Okay, here we go. Last series before the All-Star break, and the Reds need to sweep to go into the break with a winning record.

I’ll take 2 out of 3 against a struggling Mets squad, but even that might be difficult if Bronson Arroyo doesn’t pitch well tonight. He’s been simply terrible lately, and the Reds cannot afford to fall behind early as they have in most of Arroyo’s recent starts.

Discuss the game here. Discuss those ridiculous Scott Rolen rumors if you’d like, but it’s not going to happen.

In related news, here’s a story about Dusty Baker. He’s been doing some research, evidently, in order to help bring the Reds out of their funk.

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  1. John

    I’m shocked that Arroyo is making this start.

  2. Kurt Frost

    C Dickerson RF
    W Taveras CF
    J Votto 1B
    B Phillips 2B
    L Nix LF
    E Encarnacion 3B
    J Hairston Jr.
    R Hanigan C
    B Arroyo P

    Dusty’s stupidity knows no bounds. Hanigan batting 8th. Really…8th?

  3. Steve

    Hanigan batting eighth…Baker is no front-runner, you know.

  4. mike

    with how many injuries the Mets have (8 guys on the DL, 3-4 position player starters), the fact that Taveras is starting, and Arroyo is the starter, and the general Reds roster, I just don’t know if I wanna watch this game

  5. Kyle

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned yet, but Jeff Francoeur is now a Met. Ryan Church goes to the Braves.

  6. pinson343

    The Mets own manager has said they’re running a AAA lineup out there. Tonite it’s not even a good AAA lineup. David Wright is the only legitimate threat.
    If Arroyo can’t get these guys out, something is definitely wrong with him.

    BTW he’s piched very well against the Mets in the past.

  7. CarolinaReds

    Taverasty doing the only thing he can…bunt and move the runner over, guess we should be happy :p

  8. Chad Dotson

    Get Francouer to New York as soon as possible! His presence will actually make the Mets worse.

  9. REDS1

    If David Wright is all they have, he will probably be enough.

  10. mike

    I love giving away the 1st out of the game for free

    does anyone else think a lot of Reds hitters (EE, Dickerson, even Votto, etc) look stressed out when they come to bat?

    I think the called 3rd strike to Votto was a ball

  11. CarolinaReds

    job security for next year for taveras

  12. Matt B.

    Another brilliant play by Taveras.

    Oh wait, not really. Run after the ball.

  13. REDS1

    That third strike did look like it was just outside. But as pointed out it was framed well.

  14. pinson343

    (#11) Yes if the only way to lose is to give up a game winning HR to David Wright, that’s probably what we’ll do.

  15. pinson343

    Mike, Virtually every time Taveras comes to bat we’re giving away an out for free.

  16. BrentM

    I cringe when Grande says “tutelage”. I really don’t know why, but it drives me batty.

  17. CarolinaReds

    You guys always talk about GG…I rarely even listen to what the announcers say, then again I’ve usually got milb.com gameday on and/or listening to a minor league game.

  18. mike

    understood pinson, understood

    might as well get the extra base just in case Votto gets a hit

  19. CarolinaReds

    Good to see Dusty has conceded to my suggestion of sitting Bruce…it was obvious he needed some mental rest

  20. CarolinaReds

    So far it’s Brons-on…let’s hope he doesn’t change to Brons-off!

  21. pinson343

    But I hope Dusty doesn’t start Bruce tomorrow against Santana, that would be dumb.

  22. CarolinaReds

    If it’s Dumb Dusty will do it :emotion:

  23. pinson343

    Arroyo might have a very good nite. The Mets lineup is weak enough that he’s had time to get into a rhythm without getting crushed early.

  24. mike

    I read a quote from Dusty when asked about resting Bruce 2 days where the reporter mentioned that that would mean starting him against Santana and Dusty said he didn’t realize Santana was starting.

    good to know our manager doesn’t know or care who the team is playing against

  25. pinson343

    Mike, I read that, and I thought it meant that Dusty was going to change his plan and play Bruce tonite.

  26. MinorLeaguer is an understatement

    Bronson looks like KidRock. Maybe they could duet in some sort of twins gimmick. I live in Louisville, and am starting to worry that Chris Heisey is going to take my girl. He has been a beast since being called up, crushing everything in his path. Check out my site to follow the team, and hopefully the Reds won’t have to call up all of our players come September.

  27. mike

    I thought the same thing when I read it

    is he really going to start him against Santana or give him 3 days off? odd

  28. CarolinaReds

    and here comes the 3rd out in Willy

  29. pinson343

    I would hope 3 days off for Bruce.

  30. pinson343

    Question for anyone watching the game on tv: Does Arroyo’s fastball have movement ? They keep popping it up.

  31. Mark in CC

    Might as well give Bruce off until after the break.

  32. pinson343

    2 of the 3 hits by the pitchers !

