Time for a recap of today’s titanic struggle….

FINAL — 10 innings
Arizona 2
Cincinnati 3
WP: Cordero (1-2)
LP: Zavada (1-2)

–Thom Brennaman: “Doesn’t it seem that it’s always up to Joey Votto?” Yes, it does.

–Fortunately, Votto continues to come through for this club. Today, he had four hits, including the game-winner in the bottom of the tenth. This guy is just beyond words.

–The good Aaron Harang showed up today, but the Reds gave him the same run support as usual, i.e., no offense. Harang pitched 7 good innings, giving up four hits and two runs. He struck out 8 and walked 3. I’ll take that out of Harang every day of the week.

–Ryan Hanigan really isn’t this good. But he is playing like a star catcher in 2009. Today, Hanigan batted four times. He reached base four times. Three hits and a walk. Hanigan just keeps doing everything that’s asked of him, even if Dusty Baker doesn’t let him get off the bench very often.

–Of course, let’s not forget Ramon Hernandez, who came off the bench to reach base twice in two ABs.

–Drew Sutton made his major league debut in the bottom of the ninth, in a very tense situation. He delivered, getting the RBI to tie the game. Welcome to Cincinnati, Drew!

–Jay Bruce gunned down the would-be go-ahead run in the top of the tenth inning, after Francisco Cordero walked the bases loaded with one out. Then, in the top of the inning, Bruce laid down a good bunt when asked. Nice to see him contributing in other ways.

–For some reason, Chris Dickerson is not permitted to lead off. Dusty doesn’t think he is as good as Corey Patterson-Lite. So he had to bat seventh today. Of course, he had two hits and a walk, plus an important RBI. I’m not a huge Dickerson fan, by any means, but this is getting ridiculous. He keeps playing very well.

–Paul Janish and Brandon Phillips looked pretty good defensively — again — up the middle, according to Marty and Thom.

–Good work by Nick Masset and Daniel Ray Herrera out of the bullpen. What an amazing job the bullpen has done this year.


–Marty Brennaman: “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a team that is as offensively-challenged as this team.” Indeed.

–The Reds left 16 runners on base. It’s just astounding to contemplate how bad that is.

–Terrible outing by Francisco Cordero. Of course, he got the win. Need any more proof of why “wins” is a terrible statistic with which to rate pitchers?

–Willy Taveras is a worse leadoff hitter than Corey Patterson. It’s a joke. Why isn’t he batting eighth?

–Great comeback win by Cincinnati. Down by one going into the bottom of the ninth, they somehow figured out how to win this one. Good win.

–Hanigan is now batting .336, and his OBP is .423. His OPS is 826. Wow.

–When are people going to realize that you absolutely cannot run on Jay Bruce’s left arm?

–Another question: when is Dusty going to realize that Jerry Hairston, Jr., is not good?

–Don’t look now, but Brandon Phillips is really struggling lately. His OPS is under 800 for the first time in a while.

–The Reds just aren’t much better than Arizona. I know a lot of us don’t want to believe that, but it’s true.

–But who cares today? Reds win! And Joey wants to celebrate:

*This Offense Stinks.

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  1. Kurt Frost

    I don’t think Hanigan is obp .423 good, but his minor league career obp is .383. The man can get on base.

  2. Kurt Frost

    Can someone with more time and patience than me see if any other major league team has a worse 1-2 at the top of the lineup than Taveras and Hairston?

  3. mike

    It is amazing but Taveras is probably one of the worst leadoff hitters in Reds history

    Taveras has lead off 16 games this season where he has not got on base
    Read that again. We are only about halfway through the season!

    in the last 10 years the most games lead off without getting on base is 19 and that was by Larkin in 2002. Larkin was at the end of his career, had a bad year and lead off about 1/3 of the season. Taveras is already close to that mark and we aren’t even halfway through the season.

    Last season Patterson lead off 14 games without getting on base. Taveras has already passed that total

    Since 1954 the worst have been Ray Knight in 1978 and Geronimo in 1980. They lead off 34 games without getting on base.

