds are getting a former top prospect for nothing, basically. If he turns out to be good, that’s great. If not, Manuel was certainly expendable.

    Some people compare Balentien to Wily Mo, so that’s obviously not a great thing. I talked to some Mariners fans I know; he can crush a fastball but struggles with the off speed stuff.

    His career line in the minors is .273/.345/.526. He’s only 24, so he still has time to put it together in the majors. Last year, even, his OPS was .938 in AAA.

    Very low-risk move by the Reds. Bill Bavasi, former Mariners GM and assistant to Jocke(r)tty now, was probably behind this move.

  3. Matt B.

    It looks like he was rising in the Mariners organization, too, according to BA:

    2005 – #9 prospect ranked for SEA
    2007 – #6 prospect ranked for SEA
    2008 – #5 prospect ranked for SEA

  4. GRF

    And we all know how much the Mariner fans loved Bavasi 🙂

    Seriously though, I liked Manuel better than most to the point I was hoping we would sell sone of the veteran relievers to make room for him and Roenicke. That having been said, his stuff probably does not profile to more that a middle relief role and Balentien certainly is not far removed from his top prospect days. Worth the flyer.

  5. Travis G.

    The AP’s got it, so it’s official.

    Your scouting report is pretty much exactly what I’ve heard, Matt. Maybe his power numbers will improve outside Safeco.

  6. Jose

    He just turned 25

    He’s got an upside
    we have plenty of young arms
    he could deffinatly be worth giving up Manuel
    with consistant playing time he could learn to hit the off speed stuff

  7. GregD

    His baseball cube page.

    From the numbers, it appears:
    – His minor league XBH/ab ratio over 10%
    – His bb/ab ratio over 10%, with noted improvement in 2006, age 21

    – k/ab ratio is very high
    – k/bb ratio is also high, and significantly worse in the majors

    This appears to be someone with tools but perhaps not yet skills at the major league level. At 24 years old, there still time for improvement, but the k-rates in the minors typically projects to a low avg/obp.

    His minor league numbers are eerily similar to Laynce Nix. So, 240 avg, 300 obp, 480slg at the major league level?

  8. David

    Out of options? That’s the only reason to DFA the guy.

  9. Dan

    Two quick thoughts…

    –I hope this move does not cost Gomes playing time. Dammit, he’s earned it (and I like him!!)

    –Nothing is as important to the current Reds team as getting Taveras on the freaking bench so he can quit doing so much damage. If Willy is still in there every day, and we swap out Gomes for Balentien, then it’s a complete waste.

  10. Dan

    Oh, but I should add… I like the concept. This is much better than “buying high” on someone who’s 33 years old and having a career year. This does feel like a possible clever “buy low” move on a talented young guy, and that’s what we need.

    Good for Walt not to just get some name that we’ve all heard of to mollify the fans.

  11. GregD

    While Jocketty was talking to the Mariners, I wonder if Clement’s name was ever discussed.

  12. GRF

    Since there is a trade thread going, I will repost this from Pete’s thread.

    Indians traded Cliff Lee in what is widely being called a salary dump due to the ownerships financial problems. After the trade, they have a glut of infielders with Peralta, Cabrera, Valbuena, Barfield, Marte and Donald (the guy they picked up in the trade). Granted only Peralta has proved he can hit MLB pitching, but that is their problem.

    Assuming they have financial issues and given all the infielders they have on the 40 man, what about calling them about Peralta? He was an ok, although certainly not great SS and is also insurance at 3b if something happens with EE. He is signed through 2010 at a reasonable rate with an option in 2011 that I think is like 7 million. He is not perfect, but he is worlds better than anything else we have and if the Indians financial problems are as bad as reported, he might be available for a couple of the second line pitching prospects (frankly I was thinking of Manuel as a possible throw in) If he doesn’t pan out, we decline the 2011 option and we have a stopgap through next season.

    Am I completely nuts?

  13. Matt Steele

    I would be hoping more for Cabrera but Peralta would be a decent option to explore

  14. Jeff

    If we were able to pick someone up from the indians i would love to pick up ss Asdrubal Cabrera he is young 25yrs. hits for a good average and is good in the field. I think Balentien was a good pick up we have a lot of young arms right now ready to move up soon. Hopefully were not done yet though.

  15. GregD

    Well, Cabrera would certainly be a better long-term option, but that’s the type of guy the Indians won’t likely be moving. Obviously, everyone has their price, but I would expect it to require fairly good talent in return, especially since Cabrera is currently performing at the major league level.

    Peralta is an interesting short-term solution. He’s slated to make about the same money as Edwin next year ($4.6M), and his 2011 buyout is only $250k. He’s good for about .270/.340/.430. If he can stay at SS and do that, I think that would be a very nice upgrade.

