I’m here at Great American Ballpark! Here’s your personal guarantee that I’ll be bringing the Reds good luck tonight.

Discuss the game here. I’ll be following the game thread, and you can also Twitter me or tweet me or whatever, if you’d like. I’ll check that too. I’m all about the social media, baby!

139 Responses

  1. Dallas

    That’s a lot of weight to put on your shoulders, Chad!

  2. Y-City Jim

    Dickerson’s back is OK? He’s in the line-up clear down at the #7 spot right before Hanigan’s traditional #8 spot. Why did they talk on last night’s pregame like he might be headed to the DL?

  3. preach

    Let’s see if we can see the smiling side of the scoreboard tonight. Lineups anyone?

  4. Y-City Jim

    Taveras 8
    Hairston 6
    Votto 3
    Phillips 4
    Nix 7
    Encarnacion 5
    Dickerson 9
    Hanigan 2
    Arroyo 1

  5. jdarts84

    The Reds dynamic 1,2 punch of Taveras and Hairston at it again. I’m so sick of watchin this crap.

  6. Y-City Jim

    GG: “The Reds unable to take advantage of so many opportunities.”

    Really, George? How many? and define opportunity.

  7. Y-City Jim

    Do the Reds pluck their next manager from the minor leagues somewhere ala Sparky Anderson?

  8. David

    I don’t think anyones buying Arroyo Jim.

  9. Y-City Jim

    Dickerson has had hits in 8 of his last 10 ballgames and he is hitting 7th against a RH pitcher, and people wonder why we bitch abut Dusty Baker.

    Hanigan 12 for his last 28 with 5 walks.

  10. Y-City Jim

    I don’t think anyones buying Arroyo Jim.

    There will be somebody desperate enough out there.

  11. preach

    Isn’t there something wrong when you have the most confidence in your number 8 guy to bring in a run?

  12. David

    Anyone seen the Brewers’ Sept. schedule? It’s unreal – 6 against the Cards, 7 against the Cubs, plus Philly, plus San Fran.

  13. David

    Yep, Preach – Roenicke down Sutton up. I love how the Reds need five utility infielders and 4 OFs.

  14. David

    Why can’t the Reds pitchers get an easy out against the opponents’ pitchers.

  15. preach

    That’s five utility infielders who cannot play the one position on the infield that our ‘starter’ is hurt.

  16. preach

    “That could be a set up pitch” Yes, or Bronson just missed his spot again. Guess which my money is on…..

  17. preach

    “This will stay in the park” Nix was three steps from the warning track, ya’ think?

  18. David

    That reminds me of the Bob and Tom Harry Caray sketch … “It’s hit high, it’s deep, it’s – oh! robbed by the pitcher.”

  19. Y-City Jim

    %2 pitches through 3 innings for “Then Came Bronson.” Guess he won’t be pitching a complete game tonight.

  20. preach

    Way to go Willie. Did you see they were giving Bronson more off speed junk then they did Taveras. Guess they figured Arroyo was more likely to do damage.

  21. Y-City Jim

    Mr. Bunt – He should do a Babe Ruth impression but instead of pointing to the RF stands, he can point to the ground in the infield.

  22. preach

    Kendall throws out less than 20%, it was a high throw, and Willie gets ganked. Nice.

    covah (reverse havoc, of course)

  23. David

    So speed doesn’t go into a slump, huh?

  24. Southern Fried Red

    can this team hold off the pirates ?

  25. preach

    The stolen base kept them out of a double play. They are important. So there.

  26. earl

    I’m telling you with Mr. Edwin Encarnacion, there is little middle ground. The guy is either hot or stone cold.

  27. earl

    I’m glad to see it, as I keep waiting for Eddie to turn into something great. The guy has reminded me a bit of Gary Sheffield for a few years with his batting stance.

  28. Mark in CC

    Dickerson hitting straight up. It is obvious he is favoring his back. Three at bats, 4 pitches, 3 outs.

  29. earl

    Mr. Bunt – He should do a Babe Ruth impression but instead of pointing to the RF stands, he can point to the ground in the infield.”

    I bet Rod Carew could have done this! (This is pretty funny…Mr Bunt, almost could be a comedy sketch.)

  30. Mark in CC

    Talk about no middle ground with EE, how about Bronson?

  31. David

    “sacrifice no. 10 leads not just the team but all the pitchers”

  32. preach

    Longest drive by Taveras this year. Almost made it all the way to second on a fly.

  33. AnnapolisRed

    I really hate when George Grande drones on and on about Hall of Fame weekend. Actually, I just hate George Grande period.

  34. Chris

    For those of you who are into that kind of thing, Brantley (with Thom’s approval) were ranting about how Dickerson and Hanigan aren’t getting playing time, and the silliness w/r/t the #8 hole in the lineup. I didn’t hear the whole thing, so I can’t say that they were really ripping Dusty, Willy, or JHJ. But it was the sort of acknowledgement of basic reality that someone was asking for last night.

  35. David

    Taveras is hitting .283 in July. That’s not bad. His .313 obp is though.

