The holiday weekend begins with a transaction. Danny Richar has been placed on the 15-day DL, and Edwin Encarnacion has been reinstated to the active roster. Welcome back, Edwin!

Well, we can’t welcome EE back to the lineup, because Jerry Hairston is starting at third. Of course. Full lineup below the fold. It is bizarre, as usual. Willy Taveras is actually not leading off, with the Cardinals throwing a right-hander tonight. Don’t get too excited. Taveras is batting second (!), rather than playing lefty-hitting Laynce Nix tonight. Things just keep getting curiouser and curiouser.

It’s a sellout crowd at Great American Ballpark. Let’s hope they’re loud and that they get to go home happy. Discuss the game here.

Dickerson LF
Taveras CF
Votto 1B
Phillips Bb
Bruce RF
Hernandez C
Hairston 3B
Janish SS
Bailey P

362 Responses

  1. jdarts84

    Why bat Taveras second? Why not just sit him all together? I will never for the life of me understand how the brain of Dusty Baker works.

  2. brublejr

    I have no faith with Dusty and a pen… :poke:

  3. Kyle

    Good lord. I guess EE playing the past 11 games in AAA wasn’t enough to convince Dusty that he could play tonight. I also wish they had Hanigan catching Homer. I really hope the Bailey puts a good start together.

  4. Jason

    Really great to see a sell out at the GabP tonight. I just saw that Milwaukee lost again, but that puts the stupid Cubs in a dead tie with the us. Houston now 3 back? So odd.

  5. GregD

    Every time Dickerson gets on tonight, Taveras will be bunting. Count on it.

  6. Jason

    Way to go to work, Homer. Nice to see the crowd give the kid a little standing O behind the dugout.

  7. Matt B.

    Nice job by Homer. That’s more like it.

    Also, anyone know what Pujols was so butthurt about? It didn’t look like he held his hand up for time.

  8. jello

    You don’t have to hold your hand up. You can just ask for time.

  9. CarolinaReds

    Well, there goes Dickerson…too bad he’s spent all that time on the bench.

  10. Lightning

    St. Louis leads off two lefties in a row and their OBP is a combined .683? How do they win anything with that kind of lunacy?

  11. GregD

    Nothing like striking out Albert Pujols to boost your confidence

  12. Matt B.

    jello – I know, but it didn’t look like he did either.

  13. Matt B.

    Wow, that was a rocket by Ludwick.

  14. mike

    GredD those were my thoughts exactly. The fact that STL didn’t realize Dusty’s anti-logic is odd.

    He for sure thought, well, since Taveras gets out every time, I’ll bat him second and use his out to move the runner over. And you know he’s fast so maybe it will be hard to get him out and hard to double him up. Outs? Who needs’em

    Sure enough HAVOC right away….Taveras bunts which the WHOLE WORLD knew was coming

    and Dickerson crushed his hit…good thing Pujols wasn’t a couple inches taller

    Bailey’s new split finger looks good..that’s what he K’d the 2nd batter with

  15. mike

    Lightning, that’s sarcasm right

    either way, the answer is, they “clog the bases”

  16. mike

    huh, they gave Taveras a hit on that.

    I thought it was an error. Looked to me like if the throw was on target he was going to be out and get the sac

  17. CarolinaReds

    Bailey looking strong…could this be a turning point for the Reds? 😀

  18. mike

    the Reds got a run in the 1st seeing 7 total pitches and didn’t have a HR

  19. Lightning

    That was sarcasm. Am I assuming correctly that what Gamecast is calling a curve is the split from Homer?

  20. Y-City Jim

    On TV, They said Dusty wasn’t playing Encarnacion because EE had played a double header yesterday. That’s not a bad reason if it weren’t for the Dusty quote from earlier today :

    “I’ve got to see him a day or so first,” manager Dusty Baker said. “I might play him tomorrow. We’ll see. … I really didn’t want to bring him back until Monday, but we have no other right-handed infielders on the roster.”

  21. mike

    good question about Gamecast and the curve
    I haven’t watched much of the game but Bailey does have a curve as well, I just don’t know if he’s thrown it today

    What does Gamecast say he threw on the last pitch of the 1st inning to strike out Ankiel
    that was definitely a splitter and not a curve

    Bailey does seem to have abandoned his Changeup. He doesn’t throw that much anymore

  22. Lightning

    Then it appears to call his split a changeup. Who is injured?

  23. Y-City Jim

    It looked like Hairston might have been but he walked back out to the field after slamming into the fencing around the dugout.

  24. Kurt Frost

    Can someone hazard a guess as to why he wouldn’t want him back out there until Monday?

  25. Lightning

    Because the fans wanted him back sooner and Dusty ain’t no front runner? I have no idea.

  26. Y-City Jim

    Because Dusty needs until Monday to figure out how he can keep his other boy, Jerry, in the line-up everyday.

