Okay, here’s your chance. What should Walt Jocketty be doing over the next week-plus?

Give him some hints on how to improve this team for 2010, which is what he should be focusing on anyway.

UPDATE: John Fay says it’s decision time for the Reds. Don’t count on it. No one is going to rush Jocketty into a decision. He has to get his nap in first before he can even think of making a decision about anything.

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  1. Y-City Jim

    Identify the non-performers and rid the team of them. Start with Taveras.

    Also hiring someone to perform a ceremony to lift whatever curse is over this team.

  2. Y-City Jim

    Oh, one more thing. Wait until the season is over because it is too late for this year but fire Baker and his sorry staff. Maybe keep Pole and the bullpen coach.

  3. REDS1

    I think the decision is going to be its not going to happen, again, this year. But I agree that they need to wait until the season is over, unless they can get something really good before.

  4. nick in va

    Start thinking about a new manager.

  5. southroadredsfan

    Cardinals lookin at Matt Holliday. Even if we were only 1 or 2 games out, this franchise would do nothing to improve the team. And if they did do something, it would be a Ramon Hernandez/Willy McPatterson type of deal.

  6. nllspc

    needs – SS,LF,3B

    make available – Weathers,Rhodes,Arroyo,Harang,and any position player not named Votto, Bruce, or Hanigan

    DFA Tavaras, call-up Stubbs now, Heisey in Sept.

    Let Gonzo rot in Louisville, give Janish his shot.

    Would like to get rid of Baker, no idea who to replace him with though. Maybe they’ll be some options after the season. Agree with keeping Pole, everyone else can take a hike. Defense, hitting, and baserunning are a travesty.

  7. Matt Steele

    1) Bring up Stubbs and get him at least 200 at bats the rest of the year

    2) Explore trades to shed salary such as Weathers, Coco and Arroyo

    3) Bring up Maloney and any other starter who you plan on giving a shot at the rotation in spring training next year and get them all around 5 starts

    4) In September, mandate that Frazier and Heisey get significant at bats to see how they can handle major league pitching

    5) Identify a target for shortstop for next year

  8. Matt B.

    Harang needs to be traded while he still has some value; he seems to be slowly deteriorating. With the shortage of pitching on the market, teams will probably overvalue someone like Harang. A solid SS prospect or outfield bat in return would be ideal. I’d like to see the following rotation for 2010. If the Reds can get major-league talent or a prospect with MLB potential for Arroyo, then he can go, too.

  9. preach

    Saw this in the game thread from last night:

    “If Jesus was the owner of the Reds, what would his first move be?”

    So, going along with this topic, and considering it’s late night, I thought I would post the Top Ten Things overheard in a conversation between Jesus and Walt Jocketty.

    10. No, really, he says it so much even I thought your name was Jockerty.

    09. I would never send my two weakest Apostles out first.

    08. Yeah, I know, when he had all that hair Damon looked like me. But he still threw like Mary.

    07. Does Dusty cast lots to pick a lineup out? Maybe he should.

    06. For not knowing who I am you sure say my name a lot.

    05. I’ve seen lepers who could play shortstop better.

    04. Don’t blame me, I didn’t name him Dusty.

    03. Yeah, Dusty might have played with Hank Aaron, but I made Hank Aaron. Now what?

    02. Angels get irony. You shoulda heard them laugh when they found out Mike Stanton was on performance enhancers. They almost caused a hurricane on that one.

    01. Who is this Janish of which you speak?

  10. pinson343

    Don’t trade all the veteran pitchers if you want a shot in 2010. Do trade Weathers. Trade one of Arroyo/Harang if the right offer is made.

    For 2010 we need a bona fide ML SS and an everyday LFer with a lot of pop. We won’t be able to get both (or either) without giving up too much thru trades, so tell “No more losing” Castellini to get his checkbook out. You have to spend money to make money, and the Reds can make money if they put together a winning team.

    If you can’t trade Taveras, admit you’ve made a mistake and DFA him or make him an expensive pinch runner.

  11. pinson343

    Actually, Wise can definitely play D, today was no fluke.
    He’d be a better 5th outfielder than our current surplus of 5th outfielders.