  36. Chris

    And OBP is all that really matters, ESPECIALLY when your base hits travel an average of 54 feet.

  37. David

    Chris – I’ve seen his spray chart. Taveras’ hits average a good 80 feet.

  38. AnnapolisRed

    That was a good call at second base. I yelled it before the ump called it.

  39. preach

    I’ll take that interference call. Gotta see the replay because on first view it looks like we got away with one there.

  40. David

    how about that… listening to the radio… blatant?

  41. AnnapolisRed

    Good call. Cameron overslid the bag big time.

  42. earl

    “Talk about no middle ground with EE, how about Bronson?”

    That is true. You could almost say the same about Aaron Harang for the past couple of years, except when he pitches well the Reds lose and when he gives up five runs they sometimes win.

    I’m glad to see the Reds get a call. Cameron was just a bit past the bag when he ran into Phillips.

  43. preach

    Cameron was on second base when he stood up. He might have slid a little late, but that along with the fact no way Phillips was going to turn that throw anyway leads me to believe we got away with one.

  44. earl

    By a just a bit, I mean like Bob Uecker’s Major League “just a bit outside” call 🙂

  45. Y-City Jim

    I caught an inning of Brantley tonight. He actually sounded pretty good. None of the highly exaggerated accent and hokey remarks. Just good solid play-by-play and analysis.

  46. Matt Steele

    I heard Rickey Henderson would welcome a comeback to the majors…. At this point in his career, I bet he’s still a better offensive player than Willy Taveras lol

  47. GregD

    I didn’t see on the replay where the runner to 1st was on that ump DP. Was BP putting the ball in his pocket because he didn’t have a chance at the runner or because Cameron was coming at him hard.

    IMO, Cameron didn’t start sliding until he got to the bag and slid way past.

  48. David

    Any discussion on why Braun came out?

  49. David

    Two times the Reds got picked off wth

  50. GregD

    And OBP is all that really matters, ESPECIALLY when your base hits travel an average of 54 feet

    That’s generous. I’d say about 40 feet.

  51. AnnapolisRed

    GregD is right. He slid late and slid way past second base. It was the correct call.

    Interference rule”
    b) He intentionally interferes with a THROWN BALL; or hinders a fielder attempting to make a play on a BATTED BALL;
    Comment: A runner who is adjudged to have hindered a fielder who is attempting to make a play on a BATTED BALL is out whether it was intentional or not


    MLB Rule 2 INTERFERENCE (a) Offensive interference is an act by the team at bat which interferes with, obstructs, impedes, hinders or confuses any fielder attempting to make a play

  52. David

    Why are you running when EdE is 6 for 6 with 5 rbi in his last two games?!

  53. preach

    Alright, on further review I will give in on the interference call. I’m glad for it because I still say even without interference he doesn’t turn the DP.

    And, no, I don’t understand the running decision there.

  54. David

    Cubs and Cards both called on Lugo. I really hope Lugo goes to the Cubs or Cards.

  55. David

    “Not one FA signing better at his job than Arthur Rhodes this season.” Really Thom? .278/.380/.536 with 21 HR and 63 RBI from Tex.

  56. AnnapolisRed


    Doesn’t matter if he had a chance or not.

    If, in the judgment of the umpire, a batter-runner willfully and deliberately interferes with a batted ball or a fielder in the act of fielding a batted ball, with the obvious intent to break up a double play, the ball is dead; the umpire shall call the batter-runner out for interference and shall also call out the runner who had advanced closest to the home plate regardless where the double play might have been possible. In no event shall bases be run because of such interference.

  57. earl

    I’m glad Rhodes has had a good year, I was kind of bummed when the Reds let Affeldt walk. That being said, Affeldt has been pretty good again for the Giants. I’d say Rhodes has enough pop in his arm, that I would consider bringing him back for next year, unlike another 39 year old who shall remained unnamed.

  58. Chris

    How about .312 .369 .669 1.038, 24 HR?

    Is that better than 30 innings of very good relief?

  59. GregD

    I’m not saying you’re right or wrong on Tex, but you’ve got to factor salary into it, too. Off the top of my head, Ibanez is giving Philly a pretty nice return on the $ spent so far.

  60. preach

    Actually, that was my point. Without the interference call there is no double play. Even if Cameron never touched Phillips he can’t make that throw on the slow roller. Not gonna happen. So, thankfully we got an interference call or we would only have gotten one out and the Brewers score.

  61. David

    Yeah… that’s why you don’t run BP!!!!

  62. preach

    EE strikes again. Talk about streaky. Reggie Sanders kind of streaky.

  63. GregD

    earl – Rhodes is already signed for next year

  64. David

    I just went with Tex. Ibanez is having a helluva year.

  65. GregD

    Are those Ibanez numbers Chris or someone else?

  66. David

    Man if EdE would just play average defense he could be such a valuable piece. I forget that he is only 26.

  67. David

    Do you guys realize that Arroyo is on his way to his 10th win? *knock on wood*

  68. GregD

    So even Ibanez, has he been 5 times more valuable than Rhodes?

