Redleg Nation would like to congratulate our Player of the Month for June 2009: Jonny Gomes.

I’m going to be honest: this was the worst field of candidates for a monthly award since we began doing these a couple of years ago. That’s not to say that Jonny Gomes didn’t have a good month; he did, he had a great June. But runner-up to Gomes in the voting among RN editors was “None of the Above.” Literally.

Gomes, however, certainly did his part in June to help the Reds stay in the race. He played in 23 games and hit .327/.424/.636. That’s a sterling 1061 OPS, for those of you scoring at home (or even if you’re alone). Gomes hit 5 doubles, 4 HR (tied with Jay Bruce for team lead), and drove in 11 runs.

Too bad Gomes wasn’t good enough to make the Opening Day roster, huh?

April 2009 Player of the Month: Joey Votto

May 2009 Player of the Month: Brandon Phillips

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  1. Eddie

    No love for Chris Dickerson? .333/.394, despite getting erratic playing time and random at bats. From June 16 to the end of the month he batted .451.

  2. Chad Dotson

    Dickerson was the only other hitter that garnered any consideration at all. He’s been very good lately.

  3. Chris

    Good month by Gomes, but it was a really weak field. It’s not often that a guy with 55 ABs in a mont wins a POTM award – and wins it going away.

  4. GregD

    I agree with Dickerson, Eddie. He not only played well offensively, he showed a good glove in CF and convinced everyone except the people that matters, that there is a better option to play CF and lead off.

    I’d throw in an honorable mention to Hanigan for similar reasons.

    Is there a separate category for pitchers?

  5. GregD

    Or you could also go with co-winners, giving it to the Gomes/Nix platoon in LF. They had a few more than one player’s worth of at-bats because of interleague play, but combined for 20 extra base hits, 16 runs and 22 rbi’s in 126 at-bats.

  6. Y-City Jim

    and Gomes (along with Nix) will likely ride pine because Dusty refuses to bench Taveras.

  7. GregD

    Yeah, hasn’t that been odd. Dickerson has been very good in CF, and even getting praise from Baker. The left field platoon has been good. But the lineup we get all weekend has Dickerson in his weaker defensive position, Taveras in CF, and Gomes/Nix on the bench.

    We’ll see what the lineups look like this week. The Reds face 4 lefties in their final 7 games of the 1st half. Cueto matches up with two of them (Hamels and Santana).

    Three of the four Philly pitchers are LH.
    Santana is the Mets LH that they will face Saturday.

  8. mike

    Gomes generated 14.1 Runs Created in June. Tops on the Reds and that is from a guy who didn’t play full time.

    42 NL Players had more

    RC for June
    14.1 Gomes
    13.2 Phillips
    11.7 Dickerson (another play that’s not full time)
    10.9 Nix (another player that’s not full time)
    10.6 Hanigan (another player that’s not full time)

    Nix/Gomes combined for 25 RC. That would put them tied for 6th in the NL for June behind Pujols, Sandoval (my current favorite baseball player), Fielder, Utley, and Braun

    interesting Nix/Gomes == all-star Braun

    also interesting that 4 of the top 5 run producers for the team in June aren’t starters

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    […] Redleg Nation has (unenthusiastically) named their Reds Player of the Monthand the award goes to Jonny Gomes. Not a good month for the Reds. […]

  10. Bill Lack

    Mike, I’m not very knowledgeable about RC. Is this number skewed by playing time? (Phillips will almost always be up near the top b/c he plays all the time…?)

  11. GregD

    I’m not Mike, but yes, RC is skewed with playing time as it is an estimation of the player’s contribution to team runs scored. So it is a “counting stat”.

    RC/27 or RC/G is a “rate stat” in that it takes the RC # and puts it on a per game basis, like ERA does for pitchers. RC/27 approximates the per game run production created by a lineup of 9 identical players. Looking at first half stats, if the team had 9 Phillips in the lineup during the first half, they would have scored approx 5 runs scored per game.

    This website won’t let me add baseball-reference dot com links for some reason.

    On that site, go to 2009 Reds. More Stats.
    Under team advanced batting:

    Two batters with similar RC but different playing time:
    Phillips RC = 46; RC/G = 5.0
    Votto RC = 52; RC/G = 10.2

    One batter with higher RC but lower RC/27:
    Hernandez RC = 34; RC/G = 4.2
    Hanigan RC = 26; RC/G = 7.0

  12. GregD

    Top 5 MLB RC/27 – Qualified batters
    1 – Pujols 11.17
    2 – Mauer 10.16
    3 – Utley 9.76
    4 – Fielder 9.61
    5 – Zobrist 9.12

    Bottom 5 MLB RC/27 – Qualified batters
    168 – Kendall 2.91
    167 – Taveras 3.12
    166 – Cabrera 3.21
    165 – Francoeur 3.22
    164 – Renteria 3.37

    Reds players
    Votto 10.2
    Gomes 8.8
    Hanigan 7.0
    Dickerson 5.3
    Owings 5.2
    Nix 5.2
    Phillips 5.0

    Lg Avg 4.8

    Hernandez 4.2
    Hairston 4.2
    Bruce 4.0
    Taveras 3.1
    Encarnacion 3.0
    Janish 2.9
    Rosales 2.6
    Gonzalez 2.5
    McDonald 1.4

  13. GRF

    Darn it Greg, those are even scarier numbers.