Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

Milwaukee 0
Cincinnati 4
WP: Arroyo (10-8)
LP: Suppan (5-7)

–I promised you below that I was going to bring the Reds good luck.

–Finally, my favorite player is getting hot…and when Edwin Encarnacion gets hot, he is scorching. Great night for an EE fan to be in the ballyard: 4-4 (after a 3-3 night last night), a homer, 2 RBI (plus his hit was responsible for another run). EE was the offense tonight. This is what the Reds have needed all season.

–Laynce Nix was the only other player with two hits, and he also had the team’s other RBI. This is another guy that has been scuffling lately; it’d be nice for Nix to get hot, as well.

–Bronson Arroyo never seemed sharp all night. He was throwing a lot of balls and teetering on the edge. Then, after seven innings, you look up and see that Arroyo hasn’t allowed a run, and only permitted five hits. All in all, an outstanding outing for Arroyo. Who can figure this guy out?

–Arthur Rhodes and Francisco Cordero were flat-out dominant in their innings of work. Rhodes, in particular, made Prince Fielder look silly.

–None, or at least none that I feel like talking about. It was a fun night at the ol’ ballyard.

–Fine way to bounce back after last night’s debacle.

–Which Aaron Harang will we see tomorrow? A win gets us at least a split in this series.

–We need an Encarnacion sombrero picture. Who’s going to volunteer to photoshop it? Done.

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  1. pinson343

    Chad, You promised us luck, and you delivered, and so did your favorite Red. I love it when EE gets hot, he makes HRs look easy. I saw him hit 2 one nite in Philly.

    Who knows what to make of Arroyo ? I know that on certain nites, even if his command isn’t quite there, he’s the guy I want on the mound. On other nites …

    Anyway he’s a lot tougher mentally than people seem to give him credit for.

    True to form, ESPN’s midnite Baseball Tonite did not bother showing any hilites from the Reds win. They showed a lot of the Cubs beating the Nats. If the Brewers won tonite, they show the hilites. In the meantime, MLB Network had an interview with Arroyo, including a discussion EE.
    Can’t wait until my building finally gets satellite.

  2. mike

    No Reds player since 1954 has had 4 games in a row getting on base 4 times each game

    4 times a Red has gone 4 straight games getting on base 4 times each game.
    Joe Morgan (1977), Bernie Carbo (1970) and Frank Robinson (1960 and 1962)

    EE has hit a HR in each of the last 2 game along with getting on base (by the way HOW MANY @%[email protected]#$% OUTS HAS TAVERAS USED IN THE LAST 2 GAMES, HEY MR REDLEGS, HE’S YOUR LOVER, TELL US HE HASN’T HURT THE TEAM)…so I wondered how many Reds have gotten on base 4 team AND hit a HR in consecutive games

    10 Reds have done roughly what EE has done in the last 55 years
    Dunn, Nunnally, Morris, Bench, Foster (twice, 1973 & 1976), Robinson, Pinson, and Hoak

    Dunn’s 2 games were the most impressive, oh, sorry, I mean productive
    He went 5 for 6 with 2B, 2 HR and 3 BB over a 2 game period

    EE has a chance to continue his amazing streak to 3 games

    and over the last 2 weeks (10 games) EE is hitting an AMAZING .303/.378/.606
    only 1 Red over the last two weeks has been producing at a higher rate but he’s a bench sitter so it doesn’t matter…..right Dusty? What’s his name? Hana something….Hani? Hane?

  3. mike

    That should read “4 times a Red has gone 3 straight games getting on base 4 times each game”

  4. brublejr

    I will never understand Bronson at all…The last month he has been downright awful then that great start before the break and now this start. I would like him to find that happy medium so he doesn’t go a whole month giving up blowouts.

    Love to see EE heating up, the team needs it more than anything, but that goes without saying.

  5. doktor

    Keep the luck going chad.

    its games like this that i hope the reds keep arroyo around. “IF” the young guys(homer,cueto,micah,volquez) pay attention, they see a guy with the least amount of power stuff of the starters able still get outs by mixing speeds and hitting spots. i feel the same about keeping harang but given reds payroll, i speculate one of them(Bronson,Harang) will be traded before next season.

    really like EE getting hot, reds need that with Bruce out and to boost the lousy 3B production of his replacements.

    Go Reds!

  6. David

    The Reds seem to be going through the youthful inconsistency of a very young team. This team reminds me a lot of the 2007 Brewers. The only exception is that this team has far better young pitching.

  7. Brian

    EE does the same thing every year, however, this year it was due to injury (mostly, although you never know for sure). But he scuffles for the first half and then the second half comes and he can carry the club at times. I am not a huge fan of EE because of the inconsistency issue but I often forget that EE is still a fairly young guy because he has been up for so long. The thing that I do love about EE is that no matter what the score, whether the Reds are down 2, up 1, down 9, EE takes the same approach every single at bat and is extremely clutch.

    If Phillips and Nix can get going again I am really excited to see Votto, Phillips, EE, Nix/Gomes in the line-up together.

    Now if only we had a #1 and #2 hitter to get on base in front of them, but man that is a good young core, especially when you add Bruce.

  8. AnnapolisRed

    Pinson-MLB Network is on most cable systems

  9. Chris Garber

    That EE picture is from about 6 years ago. From an old L’Bats graphic. Only one I could find of him smiling.

    Bruble: I will never understand Bronson at all…
    I think it’s the fact that he’s a junkballer. Without dominant stuff, he has a tiny margin of error. If his stuff isnt’ there, he’s useless.

  10. pinson343

    The tiny margin of error thing is definitely right. It shows most in the early innings, when his command is not quite there yet.

    But when he emerges unscathed from the first couple of innings and gets his rhythm, he’s dangerous. He frustrates and outsmarts hitters.

    And as I mentioned above, he doesn’t have a Roger Clemens-like demeanor (or fastball), but he is a fighter.

  11. pinson343

    Thanks, Annapolis Red, but my cable company doesn’t yet get MLB network.

    The ESPN disdain for the Reds has become so over the top though, that I begin to feel that just not watching them is insufficient.

  12. AnnapolisRed

    That stinks! I don’t think ESPN has a disdain for the Reds, I just think they don’t care about any team except the Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, Phillies, Cubs, Dodgers and thrw in a couple of teams that are hot.