  16. Sultan of Swaff

    Question is, are any of those guys a better SS than Phillips?
    But this is just me talking nonsense again.

  17. Dan

    C – Hanigan
    1B – Votto
    2B – Sutton
    3B – EE
    SS – Phillips
    LF – Gomes
    CF – Dickerson/Stubbs
    RF – Bruce/Balentien/Nix

    Let’s just see what those guys can do. I mean, can it be worse than the current offense?

    Nothing will help the offense more than getting Taveras and A-Gon the heck out of the lineup for good. Seriously – they aren’t the future and they aren’t the now and they have no trade value… Just admit mistakes and DFA them and the team will be instantly better!!

    Why are the only people who don’t see that WT and AG stink are the only people who actually matter (Walt and Dusty)??? How can that be?

    I’m sorry, I know this is a boring old broken record, but I just do not get it and am very frustrated w/ this team.

  18. CarolinaReds

    Is this the next Darnell McPatterson? Yet another wannabe for Dusty to put out there every day only to fail :poke:

  19. jay

    How about this as a lineup:
    cf Stubbs
    ss hairston(until next season)
    1b votto
    2b phillips
    3b EE
    lf Gomes
    Rf Bruce/Nix
    c Hanigan

  20. jay

    How about this as a lineup:
    cf Stubbs
    ss hairston
    1b votto
    2b phillips
    3b EE
    lf Gomes
    Rf Bruce/Nix
    c Hanigan

  21. Travis G.

    Balentien is actually still young, so he’s got a chance to improve and become a quality ballplayer. Dusty’s other pet projects are past-their-prime guys who had already shown what type of players they are.

    I’ll be a little surprised if Balentien turns out to be any better than Wily Mo, but he’s still worthy of some playing time.

  22. al

    well, if he’s good in the field and walks a decent amount, balentien can’t a good comp to wily mo. add some walks and defense to wily mo and you have a player.

  23. Matt Steele

    Carolina, you got to fit Willy Taveras’ name in there too

    I suggest

    Darnelly McPatteras

    as for Balentien, it’s doubtful he’ll provide much but it’s a low risk, potentially medium reward. Balentien needed to get out of Seattle so maybe he’ll rediscover some of his talent here. Though this isn’t saying much, he’s better than some of our other options in the outfield that we keep running out there. And he’s only 25 so who knows

  24. pinson343

    Darnelly McPatteras, wow, Dusty would adopt that guy.

  25. Eddie

    I’ve got no problem with this trade. He is 25 now but just turned 25 this month so he is still young. He was improving his line drive % every year he was in the minors.
    It seems to me that the Mariners forced this guy into major league action before he was ready.
    Here’s some splits: http://www.minorleaguesplits.com/cgi-bin/pl.cgi?pl=434605

  26. David Kaiser

    this is a total waste.even if this guy is good we will never know because he is young and dusty does not play young guys and even if he does he does not know how to develop them or did I miss the part where Jay Bruce was getting better before he got hurt.I would say call up all the top prospects now and see what they have but dusty would have no where to play them since his guys are so good.seriously they don’t call up stubbs because he needs ro play every day?he should be fired just for saying that.there is no way he could suck worse than patterson,I mean tavaras what the hell they are both the same player aren’t they?fotget next year maybe in 4 or 5 but never as long as the icompentant people are calling the shots are still in charge.I don’t care what he did in st.louis it isn’t working here.

  27. catcard202

    Kaiser…Just to back up your point on DOUCHY…Here’s a blurp from the REDS. official site….at the bottom of the article


    Baker said it’ll take a few days before he’ll feel comfortable inserting Balentien in the lineup.

    “We don’t know what he’ll do in a game since he hasn’t played,” said Baker. “We need some outfield help.”

    The initial plan, according to Baker, is to have Balentien take extra batting practice before facing Edinson Volquez in a simulated game on Friday.

  28. Matt WI

    Re #15 and Peralta… Anything is an upgrade from Gonzo, but I’d imagine in another time and place people would tire of Peralta much in the same way many get fed up with EE. I’ve got a lot of Tribe fan friends, and they’re happy to send him to Cincy. The knock is that when he’s not hitting for power, he’s not that special at all. I’ve seen defensive metrics that say Peralta is decent with the glove, but he’s known to Tribe fans for making a bone headed play from time to time. All that said, we need an upgrade of some degree, and he just might fit the part until Valaika or another option presents itself.

  29. Steve Price

    the more I write the trade reviews, the more apparent it’s becoming…

    Any shortstop we need to acquire, if we want to win, needs to be in the early 20’s. I would even suggest Phillips has missed his window…