  12. mike

    I’ve have been traveling and am in Buffalo, NY right now and was busy all day seeing people. I went out to dinner with my sister and her husband and we spent 3 hours together and right as dinner was getting over he casually mentions, “Did you see that pitcher from the White Sox pitched a perfect game?”. I think I freaked out a bit…I couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t even remember which pitcher.

    to try and stay on topic. I honestly don’t have any idea what I’d do if I was Reds GM. I think the roster is a complete mess.

    I think we need a SS, LF, and CF
    but again the Reds could move things around. We have minor leaguers who can play CF. We could if need be move Phillips to SS but I don’t think the Reds have a minor leaguer who can produce at a high enough level to play a corner OF spot.

    I don’t know. After releasing Taveras I’d trade the old guys for the best I could get.

    I’ve arm-chair managed and GM’d a lot like a lot of us. But the Reds are a mess. I don’t know what I’d do and I think it would take a lot of thought and planning. I don’t think this mess is easy enough to get out of that you can spend 10 minutes and have the answer. If the Reds wanted to deal big, their biggest strength is having a great 1B and one of the top 1B prospects. If they could get an allstar I might consider packing our minor league 1B but again that’s not an easy decision. It would take a lot of work to figure out the right deal.

    I think my short list of untouchables would be Votto and Bruce. Anybody else could be had if the right deal came a long.

    I’ve watched that catch 10 times in the last hour. It was amazing
    You could tell Wise broke away from baseball form and kicked into full sprint to try and get to the ball.

  13. JerBear

    As this past month and a half has gone one, it’s starting to become clearer how many holes this team has. It’s kind of depressing. We all thought well at least they should be competitive in 2010. I’m not so sure.

    Like Mike says, there are holes at SS, LF, and CF…and question marks at 3B and RF….Phillips and Votto are the only two legitimate everyday guys right now. Volquez’ health is in doubt. We’re not sure what Homer Bailey will do.

    I’m not sure what I would do. I think maybe I’d try and trade EE still. Maybe you can get a SS by trading EE. I think it’d be easier to find a guy to play third to take EE’s place then to find a SS.

    I wonder if Johnny Gomes could play left field and produce on an everyday basis. Maybe he’s part of the future, but you also might be able to get something for him in a trade.

  14. Anthony in ohio

    The faster Baker is fired the better. He is a despicable manager. Keep dick pole because of his hilarious pornstar name.

  15. Travis G.

    I’d shop Harang to all the teams in on Halladay and make it clear that he’d cost a good bit less in terms of prospects. For example, I’d tell the Phillies he’s theirs for Michael Taylor and a low-level pitcher. If someone were willing to part with a real prospect for Arroyo, deal him instead, but I don’t think he’ll net much more than salary relief. Arroyo’s league-average innings are much more valuable than that to this team.

    Deal one of Weathers, Rhodes or Cordero, but that’s it. Giving up on this season entirely would be a mistake, both for marketing purposes and the growth of the young players.

    I’d like to see what Gomes could do on an everyday basis, too, but he’s due to fall back to earth sometime. Let him do that elsewhere. If Encarnacion could net someone to play SS next season, I’d drive him to the airport myself. We’ve got replacements for him in the system, and 3B is a much easier hole to fill through FA.

  16. HokieRedleg

    Pretty simple isnt it? Firesell time baby. Still a controlled one at that. What about this trade? 3 Teamer invoving phils and Jays.

    Of Course Phils get Halladay. The also get Rhodes from reds. Harang from Reds
    Jays get Encarcion, Alonso, Happe,Brown,Drabek, Reds get Carrasco, Taylor, Rolen, and Scuttaro,

    Then the Reds send Arroyo Weathers and Mesaraso to Angels for
    Wood, Conger, and Saunders.

  17. HokieRedleg

    My next year lineup would be this: Or rest of season LOL.Due to trade I made above.

    CF Stubbs
    SS Scuttaro
    1B Votto
    3B Rolen
    RF Bruce
    LF Taylor
    2B Phillips
    SS Wood
    C Hanigan and Conger

    Pitchers: Volquez, Cueto, Bailey, Wood(Time to see), Saunders or Carrasco

    Owings becomes long reliever or everyday player(hits to good IMO)

  18. HokieRedleg

    Only way IMO REDS make deals if they are involved in 3 way trades. Meaning throwing in a prospect themselves for better returned talent.

  19. GregD

    Tell him that small ball sucks

    Tell him that if he HAS to go the speed and defense route, this time actually sign players who know how to play good defense.

