You mean the Reds have to play the Phillies again? Really?

Bet the ranch on this: Cincinnati will not lose by 20+ runs tonight. I just have a feeling.

Okay, Aaron Harang is pitching, and we really need a good start from the big guy, mainly because Paul Janish needs a breather. The Reds may have one other reliever available, as Robert Manuel has been recalled from AAA.

While you are anxiously awaiting the first pitch, here are a couple of items to read and discuss:

This was posted in the comments earlier. It’s a good little read about Joey Votto and one nice family in Washington Township.
–Two Reds have been named “Defensive All-Stars” by FanGraphs (tip of the cap to RR). One of those names is obvious; the second honoree looked like a little leaguer in the outfield last night (he really is a quality fielder, but he didn’t show it last night; then again, no one looked like a big leaguer last night).

Lineup below the fold. Discuss!

Taveras CF
Hairston Jr. SS
Votto 1B
Phillips 2B
Gomes LF
Hernandez C
Bruce RF
Encarnacion 3B
Harang P

211 Responses

  1. REDS1

    Why not Hanigan? But I don’t think him playing will make a 20 run difference.

  2. preach

    What do you tell the team after a game like last night? Probably some crap about fly fishing or pole vaulting.

  3. preach

    Look at the bright side, fellas “Philadelphia -10 1/2” will be easy to remember since it will be the betting line for both major Cincinnati sports.

  4. Y-City Jim

    Did we ever conclude whether Taveras was not going all out on that fly ball in the 1st inning last night?

  5. Southern Fried Red

    that ball should’ve been caught

  6. Jimmy

    I don’t think the importance of this game, and how this team responds to adversity, stupidity and calamity, can be overstated.

  7. preach

    OK, I guess that’s why. But it sure looked like he got a real late break. I liked seeing him argue the call.

  8. Glenn

    Taveras is going to have to refamiliarize himself with being on base before he starts stealing bases again.

  9. al

    what happened there? espn’s gamecast said utley was out on a “runner’s fielder’s choice?” what in the world does that mean?

  10. al

    so much for our right handed bats saving us vs. the lefty.

  11. pinson343

    About the Defensive All Stars, I saw Franklin Gutierrez play at Yankee Stadium last week. He can go get ’em.

  12. Jimmy

    At least no one was on base. It could be 2-0.

  13. Southern Fried Red

    It’s going to be another long night if AH doesn’t keep the ball down.

  14. Jimmy

    Here we go again. I should have said it will soon be 2-0.

  15. preach

    sheesh. And we almost had another little league play in the outfield.

  16. al

    it must be nice to root for a team with an offense.

  17. Kyle

    Less than the chances of the reds keeping the phillies from scoring another 7 runs.

  18. Kyle

    This has been a brutal last few days as a Reds fan. Hopefully Edwin and Bruce can start hitting.

  19. Jimmy

    Statistically speaking, the chances of the Reds scoring 3 or more runs is equal to the coefficient of Dusty’s I.Q. squared minus the weight of his toothpick (before it is covered in spit).

  20. Southern Fried Red

    The reds have scored 2 or less in 14 of last 31 games

  21. Steve

    Hang in there CeeKeR – go eat a cheesesteak for me.

  22. al

    man, this is embaracing. 5 k’s through the first 8 “batters.”

  23. pinson343

    Harang is our best hitter tonite.

  24. al

    i hope every reds “batter” is hanging his head in shame now as aaron harang stands on first. also, i hope harang is giving them all the finger.

  25. preach

    c’mon willie. with two outs and lay down something that looks like a sacrifice? You are not helping out your pitcher much either.

  26. CeeKeR

    it is reslly hard to root for them as terrible as they have been tonight so far.

  27. Jimmy

    This SUCKS, ad infinitum, ad nauseaum.

  28. Southern Fried Red

    this could get ugly fast

  29. al

    triple play?

    clearly, this is all adam dunn’s fault.

  30. preach

    “Harang has a good curve ball tonight but he can’t get it over the plate.” Then, it’s not so good, is it?

  31. David

    Great recovery… at-a-boy all the way around.

  32. Southern Fried Red

    Nice job AH, now come on Reds, get some runs!

  33. David

    This offense is sick. When they have that much hitting WITHOUT Ibanez. Can the Reds get a fraction of that?

  34. pinson343

    If the Phillies start to lose this game, their fans will turn on them quickly.

  35. CarolinaReds

    Every time I checked my email today I saw Yahoo! had a headline with Cueto’s picture that said “Team loses by largest number in 140 years” or something like that…the 140 years I’m sure of…terrible.

  36. CarolinaReds

    And here come those runs right back…again :poke:

  37. CeeKeR

    here we go again. triple for the catcher thanks to taveras playing it poorly.

  38. David

    What do you guys think about Marco Scutaro?

  39. David

    God watching Bruce sometimes is brutal.

  40. CarolinaReds

    Despite the fact that Bruce can NOT hit LHP’s and Gomes is hitting over .300 Dusty still plays Bruce every day

  41. CarolinaReds

    Were those scouts behind the plate with radar guns on Harang?

