Many of you have already seen the poll we’re running over in the left sidebar. I just put it up in the wee hours of the morning, as the game was winding down out in LA.

If you haven’t voted yet, go over there and do so. I wanted to put up a thread, however, to get your opinions on the question. Some of you have been posting your thoughts in other threads, so I thought I’d give you a thread to discuss it.

So, which Reds minor leaguer is most deserving of a promotion?

24 Responses

  1. Steve Price

    1) If the Reds don’t think Stubbs will ever hit for power, I’d promote him now and eat the Taveras contract. If they think he can re-develop power, I wait until September.

    2) I don’t think Owings is going to be a 5 starter. hey, I think he’s a great long reliever…can go several innings, doesn’t need a pinch hitter, or they can use him as a pinch hitter if they don’t need a reliever, or put him in extra innings as pinch hitter then pitch. He has a role….reminds me of Red Lucas, one of the Reds’ best pinch hitters ever…was a rotation member and pinch hitter in the 1920’s/30’s. I think we’ve forgotten him…four times he finished in the top 21 in MVP voting and NEVER even won 20 games with ERA’s usually around 3.50….would pinch hit about 40 times per year; career batting average was .281. there’s a role for this kind of guy…especially on a 10-11-12 man pitching staff

    3) I hate to say it, I’d promote McDonald if he’s hustling…Taveras has gotten on my nerves that much…

    4) I don’t promote Frazier or Heisey now; Heisey in September. Wood needs to be in AAA unless there’s something specific that’s being worked on in Carolina. Louisville needs starting pitchers anyway.

    5) I think Maloney should be recalled before Lehr is added to the roster.

  2. Steve Price

    We need fewer short relievers. Janish pitching two games came as a result of using short relievers earlier in the game (no long reliever) which caused us to have to use more pitchers earlier in the game.

  3. GregD

    Travis Wood has not allowed a run in his last 18 innings pitched, spanning 3 games.

    ERA by month
    0.83 Apr
    1.93 May
    1.13 Jun
    0.45 Jul

    He’s only allowed 2 homeruns all year (119ip)

    He really cut down on his walk rate mid-May. In the 13 starts since then, he averaging almost 7 innings per start, a whip of 0.846, and a bb/k ratio of 15/82 (5.5)

    He also had a great ERA in his first 6 starts the year, but bad peripherals (20 hits w/22 walks & 21 k in 32.2ip). Not very hittable, but also allowing a lot of baserunners. He has been really dominate since he gained control of his stuff starting with the May 12th start.

    IMHO, unhittable all year. Now throwing more strikes and getting more K’s and a lot fewer walks. He should see AAA the rest of the year and have a shot at the 2010 rotation.

  4. Matt WI

    Wow… Wood has only given up 2HR in 119IP? Eat your heart out Eric Milton.

  5. WillRedCHI

    I agree with #1 for the most part. The closest thing to a long reliever is Carlos Fisher. Travis Wood needs to be brought up to AAA and prepped for a run at the 2010 rotation. I think this is how the roster needs to look once Volquez gets back:

    SPs: Cueto, Volquez, Harang, Arroyo, Bailey
    RPs: Rhodes, Herrera, Masset, Burton, Owings, Cordero, Weathers (if you can get anything for Weathers, Cordero, or Rhodes, then fill it out with Roenicke, Manuel, Fisher, etc)

    OFs: Gomes, Nix, Dickerson, Stubbs (I’d shop Gomes or Nix to see if a contender needs a PH or 4th of…if there are no takers then hold onto Taveras for now)

    INF: Encarnacion, Janish, Hairston, Phillips, Votto, Sutton, Rosales

    C: Hannigan, Tatum

    Then Start vs. RHP
    CF Stubbs
    LF Dickerson
    1B Votto
    2B Phillips
    3B Encarnacion
    RF Nix (Gomes vs. LHP& switch OF positions with Dickerson)
    C Hannigan
    SS Janish/Hairston

  6. Bill Lack

    IMO, it’s Wood hands down….Greg lays out why…and he’s been at AA all year. There has to be room for him at AAA.

  7. brublejr

    I think Frazier and Wood are both deserving. Stubbs should be called up and Taveras should hit the unemployment line, but folks it ain’t gonna happen. Heisey is interesting considering how he has come out of nowhere to be a high profile prospect. I don’t think he should get the call until September. McDonald better never get that call again, he just isn’t a ML ballplayer, but he is probably better than Taveras as well.

    @Steve, I agree that Owings should be a long relief/PH.

  8. Sultan of Swaff

    I voted for Frazier, but only because I think he’ll be the best ML’er of the bunch. Dickerson should slot into center–even a Stubbs/Dickerson platoon would look nice. That said, management has a decision on Taveras. What they can’t do is ride out the season w/o getting a look at Stubbs and Heisey. The sooner the better. Wee Willy is what he is, and no amount of wishing or playing time will change that.
    Bottom line—management is too reactionary. Maybe if we would’ve given Dickerson a shot sooner than last September, a larger sample size, we could’ve avoided this whole mess. Let’s not have a repeat.
    This applies to Wood as well.

  9. GregD

    Heisey has improved nicely at each step of the minors.

    These are some of the rate stats I like to look at for minor leaguers. They are easy to calculate from readily available information online. You’ve got to be able to get extra-base hits (xbh) in at least 10% of your at-bats. A good batting eye of 10% or better bb/ab with a k/bb as close to 1 as possible. Since he swipes a few bases, I also note that he improved his sb rate quite dramatically over the past two seasons.