  27. CarolinaReds

    I do think Hairston earns his keep considering his versatility.

  28. Mark in CC

    Homer should be getting some confidence. The defense is making some plays and hustling for him.

  29. CarolinaReds

    Boy, Bailey through 4 with a shutout? Looks like the season at AAA has done some good.

  30. David Lowenthal

    Now THIS is the game I’ve been waiting for from Homer for 3 years.

    I suppose I’ve jinxed him.

  31. Lightning

    Hairston earns his keep as being able to backup and give rest to several people, not be everyday 3B or SS.

  32. David Lowenthal

    I hate Dusty Baker, in terms of the fact that he cannot figure out the right 8 guys to play—which is the manager’s most important job. All other things in terms of strategy on offense are secondary to simply who are the guys you put into the lineup. Can’t they just once and for all get rid of Taveras?

  33. Jason

    Speaking of Christian Bale, i saw Public Enemies today and it was very, egh…ok.

  34. CarolinaReds

    “Hairston earns his keep as being able to backup and give rest to several people, not be everyday 3B or SS.”

    The bigger crime is clearly Taveras, just terrible management by Dusty and crew!

  35. David Lowenthal

    Clarification on Homer: actually, the game I was waiting for was one where he K’s say 7 or 8 in 6 innings but is wild and walks 4 or 5. This is much better, so far, than that hypothetical game.

  36. Lightning

    “The bigger crime is clearly Taveras, just terrible management by Dusty and crew!”

    Even a Cleveland fan would agree with that.

  37. CarolinaReds

    David Lowenthal
    July 3rd, 2009 at 8:06 pm

    I hate Dusty Baker, in terms of the fact that he cannot figure out the right 8 guys to play—which is the manager’s most important job. All other things in terms of strategy on offense are secondary to simply who are the guys you put into the lineup. Can’t they just once and for all get rid of Taveras?

    I totally agree David…he’s terrible

  38. Lightning

    36 pitches for Pineiro after 4? Wow

  39. ty

    that’s what blows my mind, lightning. this team takes NO pitches …. that has to be indictive of the management, right? does dusty really tell them not to walk ?

  40. Chad Dotson

    I wanted to see Public Enemies, but the family went to Ice Age. It wasn’t good, but the kids loved it.

  41. mike

    really good news about Volquez
    he played catch with no pain and had a check with the doctor and also felt no pain

    when he comes back, who will/should be removed from the rotation?

    I’d remove Arroyo but we know that will never happen
    Trade Arroyo

  42. Lightning

    Is Janish really bunting with the pitcher on deck?

  43. Y-City Jim

    Arroyo would be my choice but that is based on performance, which obviously isn’t a factor in management decisions.

  44. Jason

    Oh boy, i forgot the Broyo 4th of July video. Dollars to Doughnuts it makes GG cry everytime.

  45. mike

    ty and lightning
    while I agree the Reds don’t take pitches and aren’t patient at the plate I will give them a little benefit of the doubt again Pineiro.
    He throws strikes (only 12 BB in 99 1/3 IP) and he’s been throwing strikes today

  46. Lightning


    Only being able follow on Gamecast, I was more amazed at the low count, not really making a statement about taking pitches or not. They have him with 34 strikes to 15 balls tonight.

  47. Mark in CC

    The Valor signing is good to see. The Reds have always been behind in scouting since the Marj days. Maybe they have caught up in the Carribean now maybe we can get a bugger presence in Asia.

  48. Mark in CC

    Homer looks like he istrusting his stuff tonight. At Cleveland he looked afraid to throw it over the plate.

  49. CarolinaReds

    Now that Big Al is out I’ll say it…Bailey is rolling :love:

  50. Mark in CC

    Reds really need another run or two. Don’t need a lose this great pitching performance.

  51. Lightning

    Hopefully that will be the last Albert sighting for the evening. Homer at 75 pitches, 55 strikes.

  52. CarolinaReds

    and 1 rides the bench because management sucks

  53. CarolinaReds

    Way to use that HAVOC! guys…team BP!

  54. Mark in CC

    Dusty gets a lot of heat on Taveras but maybe it about half should go to his boss Jocketty. Dusty has him for 2 years he just about has to keep him in there to try to get him on track, even if it is to make him tradeable.

  55. CarolinaReds

    Definitely need another run here!

  56. Lightning

    Yeah, Pujols will still get another crack. It would be nice to be out of reach by that point.

  57. Jason

    Good frame for the good guys. Did anyone else see Votto running around in the dugout w/ excitemnet when B.P crossed plate? Great to see.

  58. mike

    if Pujols can tie the game and the bases aren’t loaded, I walk him for sure

  59. Jason

    Mark in CC- Yes, that was awesome to see Joey running to the end of the dugout to welcome BP.

