Time for a recap of today’s titanic struggle….

St. Louis 10
Cincinnati 1
WP: Carpenter (6-3)
LP: Arroyo (8-8)

–A lot of people have been saying for a while that Josh Roenicke is a major league talent. I think I’m a believer. He has done nothing but get people out since joining the club about three weeks ago. I think Roenicke is in the big leagues to stay. (And yes, I probably said that about Ryan Wagner once upon a time, too.)


–Bronson Arroyo has been a complete disaster lately, and the Reds absolutely must get him out of the starting rotation. Now. Today, with the Reds trying to win a series that they have to win if they really want to contend, Arroyo laid an egg. He allowed 11 hits and 8 runs (5 earned) over five innings. His ERA is just shy of 6, and he has been shelled in each of his last three outings.

–For the sake of all that is good and pure, learn how to throw a stupid baseball, Edwin Encarnacion.

–I don’t know if it’s the carpal tunnel that’s bothering Arroyo, but he need to be placed on the DL, and Matt Maloney needs to be recalled to replace him. I like Arroyo more than most of you, it seems, but he’s killing the team right now.

–Not much else I can say about this one. The Reds never even had a chance from the beginning (thanks, Bronson). The Reds showed in this series why they aren’t serious contenders for the NL Central crown.

–On the road next, for a seven game trip to Philadelphia and New York that will culminate with the All-Star Game. Congratulations to Francisco Cordero for being selected as the Reds representative to the game. It’s a well-deserved honor.

*This Offense Stinks.

9 Responses

  1. JerBear

    Man 7 in Philly and New York could be disaster. Let’s hope the wheels don’t completely fall off.

    What has to go well for the Reds on this road trip? They obviously gotta get some solid pitching in Philly. I think we really need Phillips to heat up too. We’ll see what happens I suppose.

    I hadn’t considered Arroyo being injured, but i guess with the carpal tunnel that is a very real possibility. It’d be too bad because I think he is a big component to this team’s success this year. Not sure Maloney is ready to be a decent major league pitcher, but maybe he would be better than Arroyo now.

  2. Greg

    Another game that Baker gave away by allowing Arroyo to pitch. Plain and simple. It isn’t like Arroyo has only lately had these troubles. It’s been this way since the second half of his first season as a Red. I don’t think that it’s necessarily Carpal Tunnel – look at his performance. It’s been consistently bad for some time. Except for the last 2 months (or a smidge more than that) last season – AFTER the Reds were out of contention completely. If they put him on the DL, it would appear that they’ll trade Harang. If he stays active, at least the Reds may be able to work a deal out for him. I have no reservations on Maloney coming back up. Or let’s allow Homer to audition for next year by giving him valuable experience??? Daryl Thompson, perhaps. There are many options. I just wish the front office would stop trying to convince the fans that this is the BEST team they can put on the field. Just my take. But I don’t even bother watching on Arroyo’s starts. Ok, I tell myself that and everytime I watch only to find out I should have abstained!

  3. CarolinaReds

    Glad I didn’t torture myself watching this game today. If they don’t DL him then they obviously have NO plans of competing this year and it’s on to next year….yet again :poke:

  4. Glenn

    Something’s going on physically with Arroyo. About three or four starts ago he was the best I’ve ever seen him but since then he’s just been terrible.

    I’ve known a couple of guys with carpel tunnel, both had to have surgery. I talked to one today. He said he didn’t know how anyone with carpel tunnel, even a mild condition could even hold a baseball let alone have any control over where it was going. The way he explained it to me was that by the time you have symptoms, you’re already past the point of gripping a baseball.

  5. Jose

    Yep… then our bullpen can no longer be number 1 in ERA

  6. Southern Fried Red

    Bronson should be on the DL, Maloney has pitched well since going back down & is the logical choice,he’s on the 40 man roster already, Romon Ramirez is also pitching well and on the 40,Tohmpson is on the dl..Also LeCure is a option I guess…….It’s hard to understand how a team this poor on offense can let Gomes ride the pines…EE looks lost out of the gate!! JHJ has done well at short, so far….Hanigan it would seem has earned more pt, however after the last few years of Reds catching I’m ok with things as they are….Let’s hope Joohnny C. is on his game tomorrow night.

  7. jason1972

    I think we are poised for one of those patented Reds’quick fades into obscurity. I am only a little bit disappointed since I did not think they would contend at the start of the season. At this point I’d rather see the Reds ride it out, evaluate the young guys, and not mortgage the farm system for a couple of months of a player that will likely prove futile in attaining the playoffs. There are too many holes on the big league club for even a guy like Holliday to pull this team into the post season.

  8. shane

    Yeah, well you guys just wait until Votto and EdE get back! oh wait….