Time for a recap of today’s titanic struggle….

Milwaukee 9
Cincinnati 6
WP: Looper (8-4)
LP: Bailey (1-1)
S: Hoffman (21)

–Edwin Encarnacion was 3-3 with an upper-deck HR, a BB, and 4 RBI. Don’t look now, but EE’s getting hot.

–Joey Votto and JHJ had two hits each. Votto hit a mammoth homer in the 3rd.

–Homer Bailey looked like the bad Homer tonight. We can’t win if the starting pitcher gives up 7 runs.

–The Reds could have had another run, but Ramon Hernandez decided not to give it the ol’ college try. He was thrown out at home at a pivotal moment in the game.

–Willy Taveras made four outs from the leadoff spot, and committed an error as well. He did get a hit, though!

–Well, that was painful to watch. Clearly, the Reds didn’t get any better over the break.

–Redlegs have lost 5 of 6. They are now 4 games under .500, and 5.5 games behind first.

–Good grief, this team is so bad fundamentally, it is astounding. I can’t believe Dusty Baker allows this. The Reds look like a little league team four nights a week.

–I’ll be at Great American Ballpark each of the next two nights. Wish me luck.