A number of items here that I haven’t had a chance to mention….

Greatest headline I’ve seen this year. Hilarious.

–Did you see what The Pujols said about Homer Bailey?

–Justin was askingWhat’s wrong with Bronson Arroyo?” even before he stunk up the joint on Sunday.

–A look at the future for the Reds.

–Speaking of the future, Doug wonders whether things are finally starting to click for former first-round draft pick Devin Mesoraco. I certainly hope so.

–John Fay says that the Reds are mediocre. I just looked at the Reds’ records over the last decade. Turns out that “mediocre” is an improvement!

–I know a lot of you hate Albert Pujols, and I certainly hate what he does to the Reds. But The Pujols is on my short list* of players I’ve seen play against the Reds who I really wish I could see (or could have seen) in a Cincinnati uniform. Everything about him is top-shelf; not just the talent, but the way he comports himself.

Congratulations to CoCo for making the National League All-Star team.

–Wow, that Chad Johnson character (or whatever he calls himself these days) is completely out of his mind.

–I think I saw this linked by Rob Neyer; it’s a blog that documents the exact type of thing that irritates the bejeezus out of me.

–If you didn’t catch the latest edition of the Redleg Nation Radio podcast, you’re missing a couple of very interesting interviews.

–Just noticed a new blog, the Blog Red Machine. Check it out.

–This blog is taking a look at various cities and various positions. They’re looking at Cincinnati shortstops now.

*The list: Michael Jack Schmidt, Greg Maddux, Albert Pujols.

30 Responses

  1. taoistlumberjak

    The Reds are playing some “great” “baseball” as of late.

  2. Travis G.

    That “future for the Reds link” takes you to some of the dumbest analysis I’ve ever read.

    “You need an A prospect for Votto … The Mets are in the market for a first baseman, see what you can get.” There isn’t a single player in the Mets’ depleted farm system I would trade Votto for. In fact, there aren’t any reasonable scenarios I can image for any Major League team (e.g., Jose Reyes, Ryan Zimmerman, Justin Upton, etc.).

    “Everyone would be interested in Cueto, and since his ERA is microscopic right now, cash him in.” Has this guy ever watched Cueto pitch? He’s not just getting lucky; he’s really, really good. His stuff is electric, he’s shown he knows how to pitch and he’s under team control for another 4 1/2 seasons. You make trades for people to surround that guy, not cash him in for future considerations.


  3. Plowboy

    Arroyo “stinks”.

    Adkins’ “future” post is a bit pessimistic.

    Yes, Chad is completely out of his “mind”.

  4. Y-City Jim

    Michael Jackson was great but he is nowhere in the league of Elvis, the Beatles, the Stones, etc.

    To compare his death to 9/11 is just flat out ignorant. Glad I not a Bengals fan though as a Browns fan I have to live the embarrassment of Stallworth.

  5. David

    Travis… As I was reading that Adkins article my thought was exactly the same. Let’s take 4 potential All Stars under control for the next five years in Cueto, Volquez, Bruce and Votto and trade them? That might be the worst post I have ever read. Seriously, it is just plain ignorant of anything baseball related, except that these players wear Reds uniforms.

  6. Chad Dotson

    Yeah, the Adkins guy sent me the link and I thought I’d put it up. I knew you guys would have a field day with it. Feel free to comment over at his site, as well.

  7. GregD

    But given Walt Jocketty’s terrible job in his last two drafts, nothing is on the horizon.

    1 – We won’t really know what we’ve gotten out of the 2008 & 2009 draftees until 2011-2012. “The horizon” is in the upper minors now, drafted from 2005-2007.

    2 – The 2008 draft has the #1 pick on the DL with a broken bone (but was doing well before that) and the #2 pick in Louisville already. There are still plenty of others from this draft who it is too early to tell yet, one way or the other. Nice things have already been said about potential steals with the 30th and 35th pick of this draft.

    3 – 2009 draftees – half these guys haven’t even signed yet. We have no clue yet how any of these guys will perform professionally.

    4 – I personally think the horizon looks pretty good. AAA and AA have a lot of nice hitters. The more highly touted: Stubbs, Heisey, Dorn, Valaika, Cozart, Frazier, Alonso, Francisco

  8. GregD

    I must say, I don’t get the Michael Jackson thing, either. I grew up in the ’80’s and listened to his music. Obviously, the whole thing is sad, but I don’t get the reaction from people.

    E! has a 1-hr special going on him. Toward the end, they touch on his death, the press conference from his brother, and the reaction from fans. They have a fan on camera, crying, sobbing somewhat hysterically really, saying that it was the worst day of her life. Her life! She had to be about 30. So, about 10,000-11,000 days of her life and a celebrity death was the worst day in her life?

  9. Matt WI

    I bet if you made rhinestone glove car decals in honor of Jackson they’d sell. I don’t get it. Like Greg said… sad, but the reaction is bit much. Think about it this way… if your favorite Red of all time died, would you put his number up on your car (a la Dale Earnhardt fans) or say it was your worst day ever? If so, we need to talk about some balance in life.