    Quit being so tunneled visioned about needing a rh bat. Please just find a good bat or two.

    For the rest of this season, I’d strongly consider Gomes, Stubbs, and Heisey as our starting outfield, left-to-right with a number of at-bats for Dickerson.

    Target Brandon Wood from the Angels to play SS.
    If the Red Sox let Bay walk, sign Bay to play LF in the offseason.

    Next year starting lineup (not batting order):
    Hanigan c
    Votto 1b
    Phillips 2b
    Wood ss
    Encarnacion 3b
    Bay lf
    Stubbs or Heisey cf
    Bruce rf

  20. HokieRedleg

    Anthony while I am not Baker fan nor disliker I cant see how anyone else would do better with what we have. Losing Volquez and Bruce killed this team. Plus they were not playoff ready yet anyway.

  21. RedinFla

    Our pitchers probably look better to teams that can actually score runs…

  22. HokieRedleg

    Greg I am in agreement with you but with the way ball carries out of GABP we better be building for power. Agree it is time to see the youngens’ get to majors if indeed nothing is to be done through trades.

  23. HokieRedleg

    RedinFLa I agree 100%. I think Harang will garner a good prospect and Arroyo has pitched well lately. Time to move them if some team gives VALID talent. These Tavares/Patterson types HAVE TO GO and NEVER COME BACK!!!!!!!!!

  24. HokieRedleg

    AM I the only one on here would not mind seeing Phillips traded. Wonder about his clubhouse demeanor?

  25. Travis G.

    Tell him that small ball sucks

    Tell him that if he HAS to go the speed and defense route, this time actually sign players who know how to play good defense.

    Hear! Hear!

    Going into the season, I was kind of excited by how bad I thought this team would be, because I thought it might offer verifiable proof to the mouth breathers that manufacturing runs doesn’t work without an engine or two. Also, speed does not necessarily = good defense. But vindication aside, this isn’t fun.

    Re: Wood, who would the Angels want in return? Would you trade Cordero for him? Would the Angels do that deal? Would the Reds need to send cash, or would the Angels need to add anything else? I’m very curious about this.

  26. RedinFla

    Coco is excellent – almost an elite closer. When the Reds were predicted as one of this year’s possible surprise contenders, he made sense; but now…? If closers get “pumped up” by how important it is for the team to win the game, well, Coco has to be wishing he could be with a team that’s in the race.
    We do have a good bullpen without him — when you take out Janish 😐
    Oh – and Pujols, and Manny…

  27. kohawk10s

    Reality check here. Reds have 3 MLB position players. (RF, 1B, 2B). Reds DO NOT have the $$$ to buy 5 position players, so they are going to have to hope the “vaunted” farm system produces a few. HAVE to trust the development process. Why? Because we have no choice!

    Pitching? Really not too bad….those of you wishing to dump Cordero, Weathers and Rhodes? Remember what happened the last time we didn’t have a Bullpen? That had better NEVER occur again!

  28. John

    I’m with Mike at (15). This roster is a disaster. I just don’t think Jocketty is the GM this team needs. He’s too slow on the uptake — he reminds me of Dan O’Brien, he’s so frozen and unwilling to make moves. These 11 or 12-day “day to day” injuries that leave Dusty with 23 players and guys on the 40-man who need to be on the 60-day DL show me that he’s not willing to tinker with the roster. He says he’s continually looking for ways to improve the team. I don’t buy it.

    Something tells me that Jocketty will do absolutely nothing at the deadline.

  29. Brian

    I kind of like Walt’s response right now in that we are “buyers” but the way he puts it it isn’t in the traditional sense since he isn’t looking for rentals.

    When you look at it the players that we would potentially move being Rhodes, Weathers, Arroyo, Harang, EE, Coco they are all signed for next year so they are players that if the Reds don’t get a good deal for they can move in the offseason.

    This isn’t like last year when Griffey and Dunn were both up after the season so I don’t see the Reds being much of a player on the trade front until the offseason.

    With that being said I really see them being a huge player this offseason.

  30. jason1972

    Any change needs to start with a purge of the awful, awful coaching staff that we have. I’d spend good money on a Jim Leyland/Felipe Alou type of manager with a proven track record for developing young teams and maximizing their talent. And for the love of God, get this team better pitching and hitting coaches.