  60. jdarts84

    Bailey looks absolutely PHE-NOM-E-NAL. Maybe the patience with him is beginning to pay off.

  61. CarolinaReds

    They finally left Bailey in the minors to “practice” his pitching, that’s what the minors is for and now he’s gotten better. I think it’s been good for him to stay there for a while. Lets hope it lasts here in the majors

  62. Y-City Jim

    Standing O for the kid from:

    Rumour sprendin’ a-’round in that Texas town
    ’bout that shack outside La Grange
    and you know what I’m talkin’ about.
    Just let me know if you wanna go
    to that home out on the range.
    They gotta lotta nice girls.

    Have mercy.

    A haw, haw, haw, haw, a haw.
    A haw, haw, haw.

    Well, I hear it’s fine if you got the time
    and the ten to get yourself in.
    A hmm, hmm.
    And I hear it’s tight most ev’ry night,
    but now I might be mistaken.
    hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm.

    Have mercy.

  63. Sean

    You know what if Albert is up in the 8th and they still haven’t scored and no one is on…Id tell Homer to challenge him…

  64. Bruce in the OV

    Bailey’s performance is pretty exciting. I wish I was watching instead of listening for once so I could see him in action.

  65. Jason

    The GabP crowd has been great tonight (from what ive seen from my couch in Toledo) giving support to Homer as he has walked back to dugout after every out of jam inning. Almost makes me forget the Joey snub from Tuesday, almost.

  66. jdarts84

    You hate to jump to soon and assume that this is a turning point for him. But the velocity is up around 96-97, and with that splitter now he just looks like a much more confident pitcher.

  67. jdarts84

    And Jason, the crowd has been great tonight(Maybe they’re making up for the Votto flop) that applause actually showed me that fans in this city may actually pay attention to the game, I was starting to wonder after the other night.

  68. Jason

    Oh yeah, agreed. I was pleasantly suprised to see that tonights game sold out w/o a bobblehead handed out.

  69. Y-City Jim

    Maybe it’s the St. Louis fans showing acknowledging a great performance by an opposing player. 🙂

  70. CarolinaReds

    Why Dusty didn’t take him out at end of 7 is beyond me but it’s just another Dusty Baker move :poke:

  71. Mark in CC

    King Arthur needs to get a DP nad Let King Albert lead off the next inning down 3.

  72. CarolinaReds

    Yep, and having Rhodes come in against a righty is NOT good

  73. CarolinaReds

    Here we go…Dam it Dusty :-((

  74. mike

    Carolina he was at 93 pitches and had only allowed 1 base runner since the 1st and that was on a HBP. I’d leave him in for the 8th to face the bottom of the order and do just what Dusty did. “It’s yours kid, if you get in trouble I’m coming to get you, don’t worry, get these chumps out”

  75. CarolinaReds

    There went the ball game…here comes Albert against Weathers.

  76. David

    I can’t believe you actually pitch to Pujols in this situation. Walk in a runner. Lose the battle and win the war.

  77. CarolinaReds

    mike: I understand but he’s young with a high pitch count against a good line up who’s been waiting to break out of a slump…and here we are.

    It’s about winning the game…I say take him out and leave on a positive note…and here we are with Big Al and the bases loaded with Weathers going and Al is .500 against him……..I hope it works :worried:

  78. DevilsAdvocate

    Okay, so Rhodes came in an obvious LOOGY situation…was facing a kid making his major-league debut…the kid wasn’t even hitting well in the minors…and Pujols protecting him in the lineup. And a 4-pitch walk results. That could be the worst pitching job I have ever seen.

  79. mike

    one problem I saw in the 8th with Bailey is that there was no flow to the game and a number of stalls and delays because of what looked like communications problems between Hernandez and the dugout. Hernandez at one point even called time, looked into the dugout and made a gesture that seemed to say, “come on, tell me what pitch to call…”

    this has nothing to do with Bailey but it was clear the pitches were being called from the dugout and they weren’t getting them to Hernandez for whatever reason

  80. CarolinaReds

    David (I’m very unhealthy) Weathers

  81. LVW

    The rookie Hoffpaur was hitting .340 vs elfties though. You bring in Rhoes to face Schu then it never happens.

  82. CarolinaReds

    Told you all!!! I knew it I knew it!!

  83. David

    And that is exactly why you walk Albert Pujols with the bases loaded in that situation.

  84. Sean

    Wow……wtg Weathers… of course he F*** it up

  85. CarolinaReds

    I saw it coming and called it…this is pathetic to let that happen

  86. Matt B.

    If that doesn’t kill the positive energy, nothing does.

  87. CarolinaReds

    I hate absolutely hate Dusty Baker

  88. David

    You walk Pujols and you get a double play ball on the next pitch. Reds win game over. Now, Reds are losing. Great decision Dusty!

  89. David

    You can’t blame Weathers in that situation. There are a lot of great pitchers who would have taken that against Pujols. Walk the F-ing guy!