  42. CarolinaReds

    Oh goodie…after Harang is Taveras! :p

  43. CarolinaReds

    Willy can’t even get it in fair territory :p

  44. Southern Fried Red

    At least they turned over the line-up, past the 1 hole!

  45. al

    yeah, but bruce is 22 and gomes is a reclamation project (and right handed). do you really want to make bruce a platoon player at this stage of his career?

    bruce should play every day. he leads the team in homers, he needs to get better against lefties. i have no problem batting him down in the order against lefties, but benching him would be bad for his development.

    if he’s really hurting the team, then send him down to play every day. right now, the guy leading the team in hr’s isn’t the guy i’m pointing at, even if the rest of his game is weak.

  46. Steve

    CeeKeR – where are you sitting?

    And agreed, Taveras is terrible. Even vs. a LHP I would feel much better with C Dick up there.

  47. Chris

    Just reading that Votto story. Great stuff. I have to say – that dad was pretty confident to invite a 19 year-old pro ballplayer into his house.

  48. CarolinaReds

    I’m just saying that once in a while Bruce needs to sit, especially against a lefty in a close game with our star pitcher going. From your angle al, I’d say that’s good for next year…not for this year. It’d just be a good idea to sit him today and focus on winning…especially after yesterday

  49. al

    but gomes is playing today. are you saying you want nix in there instead of bruce against a lefty? that doesn’t really add up to me.

  50. CarolinaReds

    Darnell McDonald now batting .302 at AAA…yikes :worried:

  51. CeeKeR

    steve: i am sitting in the upper deck on the left field side. pretty good view for how high up it i am!

  52. Y-City Jim

    Team Phillips really is the team tonight. Maybe he can take over Janish’s closer role. 😀

  53. David

    Say what you want about Brandon Phillips, but this guy has flat carried the Reds for the better part of the year. Just imagine if they didn’t have to hit him 4th.

  54. Chris

    Yep, he said it. Philly cheesestakes “got nothing on JTM.”

  55. Chris

    Say what you want about Brandon Phillips, but this guy has flat carried the Reds for the better part of the year. Just imagine if they didn’t have to hit him 4th.

    How about I say this: A team whose cleanup hitter SLGs .455 isn’t much of an offense.

  56. CarolinaReds

    Dickerson has hit LHP’s better than Bruce I think…oh well, at least it’s not 22-1

  57. pinson343

    Harang finishes strong !
    Assume it will be Rhodes in the 8th, Weathers in the 9th.

  58. pinson343

    I meant Rhodes in the 7th, DW in the 8th.

  59. Chris

    I can’t see that BP has carried much of anything, to be honest.

    The first month he was lousy: .191 .296 .324 .620
    The team was 10-10.

    BP had a great run from 4/29 to 5/31: .355 .392 .710 1.102
    Of course, he “carried” the team to a 10-14 record over that stretch (in games he played).

    In June, he was mediocre: .253 .325 .394 .719
    The team was worse: 11-15

    In July, he’s stunk: .217 .280 .261 .541
    The team is 3-3.

    I scoured the game logs, and couldn’t find a single stretch where both BP played great AND the Reds won a bunch in a row. (Except the Phoenix series, where everybody hit, even Willy).

  60. pinson343

    According to GameDay, called strike 3 to Hernandez was way inside.

  61. REDS1

    I am tired of seeing Hernandez get out. It does not make sense that he gets so many abs.

    Arthur is due for a good performance. NO walks please.

  62. Southern Fried Red

    They should give BP 2 errors for not going after the ball….he could’ve held that to 1 base.

  63. CarolinaReds

    Yeah but Hernandez is the “veteran” and that’s what matters…not how he’s hitting :p

  64. CarolinaReds

    Rhodes is getting to be like Weathers…a thrill a minute :-((

  65. Jimmy

    I quit listening: 3-0
    I come back: 3-3

    Conclusion: I am the problem.

    I have to go.

  66. CarolinaReds

    Go away Jimmy and don’t come back until the end of the season

  67. Southern Fried Red

    Come on blue, thats nota strike.

  68. David

    Chris… Why do you hate BP? Honestly I don’t think you have said a positive thing about him. Your argument that the team was lousy when he was at his hottest is the same tired argument that people make about Dunn which you constantly defend.

  69. CarolinaReds

    major league play to get out a minor league player

  70. Matt B.

    That’s what happens when you play players out of position, Dusty.

  71. Southern Fried Red

    Votto played it like it was a hand granade to boot!

  72. REDS1

    I’ve rooted for way too many losing teams in my days on earth to be a frontrunner.

    That is a killer error.

  73. Glenn

    Geez, everytime they get even they do something to give it back.

  74. David

    By my math Chris, the Reds are 33-42 with BP and now, I’m no mathlete but the Reds have only lost 41 games and Phillips has only played in 73. Even if your math was right that means the Reds are undefeated without BP. I’m convinced the team is awesome without one of its best players. Axe him.