  10. GregD

    Get used to some Taveras (and Dickerson-less) lineups this week. From the Fay:

    Taveras cf
    Hairston Jr. ss
    Votto 1b
    Phillips 2b
    Gomes lf
    Hernandez c
    Bruce rf
    Encarnacion 3b
    Cueto p

  11. Jared

    Has this quote REALLY gone unnoticed?

    “We’re still in the process of learning how to win,” Baker said. “We’re in the process of it. We’re close.”

    Looks like they’re getting nowhere fast.

  12. shane

    What’s to learn? You score more runs than the other team = you win
    It ain’t rocket science Dusty

  13. Jared

    Maybe he should have said “I’m still learning how to give up 1 run instead of 4.”

  14. preach

    “We’re still in the process of learning how to win,” Baker said. “We’re in the process of it. We’re close.”

    It starts with your leadoff “hitter”, Dusty (thank you for the blog regarding ‘quotes’)

  15. RiverCity Redleg

    At least we’ll get some Jonny Gomes this week

  16. preach

    “I don’t think there’s any added pressure,” Bruce said. “Dusty explained that it’s like a basketball game. Score a few points just before the half, score a few after the half, and before you know it you’re right back in it.”

    You just can’t make this stuff up.

  17. shane

    Now if only they could get that “score a few” down

  18. jason1972

    I think comparing Michael Jackson’s status to Elvis works more in a global context. MJ was huge in other parts of the world in ways that Elvis never was.

    But in terms of their influence and significance to American music, it’s not even close. Elvis was, is, and always will be The King. And with our modern hyper-fast celebrity building and destroying, I doubt we’ll see anyone come close again.

  19. GRF

    Hannigan is leading (or was a couple days ago) NL rookies in BA and OBP and he still is not playing regularly. What is it going to take?

  20. GregD

    When do they start pitching ball the size of basketballs, coach?

  21. JasonL

    This is totally off topic, obviously, but I always find Elvis’ contribution to be somewhat overstated. He was, undoubtedly, a very important part of American music, but he did not really bring anything new to the table. His primary importance was as a spreader of the gospel of rock & roll, so to speak. Honestly, I don’t even really like most of what Michael Jackson did, but he did at least as much to influence the direction of American music as Elvis. Of course this is the kind of debate you can have for hours (what about the Beatles and Robert Johnson?), but I’ll stick with baseball from here on out —

    To that end, that analysis of the Reds’ future was asinine. That guy is an idiot.

  22. preach

    Dusty on Dusty:

    “See, Jay, baseball is just like Michael Jackson and Elvis. You might be good, but all the stores sell out of your stuff after you’re dead and people who talked bad about you last week weep for you today. That’s all it is going to take: we’ll lose a bunch of games and be dead in the standings, and the fans will come to the park and everyone will talk about us and we will finally make ESPN. Then when we win a few at the end of the season everyone will talk about how close we are and we won’t do anything other than a little tinkering. That’s what’s called job security. Hey, Jay: put some rhinestones on your glove.”

  23. David

    I have seen some reports that speculate Ramon Hernandez being traded at the deadline because of Hannigan’s emergence. I think the team saw great things in Ryan, but were unsure if he could duplicate last year’s performance over the course of the year. I get the feeling that they are easing Dickerson and Hannigan into situations where their production will be maximized. Their numbers suggest it is working. Their numbers also suggest they should take the kid’s gloves off Hannigan and Dickerson.

  24. Mark in CC

    I was disappointed that the Reds only got one representative on the All Star team. The Merts with a very similar record get 4. Cueto and/ot Phillips got screwed.

    Just watched the’78 All Star game on MLB Network and Reds had 6 – Rose, Morgan, Concepcion, Foster, Bench and Seaver. Kind of fun to watch that even though Seaver didn’t get to play.

  25. Mark in CC

    I would trade Hernandez. They aren’t going to resign him for $8 million so why not try to get a hitter. Hanigan is ready and Corky Miller has proven to be an adequate back-up.

    Are the A’s buyers or sellers? I can’t figure them out.

  26. per14

    The burial of Hanigan really depresses me. I really wish Dusty would just put his best 8 out there for a month and see what happens. I’m so tired of talking about this.

    Anyway…who here hates Pujols? Sure, he kills the Reds but I find it very hard to think anything negative about him. He potentially could end his career as a top 10 all-time player. We should all be grateful to be able to watch him play. And he seems to be a very high quality individual.

  27. Mark in CC

    Think Pujols could be next on the juice list? In the past few years it says juice when:

    1. A player consistently has inhuman performances.

    2. A player has some major injuries that would disable a normal person but continues to perform in an unhuman way. (Pujols – heel, shoulder, elbow)

    3. Is a home run hitter on a team managerd by Tony LaRussa.

    4. When a player has a football physique with baseball performance.

    etc., etc., etc.

    Don’t get me wrong I enjoy watching Pujols, I enjoy watching him play and for his reputations sake I hope he hasn’t and could care less if he is juicing but I could say the same thing about Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, Canseco, etc., etc.

    But it makes you wonder.

  28. per14

    I don’t think Pujols is juicing. Maybe I’m too naive. The thing about Pujols is that he was putting up huge numbers right away when he was 20 years old. So, it’s not “unnatural” for him to improve to where he is now.