    If Taveras continues to start and lead off he’ll shatter that mark

  4. David

    What does a guy like Dye or Holliday add to this OF? Where do you play them? To me, I think you need SS and 3B. I wonder if the Nats would part ways with Zimmerman for EdE and some of our pitching prospects? I don’t see any SS worth nabbing. Christian Guzman? Ugh. I want nothing of his $8 million contract. Any chance the Reds land Yunel Escobar? I hear he’s on the outs in ATL. He’d look fairly decent in the two-hole and the Reds match up with the Braves pretty well.

  5. mike

    don’t have time to look all the way into it Kurt but here are some of the teams to look at.

    Worst leadoff OBP by team
    .238 Philly (!!!!!!!!)
    .287 Reds
    .292 Oakland
    .299 Cubs
    .330 NL Average
    .335 AL Average

    Worst #2 hitting teams by OPS
    .570 SF (!!!!!)
    .604 KC
    .620 Arizona
    .673 Reds
    .673 Seattle
    .750 NL Average
    .773 AL Average

    the only team that shows up near the bottom in both is the Reds
    and don’t forget the .287 OBP for the Reds includes everyone that has lead off for the team if you look at just Taveras it’s much worse

  6. Travis G.

    The Nationals are not trading Zimmerman for anything. It’s just not happening, so it’s not even worth fantasizing about. He’s the face of their franchise.

    I’d love to get Escobar, but the Braves need a good-hitting corner outfielder. We’re not exactly spilling over with guys like that.

  7. mike

    thought I just had (or wondered about)

    Is Dusty continually leading off Taveras and building the lineups he does the single worst thing and recent Reds manager has done to hurt the teams chances of winning??

    usually lineup construction doesn’t have a big impact but the Reds are not only close to being a good team but their offense is terrible and they lose a lot of close games because they can’t score. In other words, having players ahead of Votto and Phillips could have a bigger impact on the Reds winning or losing that it might for, say a really bad team like Washington. It could be that small thing that pushes the team over the hump

    for example I posted the # above that Taveras had lead off 16 games where he has not got on base

    The Reds are not only 3-13 in those games but 5 of those 13 losses are by 2 runs or less
    Sure 3 of those 13 loses were blowouts so it probably doesn’t matter if we had Bonds leading off but the Reds could VERY reasonably be in 5-10 more games this year with one SIMPLE SIMPLE change. That’s a potentially HUGE impact.

    The Reds have been among the worst teams in baseball for a handful of years now. But a lot of the times it was because of a bad GM signing bad players, in particular pitchers and the Reds manager not having much choice. In this case Dusty has options…the fault falls squarely on him (not on Willy).

    Is this the single worst thing a recent manager has done to hurt the Reds chances of winning?

  8. preach

    “I’ll take that out of Harang every day of the week.” You should be Dusty’s pitching coach. You thought he wore out Wood and Prior….

    I am just mystified at the Taveras thing. At what point does someone above Dusty step in and stop it?

    I’m so tired of commenting on it, but how can I stop? If I start talking about other things at this point it would be like ignoring the stroke to deal with a blister.

    This lineup construction is unbelievable.

    Oh, I will impart this: While I couldn’t follow the game any other way than Redlegnation (thanks, guys), how do you empty your entire bench by the end of nine innings? I guess having to pinch hit for your leadoff man is part of that. Unreal.

  9. preach

    Great analysis, mike. Even though it makes my stomach hurt, well done.

  10. mike

    Re: “I am just mystified at the Taveras thing. At what point does someone above Dusty step in and stop it?”

    the question I have is does anyone above Dusty even understand or see the problem?

  11. Kurt Frost

    Hey editors of Redleg Nation, can you make a post out of Mike’s analysis in post #8? The Reds could conceivably be in first place if it weren’t for the manager and his lineup decisions.

