You heard it here first: Bronson Arroyo is going to pitch a gem and the Reds will beat Chris Carpenter and the Cards. Yeah, it doesn’t seem likely, but I’m telling you, it is gonna happen.

Discuss the big win here!

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  1. Southern Fried Red

    Chad, I hope you’re right but I’m not betting on it!!

  2. Kurt Frost

    C. Dickerson LF
    W. Taveras CF
    J. Votto 1B
    B. Phillips 2B
    J. Bruce RF
    E. Encarnacion 3B
    J. Hairston Jr. SS
    R. Hanigan C
    B. Arroyo P

  3. Kevin

    Arroyo’s pitching a day game the morning after a big holiday. Let’s just hope he ate something greasy for breakfast and drank lots of water.

  4. BrentM

    Good to see Hanigan back catching Arroyo.

  5. CarolinaReds

    That’s some way to start off a gem :poke:

  6. CarolinaReds

    See you guys later…I’m not wasting my time with this crap. He needs to be on the DL :tired:

  7. Kevin

    I’m not giving up yet. Joey Votto’s on our team!

  8. LVW

    It’s going to be a quick day at the plate for the Reds.

  9. Glenn

    Doesn’t look good guys, but I’ll hang in a while longer.

  10. Southern Fried Red

    Congrats to Cordero for making the All Star team.

  11. LVW

    Lilly is the most deserving Cub and every team has to have at least one rep.

  12. Jason

    I realize every team gets a nod, just find it hard to believe there isnt a more deserving Cub with those numbers Lilly has.

  13. Glenn

    Lilly? Geez, is that what its come to?

  14. LVW

    Today’s Reds lineup is a combined 15 for 83 career against Carpenter.

  15. LVW

    Theriot is really the only other Cub that even deserved consideration.

  16. Jason

    Redundant, i know, but i really hate watching this team sometimes.

  17. Kyle

    Pathetic job by the 1-2 hitters. Needed a run there.

  18. BigRedMike

    Runs Created Against Average

    Joey Votto 26
    Jonny Gomes 10
    Ryan Hanigan 5
    Chris Dickerson 3
    Wilkin Castillo 1
    Drew Sutton 0
    Laynce Nix 0
    Danny Richar 0
    Brandon Phillips -4
    Darnell McDonald -5
    Paul Janish -6
    Jerry Hairston Jr. -8
    Jay Bruce -8
    Edwin Encarnacion -8
    Ramon Hernandez -9
    Adam Rosales -12
    Alex Gonzalez -16
    Willy Taveras -17

    Taveras and Hernandez were the big off season additions, those have worked out well. Good thing Taveras and Gonzalez were batting 1-2 in the order. Those two are in the top 5 as the worst in the NL.

    Those were two impressive AB’s by Dickerson and Taveras with runners on 2nd and 3rd.

  19. Southern Fried Red

    As a kid I remember hearing a story about Johnny Bench catching some guys fastball barehanded,watching Bronson I feel like JB could catch him barehanded!

  20. Kyle

    Arroyo is terrible. I wish we had waited a year before giving him that extension.

  21. LVW

    With all due respect to Coco, Cueto should have been the Reds all star rep.

  22. Kyle

    Did Cueto not make the all star team?

  23. Mike Smith

    Arroyo sucks. Plain and Simple. And next year, he gets 16 million to be garbage

  24. LVW

    Arroyo isn’t even worth of being a #2 AAA starter. We’d be leading the Central with just a league average #2.

  25. JerBear

    Great tennis match from Roddick and Federer! Arroyo going through a bad stretch here. Maybe he can pick it back up so he has some trade value. But then if he picks it back up he becomes valuable to the Reds. He has stretches where he is hard to beat, but stretches where he just stinks too. I’m not sure they could get too much value by trading him, except for shedding salary.

    If the Reds somehow come back and score 4 runs I will suprised!

  26. LVW

    I know this involves too much thinking for Baker’s taste; but- you have Hanigan with a .423 OB%; an unintentional walk rate of 9.6%; and a contact rate of 92.5% and he’s batting 8th. So you guys tell me- does that not sound like a vintage #2 hitter to you.

