Chad is journeying to the land of Oz tonight, so bear with me as I take a stab at my first Titanic Recap…


Philadelphia 3

Cincinnati 2

WP: Madson (3-4)

LP: W******* (1-2)


Edited:  Chris W. and Chris G. both posted recaps at the same time.  I’ve combined the two, for more “TOS” goodness.  Chris G.


Chris W’s

-Joey Votto had a base hit to extend his hitting streak to a modest eleven games.

-Homer Bailey pitched 6 innings, allowing 2 runs on 7 hits.  Bailey did not walk a batter and struck out a career high 6 batters.  I was surprised to hear this during the telecast.  I would have thought for sure that Bailey had struck out more than that on an occasion. he deserved at least a shot at the win but made the one bad pitch to Werth that tied the game.

Chris G’s

  • Another strong start by David Bailey.  6 IP, 7H, 6 K, 0 BB, 2 ER.  Looks like he may finally have figured it out.
  • Ramon Hernandez had a few good ABs.


Chris W’s


-After scoring 2 runs on 3 hits in the 4th inning, the Reds managed just 1 more hit the rest of the game.

-The Phillies stole 4 bases off of Ramon Hernandez.  Obviously, some of these were off of the pitcher’s slow delivery, but these stats go against the catcher, so chalk up 4 more stolen bases against Hernandez.

-Laynce Nix had two base running mistakes in the 4th inning.  On the sac fly by Hernandez, Nix failed to tag up and advance to 2nd on the throw.  The move likely cost the Reds a run since Bruce grounded into a double play during the next at-bat.  That run proved huge.  Nix could have also slowed up on the ground ball by Bruce to attempt to stay out of the DP, or at least cancel the force out which could have allowed the run to score from third.

Chris G’s

  • TOS.  Jay Bruce, in particular, really needs to get it in gear.
  • W******* blows another Bailey win.  He’s been effective, if not exactly impressive this year.  But Chad’s Favorite Player has hit a very rough patch lately.  And for some reason, his struggles are more aggrivating than almost anyone else.
  • As much as we keep bellyaching about Chris Dickerson deserving to start in CF, he’s not doing a whole heck of a lot to justify it, at least in the batter’s box.  A leadoff man who gets 4 ABs needs to see more than 10 pitches.  TOS.
  • TOS.  It bears repeating.


-The Reds drop back to 1 game below .500 at 41-42 on the season.

-We can still manage a split in the series with a win tomorrow.  The Reds will send the slugging RHP, Micah Owings to the mound to face the ageless Jamie Moyer.

*This Offense Stinks

– This game doesn’t deserve the Jonny pic.  Instead, this:

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