  31. Glenn

    1. Trade Harang while he still has value.

    2. Obtain an outfield that can actually hit and field. I believe that teams win with pitching and defense, but at some point someone does have to actually swing the bat. Right now the team is expected to contend with a goup that would struggle to find starting positions in AAA.

    3. Find a SS that can hit and stay healthy. Jack Wilson looks like a great candidate to me. I think he’d fit in well with the Reds.

    4. Entertain offers for Arroyo, especially those that include OF’rs that can hit. (See item #2)

  32. The Godfather

    Here’s who goes at the deadline:
    D**** W******* and either Harang or Arroyo. W******* is a free agent and shouldn’t be resigned. If somebody wants him get what you can for him. As for the other two, trade one or the other…if I had my choice it’d be Arroyo. Despite Harang’s struggles, he is still more consistent than Arroyo (when what the last time Harang gave up 8+ runs in back-to-back starts?). If Harang gets more than a run or on a good night two in support he might have 10 wins not 10 losses. Arroyo gets hot down the stretch, which is perfect for a contender and let’s face it this team isn’t a contender. Another problem with Arroyo, he has rock-star disease (a.k.a. carpal tunnel syndrome) which will require surgery. Finally, though I think the best way to win is to be consistent with the front office and coaching staff, this staff has not accomplished what it has set out to accomplish. First, young teams don’t need a friend (or in this case “players manager”) they need someone who will ride their tails and maximize their production, fire Dusty. Second, these young pitchers don’t seem to connect with Dick Pole. Volquez and Cueto (especially these two) seem to have more of a connection with Mario Soto. Others have a connection with Ted Powers at AAA, so fire Dick Pole and hire one of those two. Third, the defense (remember this team is built on speed and defense!) is 13th or 14th in the league. I believe Chris Speier is the bench/defensive guru, fire him. And lastly, Brook Jacoby. Ahh, Brook Jacoby…15th in the NL in offense, only ahead of the Padres and their pitchers park. I don’t need to say anything else…fire Brook Jacoby. And while I’m firing people, fire Mark Berry too, I think he’s a terrible base coach.

  33. justcorbly

    I’m contrarian enough to think that devising a strategy to trade your way to success is a fool’s errand. Decide who you won’t trade under any circumstances, and then measure each potential trade on its own merits. E.g., trading Arroyo may make sense one day and make no sense the next. It all depends on on what lose and what you gain. Trouble is, you know what you are giving up but you never know what you are gaining.

  34. Dusty

    many changes need to be made.

    1. start by trading weathers and rhodes. without making huge changes this team will not compete next year either and with those guys ages how much could you expect from them in 2011. Phillies bullpen has been it hard by injuries and could be a fit. would even trade coco for the right price.

    2. fire the entire coaching staff and hire tony la russa nd his staff. jockety and la russa have worked together and won in the past. not a huge la russa fan but if thats what it takes to get dave duncan then i do it in a heartbeat.

    3. bruce, frazier, stubbs, heisey. 4 outfeilders for 3 positions. by 2011 hopefully all will be in the major leagues. put one or two in a deal for a 3b or a ss. get an established 3b or ss and put some money behind it. you also have alonso in the minors that will be a major league first baseman. if you would move votto to left then you would have 5 outfeilders. tarding alonso for a position of need wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

    4. trade harang or arroyo, perferablly arroyo. if you are not going to increase payroll one of those 2 salaries need to come off the books. if you are not going to sign a big time free agent then sign votto long term while you can get a bit of a dicount.(like the rays with longoria)

  35. GregD

    I don’t know what the Angels want in return for Wood. I’ve only read that they aren’t demanding as much/teams aren’t offering as much because of his poor ML numbers in very limited opportunity. Cordero has a full NTC, so he may not accept a deal to a team where he wouldn’t be the closer. The Angels signed Fuentes in the offseason, and he just recently made news with his 30th save.

    Reality check here. Reds have 3 MLB position players. (RF, 1B, 2B). Reds DO NOT have the $$$ to buy 5 position players, so they are going to have to hope the “vaunted” farm system produces a few.

    They may not have to buy all 5 positions if they have the prospects to pry the position players from other teams.

    I would also consider Hanigan and Encarnacion MLB position players.

  36. Travis G.

    Actually, Weathers has a $3.7M club option next season with a $400,000 buyout.