  27. Southern Fried Red

    Really who would want him? The reds dug this whole giving him the contract….The best option is probably to put him in the pin and let him be the mop up guy..Or just letting him go.

  28. LVW

    Hopefully when and if Volquez gets back, Bailey stays in and Arroyo is the odd man out.

  29. Kyle

    Great to see Edwin is back. That is all I can watch today. Hopefully they can play well in Philly and NY.

  30. Southern Fried Red

    I would put Masset in his spot in New York.

  31. jdarts84

    It’s just flat out insanity throwing him out there every 5th day pretty much knowing he’s gonna get shelled. The needs to be put on the shelf, this is ridiculous.

  32. Southern Fried Red

    B.A’s current era is 5.85 seems like it should be higher.

  33. brublejr

    This is just plain embarrassing. Arroyo needs to go to the DL, have surgery, or whatever is going to bring him back to a ML pitcher again. Yeesh, I have seen 14-15 yr olds that can throw harder than him. If he can’t throw perfect location, it gets smashed, plain and simple. :-(( :poke: :emotion:

  34. Southern Fried Red

    If he’s allowed to continue to start games you really have to wonder if the management wants to win.

  35. Y-City Jim

    Maybe Bronson needs to increase how many laps he is swimming or whatever his wacky workout routine is.

  36. Matt Steele

    Arroyo’s struggles are not going to help us if we are trying to trade for more offense

  37. GregD

    That Tennis match today was an awesome battle!

  38. Southern Fried Red

    It would be nice if the Brewers would take him, even if the Reds paid his salary!

  39. David Lowenthal

    The Reds can probably disable Arroyo for months, if they want. He has carpal tunnel, which is widely known to take in some people a long time to heal, if it heals at all.

    It is just disgusting to throw a game to the first place team because you are too stubborn to stop pitching this bum.

  40. D. Bronson

    Dennis Reyes once circumcised lepers in the Philippines, let’s see if Thom brings that up.

  41. Y-City Jim

    What has kept another member of the Reds broadcasting team from just kicking the crap out of Marty after one of his smart ass remarks?

  42. Southern Fried Red

    Not much good to say about this one, Josh Roenicke did a fine job..Reds catching philly & ny @ what looks to be a good time..Good luck Reds!!!!!

  43. Jason

    What brought got brought up for Marty to say that about ol’ CW?

  44. JerBear

    Colby Rasmus seems to have quite a bit of success off of the Reds. Maybe anyone hitting in front of Pujols does though.

    I think this team is gonna just play between 2-3 games below or above .500 unless they make a fairly big trade. I’ve criticized Dusty a lot, but they don’t have the talent on a daily basis to beat good teams.

    It would be nice to see Hannigan maybe bat second. Seems like Dickerson has some nice at bats where he works the pitcher. He and Hannigan at the top of the lineup would be a nice lead in to Votto. But then you have Hernandez who has done a decent job, but is probably taking some valuable playing time away from Hannigan.

    Oh well, they just aren’t that great. A mediocre team. Hopefully they can stick around the race to make things interesting…it’d be nice to be within say 3 games around July 31st so this club is at least thinking about making some upgrades.

  45. mike

    Has Hernandez “done a decent job”??

    He’s hitting .252/.333/.368 for a 84 OPS+
    Is that decent?

    Of the 9 qualified Catchers (lots of catchers are getting more rest days this year), Hernandez is 8th looking at WAR

    Hernendez is among the bottom 10 among catchers in creating runs above the positional average

    T8 Francisco Cervelli -5
    T8 Jamie Burke -5
    T8 Jeff Mathis -5
    T8 Bengie Molina -5
    T8 Michel Hernandez -5
    T8 Mike Redmond -5
    T14 Ramon Hernandez -4
    T14 Taylor Teagarden -4
    T14 Raul Chavez -4
    T14 Robinzon Diaz -4

    38 catchers have produced more runs than Hernandez when looking at RARP

    and another guy on the club is among the top 10 AND play darn good defense
    1 Joe Mauer 40
    2 Victor Martinez 23
    3 Brian McCann 17
    4 Mike Napoli 11
    5 David Ross 9
    T6 Jesus Flores 8
    T6 Jorge Posada 8
    T6 Ryan Hanigan 8
    9 Jason Varitek 7
    10 Chris Iannetta 5

    I don’t have any idea what “a decent job” is but I don’t think what Hernandez has done this year is it

  46. GregD

    Hernandez gets a pass from the media/broadcasters for filling in defensively at 1B when Votto was out.