  12. mike

    3-13 and 5 of the loses being close is a pretty crazy stat
    all you need is 2-3 more runs over those games, which should be SUPER easy because we are talking about replacing 0 (or even NEGATIVE) production.

    and agreed preach….it’s painful

    ignorance is always painful

  13. mike

    oh hey Kurt, thanks! Technically I could make a post but I don’t have the time right now

    what would be VERY interesting to do with those #s is try and figure out if you throw an average OBP guy in there instead how many more runs it might generate. To be honest I don’t know how to do that. We could take a rough guess by trying to figure out how many times the average guy would get on base in those 13 games. It would be frightening since again, we are comparing that number to 0 (!!!).

    another interesting thing would be to include the #2 spot with similar numbers
    for example how many of those 13 loses did the #2 guy also not get on base.

    plus I like when one of the other editors edits my posts since my writing is not the best 🙂

  14. preach

    I would like to see the results of pulling players’ names out of the hat for our top two spots in the order and do a comparison. It cannot possibly be worse.

  15. Kurt Frost

    It’s good analysis.

    What frightens me is after EE comes back I am sure Hairston and his hands of stone will be the starting SS. After Old Man Gonzalez comes back who sits for Hairston? Gomes?

  16. mike

    I just can’t stop thinking about this…..sorry for all the post

    the main thing I’m trying to explain is that the impact of Taveras leading off could be bigger than your average lineup changes. I posted the #s about the Reds W-L when Taveras hasn’t gotten on base and the potential to be in 5-10 more games because the pitching staff is great and the offense so bad that could make a HUGE impact.

    As an example lets look at Ray Knight in 78 who’s # of games leading off without getting on base was staggering. BUT the teams offense was good, often blowing teams out. So the impact in the W-L column just wouldn’t be that great. The Reds record that year when Knight lead off and didn’t get on base? 30-4. HUH!?!?! see what I mean. When you win 10-3, 10-4, 8-2 (actually scores from that year when he lead off and didn’t get on base) the better lineup construction just wouldn’t have that big of an impact.

  17. mike

    you know the more I look at those Ray Knight #s they just don’t seem right
    I don’t know what’s going on…I’ll look at it later

    a lot of those games it looks like he was put in as a double switch or as a PH who stayed in the game or a defensive replacement and didn’t get many PA in the leadoff spot

  18. Jose

    I’m starting to feel like I’m watching the Cleveland Indians in the movie “Major League”…
    maybe their trying to lose?

  19. Glenn

    Mike, I don’t think anyone above Dusty is going to question his use of Taveras. WJ’s signed to a big contract and he’s got alot of credibility invested in making sure T works out. I think Taveras has a lot of room to get worse before anyone pulls the plug on him…unfortunately.

  20. CarolinaReds

    I just got home and looked at the box score and see the Travarasty contributed his usual 0-fer…the real travesty is that the manager continues to send him out there.

    Has anyone noticed that often after being sat on the bench that Taveras does well in the next game but then goes 0-fer the following?

    This team can go some where if the manager would play to win

  21. earl

    I could see sticking with a guy that was in the dumps if it was like the Phillies situation and Jimmy Rollins, but Taveras was never that kind of good. It doesn’t matter, Dusty did the same stupid stuff with Neifi Perez in the past. Ryan Theriot couldn’t get any playing time until Baker got sent out the door, even though he was already a much better player. While I might not have gone that way, I understood why the Reds signed Taveras, as they needed someone who had some actual major league experience in case all of the young outfielders tanked.

    I don’t really want to tag on Jerry Hairston, as he has some value as a utility player, but it is the same thing. If you have to play him, he doesn’t have to bat second. They need to put the best hitters earlier in the lineup period. They are leaving a lot of base runners at the end of the lineup for dead on base, as they go through the pitcher then the Taveras/Hairston black hole at the top of the lineup.

    The division is winnable this year, but they have to play to win and quit worrying that someone might cry if they are not producing and get benched. If they can’t get the player via trade, they need to swap in some guys from the minors and give them a shot. They need to try this Sutton guy and once he gets healthy and going maybe give Valaika some games at short.


  22. CarolinaReds

    “Can someone with more time and patience than me see if any other major league team has a worse 1-2 at the top of the lineup than Taveras and Hairston?”