  33. CarolinaReds

    MinorLeaguer is an understatement: Take your girl? Yep I got him to sign my baseball…nice kid so far. Someone taught him to hit, steal and have great plate discipline…he walked the same number of times he struck out at AA this year. Hey, what # draft pick was Mike Piazza like 45th?


  34. pinson343

    Votto going deep to left center. I hope Bruce was watching closely – you don’t have to pull every pitch.

  35. CarolinaReds

    and Team Phillps…self high-5!

  36. pinson343

    Nix has been in free fall – our OF can’t hit a lick.

  37. pinson343

    I would play Gomes in LF on a regular basis (and Dickerson in CF of course).

  38. mike

    what # draft pick was Piazza like 45th????

    not even close, he wasn’t even taken in the FIRST 45 ROUNDS of the draft
    I don’t know what overall pick he was but he was taken as almost last player in the entire draft in the 62 ROUND! Oh there it is, he was pick # 1390. So more than 1000 players were picked before he was. He is a 1st ballot HOFer and easily the biggest surprise in baseball draft history

  39. CarolinaReds

    I was thinking 45th “round” not player…yeah now that you mention it it was 62nd. Roy Oswalt was about 45th round, Mattingly was 19th round…I’m sure there’s more. i’m hoping that Heisey is a diamond in the rough…Reds sure could use one you know

  40. CarolinaReds

    lucky break for team phillips!

  41. ty

    as hard as runs are to come by, why not suicide squeeze w/ ee up?

  42. mike

    that same year the Reds took Jeff Branson with the 45th overall pick (their 1st draft choice in the draft), then Tyler Green and then their next 8 picks in the draft never even made it to the bigs

    I didn’t know the Reds draft Paul Byrd in the 13th round that year but he didn’t sign then 3 years later Cleveland drafted him in the 4th round

  43. pinson343

    BP stole home !!!???
    How did that happen ?

  44. Kyle

    What? Brandon Phillips stole home? At least thats what it says on ESPN gametracker.

  45. CarolinaReds

    Wow, Reds have a real good track record with draft picks…sarcasm included!

  46. Matt B.

    He didn’t steal home, really. Hairston attempted a bunt, he didn’t get it down, and the catcher tried to pick Phillips off third. Phillips got caught too far off third and broke for home. Wright threw the ball home, and it looked like it hit off Schenider’s glove, so Phillips scored.

  47. Matt B.

    They’re talking about it on the broadcast, though, and they haven’t given an error on either Wright or Schenider yet. Officially, right now, it counts as a stolen base of home for Phillips.

  48. al

    who is this pitcher and what has he done with bronson arroyo?

  49. mike

    The Reds had nearly 10 years of awful drafts

    it wasn’t until about 1998 that the drafts got better. Dunn and Kearns in the same draft? Wow!

    plus it wasn’t just those 2. Dunn, Kearns, Madritsch, Josh Hall, BJ Ryan, Cormier, and Coffey all in the same draft.

  50. pinson343

    The changeup is really working for Arroyo tonite.

  51. CarolinaReds

    There’s our .325 hitting bench warmer!!

  52. CarolinaReds

    and our other bench warmer with a hit

  53. CarolinaReds

    and there’s the regular with the out…that’s a Dusty Baker line up

  54. Steve

    Marty: “Now we’ll see if Taveras can get something done.”

    Of course not, first pitch hitting. Terrible.

  55. Matt B.

    Another terrible at-bat by Taveras.

  56. al

    if you’re going to play him bat him 9th!

  57. REDS1

    Well that was lousy education. Two pop bunts. Nice.

  58. REDS1

    I meant execution. Not sure where education came from.

  59. pinson343

    Taveras up with a runner on 3rd and 1 out.
    I would safety squeeze, it’s the only chance.

    Two hits wasted.

  60. mike

    I really don’t know how Hanigan keeps hitting and getting on base without regular playing time.

    He has not really had any type of major slump all season

    OBP by month for Hanigan
    .428 April/March
    .410 May
    .400 June
    .667 July (9 PA)

    those #s are insane
    at this rate he’ll finish the season with one of the 20 best OBP vs league average in Reds history.