  90. Charlie

    This is Dusty’s fault. Homer shouldn’t have hit in the bottom of the seventh and shouldn’t have pitched in the top of the eighth. Dumb decision likely based on pride for Homer’s great start. Stupid.

  91. AnnapolisRed

    Can you tell me why you bring in a guy to face Pujols who he has absolutely killed? Pujols was 9-18 before that HR. Great managing once again by Dusty. Weathers is stupid to throw the ball right down the middle. Just walk him and you are still up 3-1. I don’t get it. Rhodes deserves part of the blame for walking the guy in front of Pujols on four pitches. I am so angry I can’t see straight.

  92. David

    this ain’t over though fellas comeon!!!!

  93. AnnapolisRed

    I am sure Mr. Redlegs will show up now and tell us how stupid we are and what a great manager Dusty is.

  94. jdarts84

    I’m pretty certain I puked in my mouth when Pujols hit that.

  95. CarolinaReds

    That’s why Dusty will never win it all…because when the chips are down he is hard headed and simply wants to prove he’s right and everyone else is wrong…can’t stand him…Dusty you suck ❗

  96. AnnapolisRed

    Before I forget, absolutely phonomenal outing by Homer. I have killed him before so I want to stand up and applaud him tonight. It looks like he has figured it out. This rotation could be darn scary when Volquez comes back.

  97. jdarts84

    I agree with AnnapolisRed, I’d seriously consider just eating the 1 run and take the bat out of his hands all together. The guys unreal

  98. CarolinaReds

    They’ll bring Ryan Franklin in the 9th and the game is gone…I am so sick of the foolish decisions of Dusty.

    It’s amazing this team has the resilience to try and come back

  99. AnnapolisRed

    Do you bunt Bruce here? Pinch hit Gomes? Bruce stinks against lefties.

  100. CarolinaReds

    This team could be scary if managed correctly…would it do any good to petition Castellini to fire Dusty?

  101. BigRedMike

    Dusty really does not know how to manage a bull pen. Bailey should not have started the 8th, then, he should have come out after the first batter reached. Weathers should not have came in to face Pujols.

  102. David

    I’ll go out on a limb and say that Homer Bailey has turned the corner with two great outings. Now, when Volquez comes back you have Harang, Volquez, Cueto, Bailey, Arroyo – that’s championship pitching. Sign a big bat and this team may just make the playoffs.

  103. jdarts84

    It ain’t over yet CarolinaReds!! 2 on now, and no outs. I know this offense has a propensity for choking with runners on but don’t assume its over yet.

  104. andy

    love me some big sweat. Need a run or two here, redlegs!

  105. CarolinaReds

    You bring in Gomes to pinch hit but Dusty is probably thinking that Gomes doesn’t have the arm that Bruce has so he’ll keep him in

    Big Al now 10-18 against Weatehrs :poke:

  106. LVW

    Instead of outright walking him, throw a pitch away and see if the runner on 3rd tries to score. On the offhand you get him, you get an out and then you can still walk him after that.

  107. CarolinaReds

    at least he bunted…Bruce is doing good at the little things, that’s great

  108. David

    Great decision Dusty. Great bunt Bruce!

  109. mike

    David I agree…..Pujols hit almost everybody

    The list of pitchers which Pujols hasn’t hit well is VERY, VERY short

    Out of the 107 pitchers Pujols has faced at least 15 times or more there are only 11 he hasn’t hit well against

    That’s crazy and I see little rhyme or reason to the list

    Bere (1 for 13), Villone (2 for 15), Schmidt, Wandy, Pettitte, Brower, Webb, Wagner, Marmol, Claussen, and Marquis

  110. AnnapolisRed

    Can the Reds get a runner in from third with less than two outs? Past history says no.

  111. David

    I’ll be happy for a sac fly. I don’t need a win right now, just a tie.

  112. CarolinaReds

    The picture of this guy on gameday is hilarious!

  113. Y-City Jim

    Ramon, you the man!!!!!

    Thom is so much better when he isn’t partnered with his dad.

  114. David

    five balls right there and he swung at three.

  115. CarolinaReds

    Where’s Mike Lincoln when you need him? :poke:

  116. mike

    wow I can’t remember a single game this season like this for the Reds

    great outing by the starter, game all but in the bag, the bullpen blows the lead and the offense gets the team back in the game?

    1st the offense usually isn’t good enough even if the starter pitches great to give the team the lead

    second the bullpen has been great and has not blown many leads all season

    third the offense isn’t good enough to make a come back.

  117. David

    We can get a win… in that situation you don’t want your guy pressing to try to win the whole thing. just a nice easy sac fly and keep the game alive.

  118. CeeKeR

    I agree on all counts Mike. This could be a big win if they manage to finish the comeback.