  47. AnnapolisRed

    I would leave Massett where he is. He fills a valuable role. I would let Maloney make Arroyo’s next start or two and then he goes down when Edinson comes back up. Fisher needs to go back to AAA and get Burton back up here. I am not impressed with Fisher at all. I really like Roenickie though.

  48. mike

    which is funny really because that’s when Hernandez’s bat went cold.
    1B is one of the most productive positions in baseball and instead of giving Gomes some time there we played a guy because he was good on defense there.

    Interestingly enough, his UZR at 1B was -2.9 which is among the bottom 10 among those who have played 1B.

  49. earl

    “5 David Ross 9”

    That guy is such a streaky hitter. Too bad he was on a cold streak the last season and half in Cinci after about a half season of looking pretty good.

    Hernandez isn’t the primary reason the Reds are only at .500 even though he couldn’t buy a hit in June, the guy was one of the few in May outside of Votto that got some hits when needed earlier on. Hanigan has earned more playing time in my book, but I think Hernandez is an improvement over the Bako boys for the past couple of years. Hernandez is probably only here this season, so it isn’t that big a deal. I figure they will go with Hanigan full time next year. I’d put playing Hernandez a step or two behind the odd using of the pitching staff, not playing the hot hitting outfielders and playing people out of position (although Hernandez did field OK at first) as an issue.

    Eddie, Edwin, Ed…you can get to the ball pretty well, sometimes even quite impressive but you are so erratic throwing the ball.

  50. JerBear

    Mike I am going to have to learn what all those stats mean, but point well made! I guess Hernandez has not even been “decent”. Why can’t our manager and general manager just make the common sense move on a daily basis?

    I guess sometimes it’s easier said then done, but in this case it seems some of these decisions should be easier made then talked about…that was terrible grammar, but you get my point!

    The thing that has surprised me about Hannigan is his defense. That in itself should lend him to more starts.

    It seems like Baker and company are their own worst enemy at times. We don’t trust Hannigan can handle the fulltime duty so we trade for a veteran C…Hannigan proves he is pretty good, but we’ve committed to this veteran Catcher being the number one guy for some reason and we’re sticking with him.

    I know a lot of you are in the Encarnacion camp. It seems like from website to website people disagree on him as they did on Adam Dunn. I’m not in the EE camp. Sorry, I just can’t go with you guys on him. The last thing this lineup needs is an inconsistent hitter who strikes out and fails to get runners in from third base on a consistent basis.

    Everyone is all excited to get EE back. Do people realize most of our success is dependent on EE, Hairston Jr, and Taveras for the rest of the season? We are relying on Taveras to get on base and create havoc…we’re relying on Hairston to provide speed and solid play at SS…and we’re relying on Encarnacion to be the “right handed bat” we so desperately need.

    I see our success depending largely on 3 unproven everyday players who are inconsistent at the plate, inconsistent in the field, and are below average situational hitters.

    I hate to be so negative… but I don’t see this team making a surge with the current everyday lineup. They play hard and don’t give up. I guess Dusty and the guys deserve some credit for the attitude of this team which seems to be a lot better then previous years…but they lack consistency and production at 3-4 spots most days of the week.

    We’re relying on 3 unproven

  51. Glenn

    When Taveras came to the Reds, we were told that he was a good leadoff hitter and defensively he was an upgrade from anyone who’d played CF in awhile. None of that was true.

    Secondly, when are the Reds going to feel that its important to have a third baseman who can throw.

    Arroyo has no business on the mound until they figure out what is wrong with him. Is it the carpel tunnel or something else? DL the guy until the problem is solved.

  52. Dallas

    Willy Taveras is hitting .372 since June 20th. Let’s keep crapping on him though.
    Nice to see Edwin back to normal…striking out and making errors. We missed you, Eddie!

  53. Southern Fried Red

    I’m not sold on Maloney but it’s a better option than Arroyo at this point..Masset was in the mix as a starter in spring training.If they start B.A. friday night in ny, my summer nights are gonning to be freed up.