A two-game winning streak? I guarantee it.

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  1. Kyle

    Dusty on Hanigan:
    “(Hanigan) didn’t do a whole bunch yesterday, but you don’t know what aggravated it, whether it’s a soft pillow or too hard a pillow or whatever,” Baker said.”

    Thanks, doctor. I’m sure thats it.

  2. reds234

    The fan that made the catch while holding a baby……you think that guy can hit?

  3. Matt B.

    Combined OPS of #1 and #2 hitters: 1.130
    OPS of #3 hitter: 1.040

    I love the Reds.

  4. Matt B.

    Oh, even better.

    Gonzalez and Taveras have a combined OPS+ of 95.
    Votto’s is 136.


  5. Matt B.

    Actually, Votto’s OPS+ is 168. I was looking at his career, not this year. Well, that’s even more embarrassing.

  6. RedinFla

    Hit it where they ain’t, right?

  7. MLH

    Is it Dick Pole giving me the 1st inning blues?

  8. Southern Fried Red

    Who/what deserves the most blame for the Reds’ continuing poor performance?

    you left out all of the above in that poll

  9. al

    is there a front office complaints email address that anyone knows about? i have to be in the top 10% of reds fans. i pay for the tv package for the reds, i come back to ohio for reds games. but dusty baker and this team that he’s put together are really pushing me past my limit.

    it’s one thing to have bad players. the reds couldn’t do anything with eric milton and jimmy haynes. but to stubbornly play the worst players you have, it’s too much.

    i feel like i’d at least like to let the front office know why they’re about to lose business.

  10. al

    if the reds missed the opportunity to trade arroyo, because of money, that was a bad decision. i would gladly pay him not to be on this team. paying him to do this is throwing good money after bad.

  11. Y-City Jim

    The fan that made the catch while holding a baby……you think that guy can hit?

    That reminds me of the Dave Barry quote::

    If a woman has to choose between catching a fly ball and saving infant’s life, she will choose to save the infant’s life without even considering if there is a man on base.

  12. Southern Fried Red

    al, just wondering who you thought would want BA at these prices ?

  13. Southern Fried Red

    lol EE stood there, these guys never heard of run when you make contact!

  14. Southern Fried Red

    imagine that J Gomes can hit a rher………when he’s not the bench!

  15. Tom Diesman

    Good for Tatum with his first knock in the pros.

  16. ty

    back to back hits w/ men in scoring position?

  17. Kyle

    Who is the best hitter of this bunch: Tatum, Arroyo, Taveres, Gonzales?
    What a brutal stretch of hitters.

  18. Kyle

    #16: yea, I always like seeing guys get their first hits. Tatum, while poor offensively, has been pretty good behind the plate so far.

  19. al

    #13: from what i’ve been reading, the yankees were interested in arroyo, but backed off when the reds wouldn’t pick up a chunk of his salary for next year.

    what i was saying was that if they had that deal, they should have taken it, because he’s not good. i’d rather pay him to be gone than pay him to be here.

  20. Kyle

    Bronson has given up 5 extra base hits in three innings. Back to the old Arroyo.

  21. Steve

    The Reds pitching strategies are the dumbest in the league. We continually pitch to hitters that are the most dangerous (pujols, fielder, aramis ramiriez, adrian gonzalez, manny) and they have burned us all year. How smart do you have to be to know not to pitch to gonzalez tonight?

    Whose fault is that, the pitcher, catcher or pitching coach?

  22. Southern Fried Red

    AL, i agree with u but it’s not happening….our reds are stuck with BA, jmo.

  23. Kyle

    10 pitch at bat ends with a single from the one man offense.

  24. Dick Bronson

    I don’t know if Pete will ever get to Cooperstown, but he should be put in the fashion hall of fame ASAP.

  25. GregD

    Enquirer blog says:

    FSN’s Jeff Piecoro told me before the game that the telecast tonight (circa 6th inning) will spotlight an Enquirer editorial about Rose.

  26. GregD

    Dick – based on what he’s wearing, he may have to agree to a lifetime ban with the fashion HOF, too.

  27. GregD

    my least favorite tv broadcaster tandem doing the game tonight.

    Brantly rambles on the last inning about Gomes doing his job of moving the runner (Nix – leadoff double) over to 3rd base on a flyout. “That’s his job. If he gets a hit great, but his primary job is to move the runner over so the next batter has a chance at getting him in with a fly ball.”

    4th inning, you play for 1 run? Especially given the context of Tatum and Arroyo as the next two batter, I couldn’t disagree with Brantley more.

  28. GregD

    Wonder what Nix’s defense looks like in CF?

  29. Dick Bronson

    I agree re: Brantley + Thommmm= HORRID.

  30. Dick Bronson

    He was just rockin’ a tshirt, Jacklynn Smith sunglasses and some man-jewelry. Not as cool as the shiny suit, but very Pete…

  31. GregD

    seinfeld reference/
    My wife asked if he was playing for the other team, now, IYKWIM.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

  32. GregD

    I’m sure the Enquirer will have some Pete photos up from today’s game, esp if they’re running an editorial on him tomorrow.

  33. Dick Bronson

    The editorial is already up on cincinnati.com, along with a photo gallery of him being an ambassador for the game at Hometown Sports.

  34. preach

    Wonder what Nix’s defense looks like in CF?

    Pretty good. He came up as a CF and has the instincts, IMO.

  35. nick in va

    Buehrle just broke the record for most batters retired in a row – 42.

  36. Bill N

    Ouch. Taveras and Gonzalez are so bad that you can *combine* their OPS and it’s still less than Pujols’.

  37. Mark in CC

    Is VanderMeer in jeopardy tonight. 2 perfectos or 1 perfecto and a no-no top two perfectos.

  38. reds234

    Did Phillips have a legitimate gripe about that call?

  39. GRF

    Carrying all these relievers and we brought him back to throw 119 pitches…

  40. TomTerrific

    Buehrle now at 5 2/3 perfect innings vs. the Twins.

  41. TomTerrific

    Vander Meer still stands alone. Single by the Twins leadoff hitter.

  42. renbutler

    Nix, Gomes, Tatum.

    I’m calling it right now:

    1-2-3 inning

  43. REDS1

    World’s worst offense is striking again.

  44. renbutler

    … 3 strikes you suck at the old ball game

  45. Chris

    These guys are going out like a bunch of punks. I’d use another word, but it’s not something you’d call a man (or a woman, for that matter).

  46. Chris

    “If we can get our pitching to show up and get our hitting to show up, we’re still possibly contenders.”

    That statement is even more delusional/insulting/dumb today than it was yesterday.

  47. Chris

    I’d support Rose in the HOF, but I am SO SICK of hearing about him. I’d prefer that he stay banned, if only because it minimizes his screen time and the broadcasters’ fluffing of him.

  48. David Lowenthal

    Castellini is a disaster for this team. I suppose he might be well meaning but he’s simply just a very dumb person. How can you be a contender when you are one of the worst teams in the league?