  119. CarolinaReds

    Ugh, please don’t get hurt Masset

  120. David

    Beautiful. What a get for an aging Jr.

  121. David

    Yeah…. If he’s hurt that’s not good.

  122. David

    three of your top four relievers gone in less than two full innings. That could be trouble if this game is a long one.

  123. AnnapolisRed

    Pray Massett is OK. This hurts us if this game goes long, because Massett can pitch two or three innings.

    What do you guys think about Cristian Guzman? Nats desperately need bullpen help, you can probably get him for Roenicke or Fisher. He has a pretty good OBP and plays our weakest position. Would also lead off, which means Taveras wouldn’t!

  124. mike

    the more I think about it, what I’d do when Pujols came to the plate is bring in Cordero

  125. David

    Way for the announcers to catch on that there is no rule against walking a batter intentionally with the bases loaded.

  126. AnnapolisRed

    I would not pitch to Pujols ever. Period.

  127. David

    Guzman is too expensive. I’d rather make a play for Escobar.

  128. LVW

    Guzman never walks so he has to hit over .300 to be a fairly efective leadoff hitter. Dickerson has a leadoff hitter’s batting eye and OB%. Can we trad Majewski for him?

  129. Sean

    Rasmus is going to be a good player for years to come for the Cardinals.

  130. AnnapolisRed

    LV-You are right. I just checked. Seven walks!! Forget about it.

  131. CarolinaReds

    IF the Reds win this game I’ll hug a Cubs fan :poke:

  132. David

    okay… of all the plays an error by Janish?

  133. AnnapolisRed

    Janish has to make that play. Tough play, but if you can’t hit you have to make that play.

  134. CeeKeR

    Ugh Janish. You are only in the big leagues because of your glove…

  135. jdarts84


  136. Chad Dotson

    Thom just hit the nail on the head: the bullpen has been great all year, but they have let the team down tonight.

  137. AnnapolisRed

    Gentlemen that is why they are the Cardinals and we are the Reds. They make the plays and we don’t.

  138. CarolinaReds

    later…I may not be a baseball manager but I called earlier, never leave a kid in and take a chance on changing the momentum of the game…then there’s Weathers Vs. Pujhols… :poke: good night

  139. jdarts84

    I’m gonna be sick. Like Annapolis said, that’s why they’re the Cardinals and we are the Reds. Pathetic

  140. Chad Dotson

    Gentlemen that is why they are the Cardinals and we are the Reds. They make the plays and we don’t.

    Unfortunately, this just about sums it up.

    These are the games division champions don’t blow.

  141. AnnapolisRed

    The entire bullpen has contributed to this one (except Massett). Rhodes walk was a killer, Weathers throwing the ball right down the middle to Pujols (I give partial blame to Dusty for even pitching to him) and then DRH not closing the door with two outs. This is such a killer loss. Bottom line is though if they don’t pitch to Pujols we have a different outcome I think. Fisher against Pujols is scary.

  142. jdarts84

    You talk about sticking to the manual of ways to blow a baseball game, they have flat stuck to it. This is so disgusting to watch now.

  143. David

    So let’s just hope that these guys can bounce back from a hard loss and win the series. Seriously, you f-ING WALK PUJOLS!!!!!!! @^Q^ER%Q#$%%%%T^QE$TYQ#$HY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. AnnapolisRed

    Carolina-I’m not going to take Dusty to task for leaving Homer in. Homer was rolling and the bottom of the line-up was up. I have no problem with that. Pitching to Pujols was stupid and is stupid again (I would have bet a million dollars he got a hit of Weathers and Fisher). Janish kills them too. This game is still tied if he makes the play. It was a tough play but one a major leaguer has to make. We won’t see him again for a week.

  145. jdarts84

    The Reds are the major league equivalent of a girl that’s a co**tease I swear. What a letdown.

  146. Jason

    I wanted to walk Pujols as well, but seriously, no other manager wouldve done that. I know its easy to pile on Dusty, but come on.

  147. David

    Don’t blame DRH Janish could have gotten out of the inning.

  148. AnnapolisRed

    What is the Reds record when they have a sellout? it seems like every time they have the fans excited they come out and stink it up. Carlos Fisher is not very good. Made no sense to keep him up and send Burton down. The difference in stuff is not even close.

  149. Chad Dotson

    Yeah, I agree about leaving Homer in, though it looks like we’re the minority. I would’ve left Homer in the game for the 8th inning if I were managing.

  150. David Lowenthal

    Why isn’t the blame for this game on Dusty.

    First, and this is not second guessing, I never understand why
    you do not bring in your best pitcher in the key late inning
    situation. That’s Cordero, and I would have brought him in to
    face Pujols in the 8th. If you must, have Weathers pitch the
    9th (if you are worried about Cordero going more than one inning).
    I don’t even like Cordero, but he should have been in there.