  75. Glenn

    He’ll be Houdini if he gets out of this one.

  76. REDS1

    Why not load ’em up. Its not like they are going to double up Rollins. Walk him.

  77. REDS1

    I guess thats why they didn’t walk him.

  78. Matt B.

    Good job by Votto there, but the play nearly gave me a heart attack. I think Mayberry was safe, looking at the replay, though.

  79. Glenn

    Aren’t you supposed to block the plate!

  80. REDS1

    “Reds got a break.”

    I’d say they’re due.

  81. Chris

    David, I don’t hate him. But he hasn’t carried the team. I posted the link if you think my math is bad (it probably is). If you can find any facts to back up your claim, I’d love to hear them. Find me one week where BP carried the team.

    Actually, I just re-watched that error in the 7th, and the slack-ass way he stood there while Chase Utley (10 times the ballplayer) hustled to second. I think I DO hate BP right now.

  82. Glenn

    Well, I guess he is Houdini…at least tonight

  83. Southern Fried Red

    Lets go Reds, hit another BOMB BP!

  84. Glenn

    As for Mayberry at the plate. If Hernandez kneels and uses those shinguards like he’s supposed to, Mayberry’s gonna loose a couple of fingers.

  85. REDS1

    Who thinks Lidge will pitch like a pitcher a 7-plus era?

  86. Matt B.

    There’s no way Votto went around there.

  87. Southern Fried Red

    Matt phillies annoucers agree with you….nice joey!!!!

  88. Chris

    Brain fart by Howard. But then again, if a team’s cleanup hitter wants to get himself out on purpose, I suppose you let him.

  89. David

    How in the world do you not ph hannigan here?

  90. David

    I have a sinking feeling this is going to be a dp.

  91. REDS1

    Slowest runner in America at the plate.

  92. David

    Since BP has accounted for all three runs and sac. to get Votto to third how about you pick a different night to mock BP or rip on the guy.

  93. David

    3 of the 4!!! Nice play RAAAAAAAAAAAAAMON

  94. REDS1

    Heck of a job. Sorry I ever doubted ya. Let’s keep it going here. Maybe 20 runs worth.

  95. Glenn

    Lidge is up with everything tonight.

  96. Chris

    David, as much as I appreciate you letting us know what we can and cannot discuss on this site – I’m going to go ahead and keep it up.

  97. David

    Chris – way to be a nice guy about it…

  98. David

    Pretty sure I didn’t tell you anything… pretty sure I asked

  99. David

    Don’t take it to heart. I’ve just rarely ever read anything positive you have written. That’s your style. Fine.

  100. Glenn

    I sure hope Bruce’s second half is going to be alot better than his first.

  101. pinson343

    A challenging save opportunity for CoCo.

  102. Kyle

    Another run would’ve been nice, but the Reds have battled. The Phillies have to be kicking themselves for not scoring on several occasions. Hopefully Cordero closes this thing out. Would be a huge win.

  103. Glenn

    Just to jump in on BP. Yeah he showboat’s a little every now and then. Then there’s the ocassional brain cramp, but I’d have to see where the Reds would be without him.

  104. Chad Dotson

    Two balls hit to Bruce this inning have scared me…but they were both just loud outs.

    I’ll take another one now, please.

  105. David

    Great come from behind win after last night. Harang’s 3rd inning was a game changer.

  106. Southern Fried Red

    The chevy player of the game on the phillie network is BP!!!!!! NICE WIN REDS!!!!!

  107. pinson343

    Yes, CoCo !!!!!!!!!
    He pitched smart to Howard.

  108. pinson343

    CeeKer, how are the Phillie fans taking it ?

  109. Kyle

    I can’t believe they came back to win this game with all the chances the phillies had to put it away. Huge win for the Reds and a great game from Phillips.

  110. pinson343

    CoCo also pitched smart to Utley – he was due for a line drive out !

  111. Glenn

    1277 wins as a manager for Dusty? I didn’t realize he had that many.

  112. pinson343

    Wonder what the game odds were, when the Phils led 3-0 in the 3rd and had the bases loaded with none out.
    In my mind, we had about a chance in 20.
    Nice gritty stuff by Harang, and the rest of the team followed.

    Philly fans don’t have any patience for this kind of loss.

  113. CeeKeR

    phillie fans were NOT happy at all. however, i didnt get any Reds suck taunts on the way out like i did on the way in…and during most of the game!

  114. CeeKeR

    parking stinks hege…well, the parking is close but it takes foreve to get out.r

  115. Steve

    Another huge and difficult game coming up for Homer.

  116. pinson343

    Thanks, Steve, a 1 in 10 chance makes sense. But after last nite, and the way the Phillies were hitting Harang up to that point, and the way the Reds were hitting, in my own mind the Reds’ chance of winning at that point was 1 in 20 at best.

  117. pinson343

    CeeKeR, you’re right about getting stuck in the parking lot after the game. I see a game there about once a year.