Time for a recap of today’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 5
Chicago (NL) 8
WP: Wells (6-4)
LP: Harang (5-11)

–I dunno. None, really. I’m sick of this nonsense. I guess I would count Ryan Hanigan and Willy Taveras combining for five hits as a positive.

–Aaron Harang hit a homer. I can’t believe I just typed that.

–Everything else. Jeez, this team is playing terribly right now.

–Alex Gonzalez is terrible. I know he’s trying as hard as he can, but he simply cannot play.

If the Reds don’t upgrade the shortstop position before 2010, there are going to be riots in the streets. If Gonzalez is on Cincinnati’s 2010 roster, I will shut down Redleg Nation.

–Harang wasn’t great, but the Reds had a chance to win until Daniel Ray Herrera and Jared Burton came in and tossed gasoline on the fire.

–This team is not fun to watch…and watching Dusty Baker make wrong move after wrong move doesn’t help matters any. Ever wonder why the Cubs ran him out of town?

–Jonny Gomes was a last-minute addition to the starting lineup. He certainly didn’t take advantage of the opportunity.

–The Reds have now lost 6 of their first 8 games of the second half. They are 7 games under .500 and 6.5 games out of first. Anyone who thought this team was a contender is being rapidly disabused of that notion.

26 Responses

  1. Glenn

    All week the Cards have taken steps to get better. The Reds? Don’t tell me there standing pat with what they have! It sure looks like it. Doesn’t it?

  2. Chris Garber

    You are so negative. They are still in the race. They haven’t had their regular starting 8 very much. Lots of injuries. Volquez is out. Nobody expected them to be this good. How can you blame Dusty? BP is a great hitter. EE is terrible. At least Dunn’s not around. You have to love Rosales’ hustle. Gonzales is a great defender.

  3. doktor

    “Aaron Harang hit a homer. I can’t believe I just typed that.”

    I had to laugh at that comment. and a 3 run job as well.

    If you had told me Willy would have two hits and two rbis, with a Harang homer tossed in, I would have thought Reds had a blowout of the Cubs. What a jekyl and hyde team, different portions of the lineup hit, then dont hit the next day.

  4. Steve

    Gonzalez is NOT a great defender. At least not by any objective measure. He is the #17 ranked SS in UZR/150 for all players with 150 innings.

    You know who IS a great defender? Paul Janish, who is the #2 ranked defensive SS in all of MLB, among those with >150 innings played.

    Even Jerry Hairston Jr. has better defensive statistics than Alex Gonzalez this year.

    And remember, to play AG in the field you have to put up with the absolutely worst hitter in all baseball. There are 272 MLB players with at least 180 AB so far this year. Out of those players, Alex Gonzales ranks #272 in weighted OBP, which is a very good single statistic for overall effectiveness in hitting.

    FYI, Joey Votto is the #2 hitter by that criteria (behind Albert Pujols), Willy Taveras is #265 and the next highest after Votto is Ryan Hanigan, who is #105.

  5. Matt B.

    Jon Heyman tweeted that Arroyo has hit the trading block.

  6. shane

    ummmmmmm, I think Chris Garber was being sarcastic 🙂

  7. Eddie

    How many guys swung at the 1st pitch? I am not opposed to it but if you’re going to then at least hit it hard, don’t pop out to the 2nd baseman…ugh.

  8. Steve

    Shane: you’re right 🙂

    Couldn’t take the risk that someone (beside me) might misunderstand and innocently think like Baker and the Reds announcing team.

    Also, how many times is someone going repeat in print or broadcast that AG “is a quick healer.” Wasn’t he the guy who just missed an entire year with a broken bone?

  9. Chris Garber

    There are reports saying the Reds were a player for Holliday. That would be idiocy, IMO. You could add Babe Ruth himself to this lineup and they wouldn’t make the playoffs.

    CF – Taveras
    SS – JHJ
    RF – Ruth
    2b – Phillips
    1b – Votto
    LF – Gomes
    3b – EE
    C – Hanigan

  10. RedinFla

    If the bullpen continues to stink, I might have to do something drastic – like stop watching. It’s been one of the few bright spots.
    And another bright spot, J.V., struck out three times today …??
    It takes a lot to make me get discouraged …

  11. Chad Dotson

    If the bullpen continues to stink, I might have to do something drastic – like stop watching.


    That’s what is crazy. We complain, but we’re watching and listening every single stupid day.

