A number of items here that I haven’t had a chance to mention….

Greatest headline I’ve seen this year. Hilarious.

–Did you see what The Pujols said about Homer Bailey?

–Justin was askingWhat’s wrong with Bronson Arroyo?” even before he stunk up the joint on Sunday.

–A look at the future for the Reds.

–Speaking of the future, Doug wonders whether things are finally starting to click for former first-round draft pick Devin Mesoraco. I certainly hope so.

–John Fay says that the Reds are mediocre. I just looked at the Reds’ records over the last decade. Turns out that “mediocre” is an improvement!

–I know a lot of you hate Albert Pujols, and I certainly hate what he does to the Reds. But The Pujols is on my short list* of players I’ve seen play against the Reds who I really wish I could see (or could have seen) in a Cincinnati uniform. Everything about him is top-shelf; not just the talent, but the way he comports himself.

Congratulations to CoCo for making the National League All-Star team.

–Wow, that Chad Johnson character (or whatever he calls himself these days) is completely out of his mind.

–I think I saw this linked by Rob Neyer; it’s a blog that documents the exact type of thing that irritates the bejeezus out of me.

–If you didn’t catch the latest edition of the Redleg Nation Radio podcast, you’re missing a couple of very interesting interviews.

–Just noticed a new blog, the Blog Red Machine. Check it out.

–This blog is taking a look at various cities and various positions. They’re looking at Cincinnati shortstops now.

*The list: Michael Jack Schmidt, Greg Maddux, Albert Pujols.