    The question must also include what is available in the rest of the line up, I mean if that’s all you have then that’s all you have. This issue I have with this piece of garbage of a manager is that he has several guys who are batting around or above .300 who he is determined not to put in the top of the line up… :poke: why waste my breath (fingers) there is no excuse for Taveras to be at the top and Dickerson or Hanagan at the bottom, it flies in the face of fans and anyone who follows baseball. “Dusty the hard head”…bone head :-(( Somehow I still believe this team can do more…much more if only managed better

  23. preach

    Agreed, earl. I’ve heard the comparison to Rollins and it makes me ill. Jimmy Rollins is a very good player having some rough time. He plays shortstop and can help the team in plenty of ways that Taveras just simply cannot. He is in a lineup that can afford to allow him to work through his struggles, and because he has an excellent track record, he will come back with a vengence, guaranteed. Taveras never, ever had the same skill set as Rollins and there is absolutely no reason to believe that he will develop them now.

    The division is indeed winnable this season without major upheavel, and we should at least make the effort of putting the best team available out there.

  24. earl

    It probably wasn’t as big a deal a week ago as Votto was gone, as really, no one but Hanigan or Dickerson was hitting. Now there is a guy that is probably going to continue to hit well over .300 in the heart of the lineup. If they keep putting out guys going 0-fer in front, the Votto isn’t going to drive in any runs.

    The middle of the lineup has also had some spark in the past week or so, as they are getting some hits out of others, but we are constantly looking for the wrong guy at the plate to drive in the run.

    Sitting Taveras might not be bad in the long run. The better version of Willie T. AKA known as Juan Pierre lost his job last year when LA brought in Manny then when he got a chance after the doping stuff went down with Manny being Manny, guess what, Mr. Pierre has played quite well. Willie Taveras sitting on the pine for a bit wondering if this is the last contract money he is going to make in the major leagues might get him to work out some stuff. The dude isn’t a former MVP like Rollins, Willie T. is a middling at best major league outfielder. The guy hasn’t earned anything other than a contract. If we wasn’t going anywhere, you might go different, but it is time to get serious about winning the division.

    Unless you are a club that is absolutely rolling in dough and can just buy whatever, you have to go for it when these chances come. I don’t want them to mortgage away everything on a loner, but things slip away.

    Heck beyond the divsion, I think the NL pennant is wide open. Other than LA, there isn’t any club that is really anything of great shakes. We can’t hit. The Brewers can hit but their pitching is middling. The Cards are kind of middling, no depth on their lineup or their pitching. Mets are hurt and their starting pitching is lame after Johan. Phillies have a good lineup but their pitching is scary. SF is pretty much like the Reds. The Marlins have some talent, but some big holes.

    The Reds pitching could be pretty deadly on a club in a short series.

  25. pinson343

    After video review: I think Arizona did the right thing in trying to score on the fly ball to Jay. I’m sure they have the scouting report on his arm. It was hit pretty deep and was the 2nd out. He had made to make a perfect throw, and did.

    How did the LFer Romero miss Joey’s long single in the 9th ? It nearly hit him on the head. And Joey’s game winner was very playable by Ojeda. Nothing against Joey, of course, he’s the man. His 9th inning hit almost went out, and his game winner was against a lefty who’s very tough on lefties.

  26. pinson343

    Nice going, Sutton, in his ML debut, in a situation where everyone else had been failing. If the ball hadn’t hit Qualis’ foot, it would have been a clean game winning single up the middle.

  27. pinson343

    I think Hairston gets too much grief on this site. He’s not an everyday player, and he’s not a SS. It’s not his fault that he’s put in those situations. When EE comes back, hopefully he’ll at least get more days off.

    But then we still have a big hole at SS. I hope Janish gets the majority of the playing time there, but he can’t hit.

    When JHJ does make a contribution, it’s ignored. Without his leadoff single in the 9th, we lose the game.

  28. JerBear

    As bad as Taveras has struggled, I think it’s also becoming a lot clearer that Hairston Jr. is not an everyday player. I think we all knew that, but it’s starting to hurt the club, his lack of hitting.