  12. John

    I stopped watching (and listening) about a month ago. The last game I heard was the Pujols grand slam off W*******. Turned it off right after that, and haven’t had a game on since. Fair weather fan? I prefer to call myself a “beginning of the season when they’re still hope until the Reds fall out of contention and the front office does nothing to improve the team to keep them in the hunt so why should I care” fan. I need to figure out an acronym for that.

  13. David

    Chris that might be my vote for the post of the year. The Reds are officially sellers … according to Jon Heyman’s Twitter page “bronson arroyo just hit the trading block, i hear. looks like #reds are unloading.”

  14. Jose

    Hah John
    thats exactly where I am
    they don’t give a crap?
    then why should we?
    We’re not gonna pay to go see a horrible team
    and to make money
    you gotta spend money
    and when all you do is get cheap horrible players
    then your not gonna win
    and if you dont win
    it comes down to this
    you dont make money.

  15. shane

    You could add Babe Ruth himself to this lineup and they wouldn’t make the playoffs.

    Well duh! He’d be really REALLY old!

  16. pinson343

    The bullpen hasn’t suddenly gone sour so much as D___ B__’s misuse of it. In the bottom of the 8th inning, down by only a run, and the Cubs’ closer is mediocre. So the idiot brings in Herrera and Burton. Was Rhodes unavailable ? The only time he’s pitched this week was when he was brought in to the Dodger game with us 10 runs down.

    If I gather correctly then, bring Rhodes in to a hopelessly lost game to give him some work but don’t bring him in to a game we need badly to win because we’re 1 run down.

    I’ve had it, at this point maybe a last place finish is best, if it gets him fired.

  17. pinson343

    After video review: Dickerson could easily have caught Ramirez’ first inning RBI double.
    He took a bad route to the ball and then gave up on it.

  18. JerBear

    I don’t get to watch too many games on television because I don’t have cable. But the few times I am able to watch, I usually come away thinking, “this is just a bad team.” I saw the first inning yesterday where Phillips comes up with first and third and one out…he promptly swings at the first pitch grounding into a double play.

    I’m not saying Phillips is a bad player, but when you’re a bad team, even your best players don’t think too much at times. He did exactly what the Cubs wanted him to do. Take that first pitch, a sinking fastball or something, and just pound it into the ground for an easy double play. No patience on Phillips part.

    This team has so many holes in it. 2010 looks like a worry now to me. You can’t fill so many holes in one year unless your farm system is great or your GM is a genius.

    The only good thing is that maybe we’ll see Heisy, Frazier, Stubbs, etc. in the near future. Might as well sink with those guys instead of all the retreads on our roster we are sinking with now…

    Then you look at the Cardinals…I think they are going to the World Series actually. I was thinking that before they got Holliday. And now that they have him, man that is a tough lineup. But I see their pitching on par or better then Philly and LA’s pitching.

    I think the NL playoffs could be really exciting this year. There’s a chance that 4 really good teams could be in it. LA, Philly, St. Louis, and maybe like San Francisco would be very entertaining.

    Finally, the most depressing thing I saw was Ryan Franklin of the Cards making the comment that he’s been on some teams where “you know they aren’t going to make a move to trade for anyone” (summarized quote). Maybe he wasn’t talking about the Reds, but I thought of the Reds.

    I believe Jocketty and company would have made a move if it was a little more warranted, but still it’s just sad that big named players wouldn’t want to come here anyway.

    Baseball is on life-support in Cincinnati. The casual fan doesn’t care anymore. I have brothers and sisters who are more casual fans and they could care less about the Reds. The Reds desperately need to have a season where they at least contend to bring back fans. They have to do it with a lot of youth.

    With all the questions now in their starting rotation, I’m starting to wonder when the Reds will ever be good again.

  19. RedinFla

    My bad – if our (read: Dusty’s) use of the bullpen begins to stink. You’re dead-on, Pinson 343.

  20. RedinFla

    Chad – You know I won’t stop watching. Even typing the words felt drastic…

    But when a one-run deficit doesn’t feel winnable to the manager (or else he would’ve used Rhodes), well, that’s pretty sad.

  21. John

    JerBear, that’s a funny quote from Franklin, who was brought in to help and stunk so bad they didn’t keep him. Same thing with Lohse, really.

    Dave Duncan could take Satchell Paige’s corpse and make it win.

  22. RedinFla

    Are you asking what we’d do if we were more than armchair managers?
    Of course I’d play him – he’s more than shown he can handle it. Maybe he’d get a Rookie vote or two, well-deserved IMHO.

  23. Matt WI

    Don’t hold Redleg Nation hostage over bad management Chad. Don’t ever threaten a shut-down. It’s the port in the storm.