Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 4
Philadelphia 3
WP: W******* (1-1)
LP: Lidge (0-4)
S: Cordero (21)

–Smilin’ side of the scoreboard! Clearly, the Reds are a much better team than the Philadelphia Phillies.

–Aaron Harang is the man. On an evening when the Reds really needed a good start from their workhorse, Harang responded by tossing six strong innings, giving up three runs and striking out seven. It wasn’t Harang’s best start ever, but he kept the Reds in the game at a time when the Phillies could have taken control.

–Brandon Phillips was the Face of the Franchise tonight, I suppose. BP was 2-3 at the plate, with two homers and 3 RBI. Can’t ask for much more than that, can we?

–If you had to guess who got the winning rally going with a leadoff double in the ninth, Joey Votto is at the top of a very short list, isn’t he? He also made a superb defensive play in the 8th inning to cut down a run at the plate. (Ramon Hernandez deserves a brief mention here, as well, for bringing Votto in to score what turned out to be the winning run.)

–How many times this season have we given kudos to the bullpen combination of Francisco Cordero, Arthur Rhodes, and that other guy? They were outstanding again tonight.

–I am very appreciative of everything Jerry Hairston does for this club. Once and for all, however, the guy just is not an everyday shortstop. Dusty needs to get that through his thick skull (he isn’t a #2 hitter either, but let’s deal with one problem at a time). JHJ’s throwing error (his tenth! of the season) in the 8th inning almost cost the Reds the lead and, potentially, the game.

–Outstanding bounce-back game by the Redlegs. Very impressive, especially the fact that the Reds came from behind to take the victory. They could have just folded, and they didn’t. That’s something.

–This is what we’ve come to expect from Harang over the years, isn’t it?

–Cumulative score of the series: Phillies 25, Reds 5. Yet, Philadelphia has won one game and Cincinnati has won one game. I love baseball.

–Aaron Harang is winless since May 25.

–Someone needs to make up a BP sombrero photoshop, or maybe Bruce or Edinson or CoCo or W*******. Let’s go with Joey tonight, since he was key to the victory: