Tonight’s lineup:

Taveras CF
Gonzalez SS
Votto 1B
Phillips 2B
Encarnacion 3B
Nix LF
Gomes RF
Tatum C
Arroyo P

Only Dusty Baker would bat 2 of the 5 worst “hitters” in the majors at the top of his lineup night after night. Viva Dusty!!!

UPDATE: Willy Taveras’s numbers, 2008/09 combined: 216 games, .249/.299/.297. That’s a 596 OPS and an OPS+ of 55 – by far the worst in the majors over that span.

Gonzo’s 2009 numbers (he didn’t play last year, and it was the best season he’s had as a Red): .209/.254/.293. An OPS of .547 and an OPS+ of 42. Can you smell that?