    Second, what is all this Janish love. He’s a defensive replacement.
    I’m not concerned with the error, those happen, but I don’t understand
    how this lineup can afford another guy who cannot hit.

  151. Chad Dotson

    Yeah, Janish could’ve had them out of the inning…but Herrera stunk up the joint too. There’s plenty of blame to go around.

  152. David

    3 unearned runs. Goodbye Paul Janish.

  153. AnnapolisRed

    Jason-Bob Brenly would have. I bet Tony LaRussa would have. Managers afraid to stray from “The Book” wouldn’t.

  154. mike

    I think tonight is proof that Baker’s ego is huge and he doesn’t care what others think
    he pitched to Pujols again??!?!

  155. GregD

    Bailey led off the bottom of the 7th. He should have been PH for there. Masset pitch the 8th. Cordero the 9th.

  156. AnnapolisRed

    Bob Brenly/Bob Melvin I can’t remember which one walked Bonds with the bases loaded.

  157. GregD

    Bailey retired 13 consecutive batters starting with the Pujols strikeout in the 1st inning, hit a batter, then retired 7 more.

  158. David Lowenthal

    Can someone comment on intentionally walking Pujols there? I don’t think
    it’s obvious, though have have a 1.2 OPS guy or so followed by two .750 guys.
    But it is putting the tying run in scoring position.

  159. AnnapolisRed

    The Reds were up 3-0 and they hadn’t touched Bailey. There are tons of things to get Dusty on, I don’t think that is one of them.

  160. mike

    that 20-23 must be over the GABP entire existence because it’s almost never sold out

  161. AnnapolisRed

    David-I would never do it EXCEPT to Pujols. He is the ONLY batter in baseball (either league) I would walk with the bases loaded. I honestly think it is a no-brainer to walk him. Especially when he is facing a pitcher that he has absolutely KILLED.

  162. David

    Man am I glad the Reds gave up Franklin!

  163. AnnapolisRed

    Mike-It is. 20-23 in the history of GABP when sold out.

  164. Chad Dotson

    David, the Reds do not have a SS who can hit. Therefore, you have to go with the best defensive option. That’s Janish.

  165. Don

    I’m calling for Dusty’s job. Pitching to Pujols with the bases loaded when you’re up 3 runs in the 8th is the dumbest move in the history of baseball.

    Get rid of the dumbest manager in the history of the game.

  166. AnnapolisRed

    yeah, EE should have waited until Monday.

  167. David

    You absolutely walk Pujols. You have Rhodes who walked one guy, walk another and then bring in Weathers against another. WELCOME BACK E5

  168. AnnapolisRed

    I would love to see Votto get a chance.

  169. David

    Chad… You forget, Dusty thinks Hairston can play SS.

  170. David

    It’s up to Willy T hahahahahahaahaha

  171. CeeKeR

    Good to see Edwin with a hit, if he hits well the Reds lineup will be much, much better in hurry – all without relying on a trade.

  172. jdarts84

    The bats in willy’s hands now. This is what we wanted, pure clutch.

  173. Chad Dotson

    Guys, I’m just not sure my heart is into writing up a recap for this one. It hurts.

  174. AnnapolisRed

    What’s the odds of him drawing his walk walk in god knows how long. I would give him three straight take signs.

  175. GregD

    David – I think it really started when A-Gon was on the roster. Neither A-Gon or Janish can hit, and it seems that A-Gon has lost a step. Between the two, a lot of fols prefer Janish. With Hairston, it’s a different issue because he does have a little offense.

  176. AnnapolisRed

    Shocked Taveras didn’t swing at that.

  177. David

    I hate the Reds tonight…. And I’ll say it. For the first time I miss Dunn. 😮

  178. jdarts84

    HOLY CRAP!!!!! Willy drew a walk!

  179. GregD

    Taveras with his first walk since 1999

  180. CeeKeR

    Now all we need is a Votto homer, that’s not asking too much is it?

  181. jdarts84

    I’m never been so in shock in my life. Lets go Joey!

  182. David

    Yes… this just in. Hell is chilly Willy.

  183. AnnapolisRed

    Votto isn’t Pujols. You don’t walk him plus you could lose if you walk him and Phillips hits a home run. Worse thing that happens here for the Cards is a tie game.

  184. GregD

    Many here have called Votto our Pujols. Can he match The Pujols tonight?

  185. mike

    this game is just surreal and unique

    our big pitching prospect pitches the best major league game of his young career
    we pitch to the best pitcher in baseball twice with the game on the line and he comes through
    the bullpen blows a lead
    a good defensive team and we commit an error that probably cost us the game
    and Willy takes a walk

    is this the Reds I’m watching?

  186. CeeKeR

    Votto batting .412 with runners in scoring position this year…let’s hope that goes up even more.

  187. AnnapolisRed

    Not even close. Terrible call.