    Year, Age, Level: xbh/ab, bb/ab, k/bb, sb%
    2006, 21, Pio: 7.0%, 11.2%, 1.2, 69%
    2007, 22, A: 9.4%, 6.7%, 2.3, 79%
    2008, 23, A+: 10.3%, 13.1%, 1.2, 93%
    2009, 24, AA/AAA: 12.2%, 11.9%, 1.1, 94%

  10. Eddie

    It’s Travis Wood for sure. With Todd Frazier a close 2nd, I love this guy (Good average, hits for power, walks a decent amount and doesn’t strike out much).
    Stubbs probably won’t get his power back and that’s okay but he needs to cut down on his strikeouts (you don’t want a guy leading off the game by going down on strikes) and you don’t want him trying to do that at the major league level.

    Sorry to say it folks but Taveras is our centerfielder. Dusty won’t replace Taveras with Dickerson who is batting .270, with .368 OBP, so why would you think he would replace him with a guy batting .274… .368 OBP in the minors (who also strikes out almost once a game)? Sorry to say it but Stubbs isn’t coming up unless Taveras gets traded or injured.

  11. GregD

    That didn’t format very pretty.
    Maybe this looks better?

    2006, 21: 7.0%
    2007, 22: 9.4%
    2008, 23: 10.3%
    2009, 24: 12.2%

    2006, 21: 11.2%
    2007, 22: 6.7%
    2008, 23: 13.1%
    2009, 24: 11.9%

    2006, 21: 1.2
    2007, 22: 2.3
    2008, 23: 1.2
    2009, 24: 1.1

    2006, 21: 69%
    2007, 22: 79%
    2008, 23: 93%
    2009, 24: 94%

  12. Jose

    I cant believe McDonald is even on the poll

  13. GregD

    Frazier doing it all a year young than Heisey.
    Why haven’t they left him in the infield?
    Seem like he has trouble with base swiping, too.

    2007, 21: Pio
    2008, 22: A/A+
    2009, 23: AA

    2007, 21: 10%
    2008, 22: 10.9%
    2009, 23: 12.6%

    2007, 21: 11.3%
    2008, 22: 11.7%
    2009, 23: 8.8%

    2007, 21: 1.2
    2008, 22: 2.0
    2009, 23: 1.4

    2007, 21: 50%
    2008, 22: 67%
    2009, 23: 58%

  14. GRF

    Woods should be in AAA, but if you mean promotion to the bigs I have to vote Stubbs. He is older, we have a need in center and I do not know what he has left to prove in AAA. If they are expecting him to develop power, I think they are missing the boat.

  15. Dan

    If Stubbs is batting in AAA (.276/.368/.370) almost exactly what Dickerson is batting in MLB (.270/.368/.373), why aren’t we just playing Dickerson more (and Taveras less)? That seems smartest to me. I’m OK w/ Stubbs coming up whenever, but his AAA numbers still don’t scream “I’m totally in control here” to me.

    Keep in mind also that Dickerson’s numbers in CF are OK. Dickerson’s numbers (the very same numbers) are a good bit below average if he’s a corner outfielder.

  16. pinson343

    Travis Wood.

    Micah Owings as a long reliever once Volquez returns would seem to be a given, unless a trade of Harang or Arroyo is made. If that trade is made, I’d rather audition our best AAA starters for the 5th slot than keep Owings there.

  17. pinson343

    PS Agree that Stubbs needs a little more time, he strikes out too much for a singles hitter.

  18. John

    I’m not sure which disturbs me more: the fact that Stubbs is still in AAA no matter how badly Taveras plays, or that there are four Redleg Nation readers who want Darnell McDonald back.

  19. Travis G.

    If Stubbs is batting in AAA (.276/.368/.370) almost exactly what Dickerson is batting in MLB (.270/.368/.373), why aren’t we just playing Dickerson more (and Taveras less)? That seems smartest to me.


    I’d like to see Stubbs get some ML at-bats after rosters expand, but he still needs time to work on his swing against inferior competition. His strikeout numbers are troubling.

  20. Jose

    now there are 6 people who want McDonald back
    I wonder if he has relatives who read RedLeg Nation

  21. Chris

    SPs: Cueto, Volquez, Harang, Arroyo, Bailey
    RPs: Rhodes, Herrera, Masset, Burton, Owings, Cordero, Weathers (if you can get anything for Weathers, Cordero, or Rhodes, then fill it out with Roenicke, Manuel, Fisher, etc)

    That is most likely the best Reds pitching staff in the last 25 years.

    OFs: Gomes, Nix, Dickerson, Stubbs

    And that’s about as pathetic an outfield as we’ve seen since the days of Duane Walker.

  22. GregD

    Have there been a lot of votes in the last 3-4 hours?

  23. Matt Steele

    hmm… I took this as who deserves a promotion to the majors. If I could vote again, I’d vote for Wood, though having him in AA until August or Sept is ok with me. I voted for Stubbs because he’s just as good as Taveras is now and is cheaper. We should offer Taveras with any trade we make. We need to clear a couple of spots for some outfielders. Next year’s OF could be Votto Stubbs and Bruce with Heisey or Dickerson and either Gomes or Nix as backups. We should still try to contend this year but make preparations for next year.

    If we’re out of it in Sept, we had better let the AAA guys play. I hope that at least one starter per game is not currently on the roster now. Let’s get Stubbs Heisey and Frazier up and see what they can do. If we’re goign to compete next year, we’re going to need them to be able to contribute, even off the bench.