    I can’t really see the Reds eating the last year of Baker’s contract at $3.5 million, but they can help his decision-making by providing him with better options at LF, SS and CF. As much as we complain about Dusty, this team does not have a viable leadoff man or cleanup hitter, and our options for the #2 spot aren’t all that attractive, either.

    I think the Reds can afford to subtract Harang or Arroyo this year and next if they can trade them for a less-expensive player at one of those three positions. I’m confident the Reds could replace either pitcher’s above-average production next season with a less-expensive guy. The rest of this season could be an adventure, though.

  37. Dusty

    don’t know if i would call encarnacion an everyday player. not consistant at the plate and while he makes some great plays in the feild he can also screw up plays that you and i could probably make. i like hannigan and we will find out how much of an everyday player he is now with hernandez on the shelf

  38. Matt WI

    Be willing to trade (pick one) from group
    A) Weathers, Massett, Coco*
    From Group B) Harang, Arroyo*, Bailey
    Group C) Edwin, and then it gets trickey from there. Not a lot of trade value in the Nix, Taveras, Hairston market. There will have to be some serious calculation of who is ready in the farm system, is Alonso going to be ready in two year, etc. Oh, and buh bye to Hernandez.

    The trades must return a major league viable SS or OF.
    * Indicates my choice as of today, for no particular reason other than salary.

  39. Matt WI

    And yes, think about axing Dusty (@ #5). It frustrates me to no end that so much money is going into a “name” rather than substance.

  40. BigRedMike

    As a GM I would

    Fire Dusty

    DFA Taveras and Gonzalez

    Trade either Arroyo or Harang. See if you can unload Cordero and Rhodes to a contender.

    Acquire via trade or free agency some corner OF’s.

  41. GregD

    Using baseball musing lineup projection tool, I entered Reds 2009 obp/slg splits by batting order into the inputs…

    The tool projects an average of 4.120 R/G (667 over a season)
    The Reds currently are 4.064 R/G, on pace for 658. (14th in the NL.)

    That’s a pretty accurate projection tool. I ran the numbers through the model after last season, and that projection was close to actual results, too.

    Batting order & Actual 2009 ops
    1, .592
    2, .676
    3, .894
    4, .773
    5, .741
    6, .713
    7, .753
    8, .656
    9, .553

    It is sad to note that #1 in the batting order has only been barely more productive than the #9 batters and that the #2 spot only slightly more productive than #8. The composite of batters in the #7 hole has only been outhit by the #3/4 hitters (Votto/Phillips, primarily).
    So what impact could a couple of lineup/roster changes have to run production?

    WHAT IF #1
    (1) What if someone could produce at a Dickersonian level in the leadoff spot all season (.365/.373).
    (2) If Encarnacion was healthy all year and put up career average numbers batting #2 (.345/.449).
    (3) Votto can match the 894 ops posted in the #3 spot so far this year (conservative, IMO)
    (4) Phillips bats cleanup all year and posts an .800 ops (what he currently has)
    (5) Positions 5 thru 9 produce identical to what they’ve done so far in 2009

    The Reds currently are 4.064 R/G, on pace for 658. (14th in the NL.)
    What If #1 projects to 4.659 R/G or 755 runs, which would be 4th in the NL.

    (1) All assumptions of What If #1 except
    (2) Use Bay’s 2009 numbers and bat him #4
    (3) Bat Phillips #5
    (4) Slide the current #5 to replace #6 batter
    (5) 7-8-9 remain the same

    The Reds currently are 4.064 R/G, on pace for 658. (14th)
    What if #1 projects to 4.659 R/G or 755 runs (4th – Brewer-esque))
    What if #2 projects to 4.907 R/G or 795 runs (4th – Dodger-esque)

    Current 2009 rankings, r/g
    Phi 5.41
    Col 5.08
    LAD 5.03
    Mil 4.65
    Fla 4.49
    Ari 4.45
    Leag Avg 4.42

  42. Travis G.

    Per ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian, the Cards are on the verge of acquiring Matt Holliday for 3B Brett Wallace, OF Shane Peterson and RHP Clayton Mortensen.

    You know, I hate the Cardinals and all (I really do), but I love this move for them. It helps them now, and it seems like one of those moves Jocketty used to make for them where they expose the FA-to-be to the St. Louis atmosphere in hopes that he’ll be persuaded to stay.

    Yes, I am jealous.