    1 Joe Morgan 1975 .130 .466 .336 639
    2 Joe Morgan 1976 .115 .444 .329 599
    3 Bernie Carbo 1970 .114 .454 .340 467
    4 Cy Seymour 1905 .103 .429 .326 643
    5 Joey Votto 2009 .101 .439 .338 221
    6 Augie Galan 1947 .099 .449 .349 491
    7 Pete Rose 1969 .099 .428 .330 728
    8 Barry Larkin 1997 .098 .440 .342 276
    9 Charley Jones 1884 .092 .376 .283 519
    10 Joe Morgan 1974 .092 .427 .334 641
    11 Joe Morgan 1972 .092 .417 .325 680
    12 Mike Donlin 1904 .090 .406 .316 262
    13 Kal Daniels 1987 .090 .429 .339 430
    14 Kevin Mitchell 1994 .087 .429 .342 380
    15 Sherry Magee 1917 .086 .400 .314 158
    16 Rube Bressler 1926 .086 .433 .347 350
    17 Hick Carpenter 1882 .084 .360 .276 361
    18 Ryan Hanigan 2009 .084 .422 .338 163
    19 Frank Robinson 1962 .084 .421 .337 701
    20 Elmer Smith 1898 .083 .425 .343 563

    here are the highest OBP vs league average for 2009 players with at least 150 PA
    1 Joe Mauer .125 .461 .336 269
    2 Albert Pujols .120 .458 .338 369
    3 Joey Votto .101 .439 .338 221
    4 Prince Fielder .095 .433 .338 374
    5 Chase Utley .088 .427 .338 361
    6 Carlos Beltran .087 .425 .338 280
    7 Ryan Hanigan .084 .422 .338 163
    8 David Wright .078 .416 .338 365
    9 Kevin Youkilis .076 .412 .336 308
    10 Hanley Ramirez .074 .412 .338 338

  61. CarolinaReds

    thanks al…but noooo not Dusty Baker

  62. CarolinaReds

    Heisey now 2-3 tonight batting .373! Free Chris Heisey!!! Jail Willy Taveras!!!

  63. Kyle

    Speaking of low draft picks, wasn’t Hanigan undrafted?

  64. mike

    I should note that I think 8 of the 10 players with the highest OBP vs league average are in the all-star game. The 2 that aren’t are Reds. 1 because he doesn’t get to play very much and the other because he was on the DL for a while

  65. ty

    bronson’s a bleeder by the pitcher from being perfect through 5

  66. mike

    Oh how I hope there are other team’s scouts watching Arroyo pitch today

  67. mike

    was that Gomes they just showed in the Reds dugout super psyched and cheering for Nix’s homer?

  68. taoistlumberjak

    I wonder if this is what it feels like to be an opposing fan watching us.

  69. Kyle

    I was looking at Heisey’s numbers, he put up some ridiculous stats in AA this season (.347, 13hr, 13sb).

  70. pinson343

    This is shaping up like last Friday nite. Hopefully we don’t implode this time.

  71. jdarts84

    Watching the Mets play is really making me feel better about all the Reds though. I know they’re injured up and down the lineup, but this defense is like watching the bad news bears.

  72. jdarts84

    I meant to say the Mets make me feel better about all the Reds deficiencies, sorry. The D has been comical.

  73. cincykid72

    Has anyone else noticed this Heisey kid who has been tearing it up lately?? Great story. He was the 504th guy picked in the 2006 draft from Messiah College. Dad died of ALS a couple of years ago. Free Chris Heisey!!!!

  74. CarolinaReds

    I’ve been trying to get the word out on Heisey…and me getting him to sign a baseball was no accident. I tried to get Travis Wood but he was busy with kids…Look his stats up…definitely will be a Reds top prospect in the future and he’s only 22

  75. pinson343

    Bronson hasn’t given up a thing – 2 cheap hits, 0 walks.

  76. pinson343

    These are like the ’62 Mets (so far).

  77. pinson343

    Raw display of power by Willy Taveras.

  78. mike

    Heisey is 24 not 22 and that is why he hasn’t been much more than a C/C+ prospect before this year. Not saying he isn’t becoming a B level prospect now but I doubt a hitter that old in the minors will get to A level prospect

    He’s had an AMAZING season, .998 OPS at AA and .982 at AAA
    I really think the Reds should have moved him to AAA sooner.

  79. Kyle

    I think he was talking about Wood being 22.

  80. REDS1

    Tough stretch here because it includes Wright and a couple other guys.

  81. mike

    ah I see, yeah Wood is 22 and I read something recently about him adding a pitch or something which has really turned around his minor league career.

    He was a top prospect when the Reds got him but had all sorts of problems. Lost velocity, got hurt, couldn’t get hitter outs. He had dropped completely off the Reds prospect radar. This year it’s all come together for him. He’ll be one of the Reds top 5 prospect after this season I think

  82. JerBear

    I wonder what it would take to eventually bench Taveras barring injury. I don’t wish injury on him, but would it take for Baker, or Jocketty whispering in Baker’s ear, to finally say, alright this guy isn’t getting it done on a consistent basis.

    Taveras did have a nice catch tonight…but I am in the Chris Heisey camp. Shoot, Stubbs, would probably be just as good as Taveras too. But the way Heisey is playing, they may be able to catch lightning in a bottle.

    And maybe the Scott Rolen rumors are ridiculous…they’d probably want Heisey actually…but man would I love to see him on the Reds. He would be the perfect fit for this team. Oh well. I guess I’ll have to endure a left side of the infield of Encarnacion, Hairston Jr, and Gonzalez for another 80 games!