  188. David

    WTF He did not go!!!! That is awful.

  189. AnnapolisRed

    That was ball three but he had to swing

  190. jdarts84

    should be 3-1 count right now, absolute crap!!

  191. David

    I haven’t left the couch in 50 min.

  192. jdarts84

    BP should be up with bases loaded right now.

  193. AnnapolisRed

    David-That is not a steal and it is the right thing to do. Takes away the force at second.

  194. David

    You sure ump? Not a check swing strike this time?

  195. jason1972

    Why is that St Louis pitcher wearing a squirrel’s tail on his chin?

  196. GregD

    ditto – mike – what the hell is that thing on Franklin’s face?

  197. AnnapolisRed

    If he hits a home run nobody is allowed to say anything bad about him for a month.

  198. David

    That might be the worst swing in the history of baseball. Way to try to go for the fence instead of wanting to get a couple in.

  199. Chad Dotson

    Thom: “A crushing loss tonight for the Reds.”

    I really don’t think I can do a recap….

  200. David

    oh well… win the next one. Cards are now three up on the Reds. If the Reds take the next three they’ll be tied. Look mom I can do math.

  201. AnnapolisRed

    Chad. I will do the recap for you.

    Walk Pujols. Janish boots the ball. Those two plays were the difference.

  202. AnnapolisRed

    David-Not necessarily true because Milwaukee and the Cubs are ahead of us too.

  203. GregD

    Positive = Homer Bailey. Struck out Pujols in the 1st inning. The first out of 13 consecutive batters. Hit a batter, then retired 7 more in a row.

    Perhaps he should been left in for another batter or two in the 8th?

  204. AnnapolisRed

    Actually I would add Arthur Rhodes four pitch walk should be in there as well. He doesn’t walk the guy in front of Pujols then we don’t even have to worry about walking Pujols or not.

  205. mike


    everybody, defense, bullpen, and Dusty really let Bailey down
    Hey Homer, go have a talk with Harang, he’s use to this and has spoken to a sport psychologist (not making that up) about how to deal. And congrats on pitching a great game.

  206. AnnapolisRed

    GregD-On post #245 you wanted him pinch hit for.

  207. GregD

    Yes, the Cubs passed us today. That just made my night better. X(

  208. mike

    the bullpen tonight pitch only 1 2/3 innings. It seems like they were out there forever
    They allowed 5 hits, 2 BB and 5 runs, 2 earned AND allowed the 2 inherited runners from Bailey. It’s so good to know that our best pitcher in the bullpen didn’t even warm up

  209. GregD

    Yes, I did say that. Given that he was left in to start the 8th, I’m throwing that out there for discussion. No one (that I saw) had mentioned that option. Feasible?

  210. Bruce in the OV

    One more small positive = Edwin doubles in first AB back

  211. AnnapolisRed

    It was unanimous on the Baseball Network. All three guys said they would have walked Pujols in that situation.

  212. GregD

    5 relievers used tonight and the starter went more than 7 innings. Nice way to start the series.

  213. AnnapolisRed

    GregD-I thought Dusty took him out exactly when he should have. Rhodes sets the whole mess up (that has been overlooked a bit on here) by walking the guy in front of Pujols on four pitches (Rhodes has struggled lately with his control). Dusty screws up by not walking Pujolks, Weathers screws up by throwing a 85 MPH fastball right down the middle on 3-2, Herrera screws up by giving up three hits after two were out, Janish screws up by not making the play on the ground ball. Plenty of blame to go around. I would NEVER pitch to Pujols, but that is just me (unless I was up by five or more runs).

  214. AnnapolisRed

    Losing Massett really hurt as well.

  215. GregD

    I agree with you Mike. Too many managers only use their closer to start a clean 9th inning. If they are the best pitcher, you’ve got to bring him in the 8th in that situation like the Yanks do with Rivera.

  216. AnnapolisRed

    Mike-Got hit by a line drive. I think he’s OK, but had to come out of the game after one batter.

    GregD-I would have walked Pujols even if Cordero was pitching.

  217. LVW

    Rhodes should have been brought in to face Schumaker at the latest, then you have options if Larussa still hits for Duncan.

  218. southroadredsfan

    I am so sick of Dusty Baker. It is so hard to root for the team I love with him managing.
    I can’t stand him.
    So, even though I am screaming at the top of my lungs to walk him with bases loaded he doesn’t.
    Dusty has no balls anyway. But then, to pitch to him again with runners in scoring position in the 9th is just disgusting.
    I hate him. I mean I hate him.

  219. mike

    before today the Reds were an amazing 30-10 when they score 4 or more runs
    9 of the 10 losses were by 3 runs or less

    in 9 of the 10 losses it was a really bad start by the starter that didn’t really give the team a chance. 1 bad start from each of Bailey, Cueto, Arroyo, and Harang. 2 bad starts from Volquez and 3 bad starts from Owings

    Volquez had an almost good start 5 2/3, 2 ER, 7 base runners where the bullpen/offense let him down. That was that crazy 16 inning games which Owings pitched great for 5+ innings of relief.