  43. Matt Steele

    Looking at our team next year, I think we don’t want to sign any corner OF, at least not long term. Where is Votto going to play when Alonso is ready? If our outfield is Votto Stubbs and Bruce, I think that’s set. Not only is that a good hitting outfield but also a good fielding one. Bruce and Stubbs are definitely above average and I see no reason why Votto can’t be an average fielder in LF

    I think we need to package together say EE and Todd Frazier for some pitching or a good SS (Cabrera from the Indians? Barmes from the Rockies?) and then sign Adrian Beltre (I think he’s a FA this year) to play 3b. Even if Alonso isn’t quite ready for a month or two, we could easily platoon hernandez and gomes at 1b until he’s up.

    As for our rotation, well we need know that Volquez and Cueto are in it and I would guess that either Arroyo or Harang will still be here. Then we have Homer, Owings, Stewart and Wood to choose from. Pick two and put the others in the bullpen. If Homer still can’t figure it out as a starter, try him at closer for a bit.

    Have a lineup like this
    CF – Stubbs
    SS – Cabrera
    LF – Votto
    RF – Bruce
    3b – Beltre
    2b – Phillips
    C – Hanigan
    1b – Gomes/Hernandez

    Put Alonso at 1b and in say the 4th 5th or 6th spot when he’s ready.

    Whatever happens this year, we need to make sure we get Stubbs, Heisey and a couple other guys (Maloney etc) up in the majors this year to get some experience. We can’t rely on a bunch of rookies next year. Get them some time in the bigs now.

  44. Matt Steele

    two things

    1) I don’t think there’s any way that the Reds fire Dusty or that Taveras is DFA’d

    2) I’m surprised that the Cardinals are going after Holliday and not Dunn in this situation. Dunn has a better OBP and more power and is locked up at a reasonable price for next year. If you’re going to trade one of your best prospects, shouldn’t you at least get the guy for more than one year. Holliday is much closer to average now that he’s away from Coors. (What a surprise, I was saying that all year last year when people wanted the Reds to trade for him, he’s just not that good away from Coors)

  45. Matt Steele

    Also, apparently there’s a rumor on the Brewers board (one of my best friends is a huge Brewers fan) that the Brewers are getting close to getting Adam Dunn. I don’t think it’ll happen, but it’s something to keep an eye one. Braun Prince and Dunn in the 3-4-5 spot would be killer

  46. Eddie

    I don’t think the Reds should trade Harang…Do we really want Bronson Arroyo to be our veteran pitching leader?
    I am for sure considering Hanigan an everyday player, I don’t care if he bats .230. A guy playing ++ defense doesn’t need to have a great bat especially at catcher. Not to mention it’s hard to find a catcher that plays great defense and can hit.
    We actually have some options for the outfield with Dickerson, Stubbs, Heisey and Frazier. Neither Heisey or Frazier is devoid of power either.

    Who I would ship out: Arroyo & Weathers/CoCo. (Not to mention Taveras, Nix, Hairston, Gonzo & Hernandez)

    2010 Lineup
    SS (Valaika?)

  47. Dusty

    this is interesting

    11:45am: Ed Price of AOL FanHouse says Cincinnati has interest in Halladay. Presumably, Halladay wouldn’t accept a trade to the 44-50 Reds.

  48. Travis G.

    From the AOL Fanhouse post: “Word is the Rangers and Reds have attractive packages, but based on Halladay’s stance, those teams’ position in the standings could keep him from going there.”

    Wonder who they’d give up? (Not that it matters, because Halladay’s got a no-trade clause.)

  49. Dusty

    i wondered that myself. wonder if the reds are asking for wells or rios in the deal as well. toronto was rumored to be shopping those guys as well to unload payroll. don’t see doc halladay coming here anyway.

  50. Chris Garber

    Does Dusty really make $3.5M a year?

    Even if you don’t blame him for this team’s woes, how in the world can that expenditure be justified?

  51. John

    You never spend $3.5m a year on a freakin’ manager. That’s ridonkulous. But this organization did it.

    Mackanin was working for peanuts. Would’ve been fine. But noooo. We need a “name.”


  52. Matt WI

    GregD, stop talking about the Reds getting Jason Bay. It’s making me happy. I can’t have that right now with this team.

  53. AnnapolisRed

    Fire Dusty Baker and hire Dave Duncan as the manager. The guy is a genius as a pitching coach. I would like to give him a shot.