  69. earl

    “earl – Rhodes is already signed for next year”

    Did not know that…I’ve been figuring he was a one year deal all season.

    You can’t figure the Yanks into logical talks of free agent signings. The rest of the league outside of pretty much works in a different tax bracket than those clowns. They dropped over a half BILLION dollars on the contracts of just Tex, CC & A-rod. The Reds are just trying to live the Burt Reynolds lifestyle on a Mac Davis salary by comparison. It’s like comparing Sax Fifth Avenue to the United Dairy Mart.

  70. preach

    Sutton, Taveras, and Hairston. Wow.

    Look, a pitching change for Willie Tavaras. Now there’s a real misuse of resources.

  71. Matt Steele

    I think that no matter what a middle relief or bullpen guy does, unless the money disparity is so huge, they’ll always have less impact on the team than an offensive player or even a starter. Rhodes was a great signing, but Ibanez has definitely added more to his team than Rhodes has and so has other signings. Without Rhodes we would probably have a worse record, though I don’t think it’d be anything more than maybe a game or two. Without someone like Ibanez, the Phillies would have been much worse this year with the struggles of Rollins and the rotation especially

  72. earl

    Eddie’s problem is throwing the ball and sometimes just not using his head on a play. The guy will sometimes make some spectacular stops at times. I’d figure he might be a pretty good first basemen at some point.

  73. GregD

    Yep, in the offseason, they signed free agents Rhodes, Lincoln and Taveras to 2-yr deals. Personally, I thought they were all too long. Looks like the Rhodes deal would likely save them a little money next year, while the other two are not only costing the team on the field this year, but will also put them $6.5M in the hole next year, even if they don’t make the team.

  74. Matt Steele

    What do you think will be higher this year,

    Red’s team batting average or Willy Tavera’s OBP?

  75. David

    Wow… This is not classic Dusty. Pitching Cordero is the right move though.

  76. earl

    Raul Ibanez has been a good signing for this year. I figured he was OK, but he is one of those guys that I knew nothing about. Playing in Seattle is about like playing on Mars, they are never on TV, so those guys are usually a mystery other than highlights. I’ve already seen Ibanez more this year with the Phils than rest of his career and I feel I watch a fair amount of baseball.

  77. GregD

    I was looking up Teixeira’s contract. $180M over 8 years + $5M signing bonus. His salary this year is $20M, or twice that of Ibanez.

  78. preach

    You know, the ninth inning might have been the time for a defensive replacement (Janish). Just a thought.

  79. earl

    The Janishs are on the clubhouse buffet, right next to the coffee, right?

  80. earl

    Way to go Coco!

    Way to go Eddie!

    Reds Win!

  81. preach

    Smilin’ side of the scoreboard.

    Still, two Brew Crew errors, and TOS.

  82. Chris Garber

    Theory: Jerry Hairston Jr is the worst regular defensive shortstop over the last 10 years.

    Can anyone name someone worse?

  83. Y-City Jim

    Theory: Jerry Hairston Jr is the worst regular defensive shortstop over the last 10 years.
    Can anyone name someone worse?

    Adam Dunn 😀

  84. preach

    “Theory: Jerry Hairston Jr is the worst regular defensive shortstop over the last 10 years.

    Can anyone name someone worse?”

    Are we just talking about the Reds?

  85. Matt Steele

    Julio Lugo this year? Hanley Ramirez isn’t that good either and will probably have to move a la BJ Upton…

    but your overall point is well taken. Hairston is a very bad defensive shortstop…

    I do like the guy though, you can’t say he doesn’t try hard. I feel like he definitely has value on any team as a great utility player but at this point in his career (or actually throughout most if not all of his career) he shouldn’t be starting

  86. Chris Garber

    I’m running similar numbers on JHJ. It’s a remarkable set of numbers, for a different reason.

  87. preach

    Jeter isn’t impressive, or Ramirez, or Bettancourt. But I don’t think any are worse than Hairston Jr.

    Those other guys are top of the order hitters…..LEGIT top of the order hitters…

  88. earl

    They could fix a whole lot of those defensive problems by flipping Phillips to short, but that horse is long dead. Maybe it is like a Nascar thing where they think Phillips doesn’t know how to turn right anymore.

    I like Hairston. I do feel at least in his stay in Cincy the guy does give what he has, but the guy would be better suited as a utility guy and at best spot starter at short as it is his weakest position. I don’t have any stats or anything, but he seemed to be pretty decent at second with the glove when he played for the Cubs.

    The Reds just need to start Sutton, the Mysterious Janish, Rosales or Todd Frazier. Those are the guys that we need to see what they can do.

  89. Chris Garber

    Did you know that Hairston had played all of 17 innings at short in the majors before last year?

  90. earl

    I remember that being said when Hairston started playing there last year and they seemingly decided not to move Phillips to short. I still think they ought to challenge Phillips to move to short to see if he could win a gold glove at that position. I’d think that would be a unique thing to have if it could be done (he definitely has not been as good this year at 2nd).

  91. David

    Phillips might be better at short just from the challenge of it, and doing something different…