Time for a recap of today’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 7
NY Mets 9
WP: Pelfrey (7-4)
LP: Harang (5-9)
S: Rodriguez (23)

–None. Absolutely none.

–Aaron Harang and D**** W*******, primarily. No one was good. For all of Dusty Baker’s constant preaching about fundamentals, the Reds play like a high school team far too often.

–When the Reds came into town on Friday, the Mets were the recent laughingstock of the National League. They were losing, and fielding a AAA lineup. Well, Reds fans, they just beat our guys two games out of three. Who’s laughing now?

–After losing 7 of their last 10 games, limping to the end of the first half, the Reds are in fifth place. Are there still some of you out there who think they are having a good season?

–The Reds finished the first half three games below .500. If they play the second half three games under, that will be a final record of 78-84. About what we all expected before the season, wasn’t it? Even the most hopeful among us thought a .500 record would be the upper limit for this team.

So, even though this team is, frankly, painful to watch most nights, they are probably right where they should be. Most of us thought 2010 was the year they should be ready to compete. No reason to be too disappointed about where things are right now…except for the fact that we have to watch this ugly brand of baseball for another three months.

–Hurrah! The All-Star break is here!