  220. Bruce in the OV

    Just read this on

    “• Seeing Red: The Reds’ efforts to get DeRosa notwithstanding, clubs that have spoken with them say they’re still planning to tread water for a little while longer to see if they can hang in the race. And if they can, they’ll ramp up their pursuit of a bat again. But the Reds are one of many teams not really interested in taking on dollars.”

    It’s on the ESPN-MLB front page. The story about Manny.

  221. Chad Dotson

    Still trying to work up the courage to do a recap. I have to think about the game again in order to start writing it, and I just don’t want to think about this game any more.

  222. GregD

    If they think they are 1 bat away, they should move to get him at the beginning of July instead of the end of July.

  223. mike

    I am SOOO glad the Reds didn’t get DeRosa
    the only way he would have been useful to the Reds is if he could play SS (which he can’t I’m just not sure how well) or move Phillips to SS and play DeRosa at 2B

    our LF platoon is producing at a higher level than DeRosa

    I guess if he can play CF he could be useful as well….Nix would be the odd man out then and Dickerson and Gomes could platoon in LF

    all of this would be pretty much a pipe dream. Dusty would start DeRosa in LF and it really wouldn’t improve the team much.

  224. AnnapolisRed

    The aftermath or aftershock
    Posted by JohnFay at 7/3/2009 11:14 PM EDT on

    The Reds were in a start of Albert Shock after the game. Albert Pujols can do that to you.

    “He beat us by himself,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “He took the game from us.”

    Pujols is the most dangerous hitter in the world. But the David Weathers felt he had to challenge him with the bases loaded and one out in the eighth.

    “That’s a tough situation,” Weathers said. “If you pitch around him and walk him, you’ve got the tying run at second and one out. That the one situation where you absolutely have to pitch to him.”

    Baker said essentially the same thing.

    “I don’t know,” he said. “Then you’ve got the tying run at second base with (Ryan) Ludwick up there. He hit 37 home runs last year. It’s a tough call.”

    If the bullpen had held the lead, the Reds would have ended the night a game out in the National League Central. Instead, they’re in fourth place, three games back.

    “If you think you’re going to win the division on July 3rd, you’re kidding yourself,” Weathers said. “We’re 39-39, three games back. The bad thing is we should have won the game. Nobody feels worse that I do.”

  225. AnnapolisRed

    Weathers then came into face Pujols. Weathers threw a fastball down and away.

    “I got him to do what I wanted – to pull an outside pitch,” Weathers said of facing Pujols. “But he’s so strong.”


  226. AnnapolisRed

    The grand slam was with Pujols’ fourth of season. It was his 350th career home run and . It made him 10-for-18 with three homers and nine RBI off Weathers.

    Why put Weathers in that situation!!!!!!

  227. mike

    the answer to today’s game is RIGHT HERE….direct quote from our Mensa member and president Dusty @$%^#$% Baker

    ““I don’t know,” he said.”

    of course you don’t know….you are a @#$%#$% @#$%#$%

    just like you
    think BB are overrated and clog the bases
    aren’t a front runner
    and you haven’t had time to think about it

    simple, Dusty knows more about blues and old soul music than he does baseball…..straight up. Go back to DJ-ing

  228. Dallas

    Janish has 2 errors in 27 games. Gonzalez has 3 errors in 49 games. I was led to believe (mainly from RLN) that Janish was supposed to be worlds better defensively than Gonzalez. What’s the deal?

  229. Kenny

    Whatever. Janish blew that one tonight, no doubt about it, but he’s still a million times better than Gonzo defensively.

    Janish gets to balls every night that Gonzo watches roll into left field.

  230. mike


    Juan Pierre

    He’s been “crushing” the ball when Manny has been out but Manny is back so now he’ll return to the bench. He will fit right into Dusty’s convoluted, misguided, faith-ridden, [email protected]#%#$%[email protected]%@$% ideas of what makes a good baseball player. He can then get completely off leading Willy off and batting Pierre 2nd and the Reds will finish in last

    The Reds under Dusty’s leadership has already had Patterson, Taveras, Bako, and Phillips now all we need to do is get Juan Castro back and trade for Crosby, Izturis, or Pierre and Baker will be in baseball heaven

  231. TonyShanghai

    Dusty doesn’t even appear to enjoy managing – almost everytime he has to push a button he curses and paces (probably wishing Jacques Jones was on the roster)… And what’s up with Jocketty? it’s likes taken up the Bowden habit of dumpster diving. Well guess what? Nix has come back to planet earth and Gomes is next… How about WJ does his job and finds a real player; it’s complicated but it’s doable and it’s his job to get it done…