  83. pinson343

    Arroyo continues to shine, pitched Wright really tough.

  84. Steve

    91 pitches for Arroyo. Probably one more inning. It would be nice if he could go the route.

  85. JasonL

    I like Rolen, but I don’t know if he is the way to go. He is getting toward the end of his career and though he is having a really good year this year, he has had a lot of trouble staying healthy the last few years. I just don’t know if I’d want to count on him to play everyday. I think Toronto trying to trade him is very much “selling high”. I hate saying that, but it’s true.

  86. pinson343

    According to GameDay, the pitch that EE just struck out on nearly hit him.

    How come we make every relief pitcher look better than Mariano Rivera ?

  87. pinson343

    Wow. I’d like to see Arroyo pitch the 9th.

  88. pinson343

    Walter Johnson, greatest pitcher ever. Won 417 games, most career 1-0 wins, most career 1-0 losses.

  89. CarolinaReds

    I like this version of Bronson…wonder if he has Split Personality Disorder?

  90. GRF

    Total aside but while watching on computer just saw the movie Wrestler on tv. Dang, that is a movie.

  91. JerBear

    Jason I hear ya. With the money involved it probably wouldn’t make sense. But if the Reds traded for him and he stayed healthy for the rest of this season I think man that would be quite a boost. Maybe not enough to put this club over the top, but I think it’d improve them a fair amount. They are probably selling high, but man it’d be fun to see the Reds make a somewhat big move for once.

  92. AnnapolisRed

    The pitch EE struck out on was at his head and he checked his swing. Umpire said it hit his back, it didn’t come close to hitting his bat.

  93. Matt B.

    Wow. The Mets never got a runner to second base the entire game.

  94. AnnapolisRed

    Wow, Bronson was simply brilliant tonight. Great location and great movement on his breaking stuff. Granted he faced a line-up worse than the Reds, but a big outing for Bronson.

  95. CarolinaReds

    mike: Travis Wood is 22 not Heisey…trust me I follow every MILB game almost as close as the Reds. He also came from a small college in PA Messiah College. Wood is sporting a 1.29 ERA… both Wood and Heisey were unanimously elected to the AA all-star team…the only ones in their league to do this

  96. JerBear

    Arroyo complete game! Nice! The Reds needed that…but man what a terrible Mets lineup. I was kinda impressed when I tuned in and heard we were winning 3-0 against the Mets who are usually pretty tough. Their lineup is worse then ours though.

    A win is a win…I’ll take it.

  97. jdarts84

    Good win, you gotta beat the bad teams when they’re down. Having said that, the Mets are absolutely AWFUL!!!

  98. Kyle

    Got to give it to Bronson. We needed a good performance from him where he pitched a lot of innings. He gave us a lot better than that this time out.

  99. Kyle

    by the way, Willy T. is the only person in the lineup who did not get a hit. Shocker.

  100. pinson343

    Bronson made Wright look foolish on that last AB.
    That was just a dominating performance. A very weak opposing lineup, but he still had to make his pitches.
    They couldn’t do a thing with his changeup, or even his fastball.

    I like the way he mixes his pitches up and down, not just in and out. When he “wastes” a pitch, it’s often over the plate but high.

  101. jdarts84

    I mean you talk about a hapless team, the Mets epitomize that right now. They made Bronson look like Cy Young tonight after 3 straight outings of getting shelled. Its amazing that the Reds offense looks like the big red machine compared to the Mets right now. But a wins a win, I’ll take it.

  102. pinson343

    In any case, Arroyo’s stock value just went up, if we’re looking to trade him.

  103. Steve

    Great night for Bronson. Homers for Votto and Nix. Even though the Mets are weak now, we have to win these games.

    Although, it’s hard to imagine that the Mets could even contemplate beating the Phillies. Night and day.

    Santana tomorrow will be a big challenge.

  104. mike

    that’s probably one of the top 3 starts Arroyo has had as a Red

    he had two great starts in 2006
    a complete game 5 base runner shut out with 7 Ks vs the Giants
    an 8 inning, 0 R, 3 base runner, 8 K outing vs Washington

    He’s had maybe 7 other great starts as a Red

  105. Chris

    Rolen – no thanks. Too old, too brittle, too expensive. EE will rebound.

  106. GRF

    No idea where it came from, but outstanding job. With all the pen had been through that was just what we needed.

    This season may be frustrating on a number of levels, but thus far you can’t say it has been boring.

  107. pinson343

    Mike, Arroyo has had several outstanding starts against the Mets. I remember the first time he pitched aagainst the Mets as a Red, because I almost went to the game at Shea.

    He either pitched a complete game victory, or an 8 innings of shutout ball, I forget which, but he dominated the game.