    They had Nix and Hairston Jr. come up in the bottom of the 10th today and both failed. Nix has done some nice things this year filling in, but there’s no way this club is going to contend with Nix, Hairston Jr., Taveras, Gonzalez, Hernandez, and a struggling young hitter in Jay Bruce in the lineup every day.

    It just isn’t going to happen.

    Maybe I’ve grown cynical, but I don’t pay attention to the games much anymore. I read the summaries on MLB.com and on here (you guys do a good job by the way! Love the positive/negative thread after every game)

    But Dusty Baker doesn’t inspire confidence as a fan. It’s just frustrating to have your favorite team led by a manager that just honestly makes dumb lineup decisions on many days.

    And honestly, he’s stuck with little talent on his everyday roster, so I give him a little bit of slack. But then that almost makes it worse. You’ve got so many unproven guys, and veterans on the backend of their careers…there’s no reason for blind loyalty with this group of players. It’s not brain science.

    You see a game today though and think man if we just had two more decent hitters we could win this division. We’ll see what happens though!

  29. pinson343

    That was the first earned run allowed by Zavada in his career.

  30. Kurt Frost

    It’s not freaking rocket science. Guys who can get on base at the top and the guys who can’t hit at the bottom. Dusty does the exact opposite.

  31. Steve

    I just watched the video of Votto’s game winner. Does Stephen Drew make that play if he’s still in the game?

  32. earl

    “How did the LFer Romero miss Joey’s long single in the 9th?”

    Thom B. said on the radio it looked like the ball died and the outfielder was already into the wall when he realized it was coming down, he was hitting the wall and picked up the actual location too late.

  33. GregD

    usually lineup construction doesn’t have a big impact but the Reds are not only close to being a good team but their offense is terrible and they lose a lot of close games because they can’t score

    internet sabrematicians have taken the hypothesis “playing the best 8 is more important than the order of the 8” to mean that batting order is not important or that it’s impact on the outcome of games is neglible. I have contested for a while, and showed in comments earlier this year, that batting order is important. Obviously it varies from team-to-team and who the starting 8 are. A “Baker lineup” vs. an “optimal” lineup could be the difference between below avg run production and above average run production.

    Preseason projections I ran with the baseball musings lineup tool showed #’s in the ballpark of what the Reds scored last year…low 700’s…that was with most players performing at their career average in a “Baker lineup”. Arranging those players in an “optimal” lineup, I think pushed them to mid-750s. League avg last year was 734. League average this year is on pace for 722. Reds pace this year is 680.

    Problem is Baker has been creating two issues…not always playing the best 8 starters and not arranging the best lineup.

    Think this has cost the Reds at least 2 games this year? Flip those losses to wins and the Reds are tied for first place tonight. That’s how close this thing is. That’s why lineup construction is important. You can lose by a game. You can be forced to play game 163. This is a game of inches, and you’ve got to take advantage of the inches in the areas you can control (25-man roster, starting 8, batting order.)

  34. brublejr

    God bless Joey Votto…I am thankful he is a Red!

  35. Mark T

    I thought Taveras had a good day – he only made four outs, and did not hit into any double plays, And remember, as Dusty says, you want speed at the top of the lineup

    Speaking of which, when the bottom of the lineup does get something going, you’ve got the pitcher’s hole and Taveras coming up behind them. Two sure outs. Dusty doesn’t seem to know a lot of stuff.

  36. jdarts84

    Reds are now 2 games out of first. I have no idea how.

  37. Glenn

    One day the offense will score four runs for Aaron Harang. Unfortunately it will be his first start with the new team he’s been traded to.

  38. David

    Mark… Isn’t that exactly why you can’t bat Taveras 8th either? I defended the Taveras signing at the time. He seemed the best available CF at the time and he had the potential to leadoff. However, after watching Taveras hit behind Harang was brutal. Harang hit the ball harder. ‘Nough said.

  39. Jason

    Thom’s call today on Bruces throw out at home was fantastic, unfortunate that the mlb.com highlights hace some mlb.com announcers behind the highlights.

    Go Get’em tomorrow Homer! Only 2 games back, huh? and lets go!

  40. pinson343

    Steve (32) I think Drew makes that play easily.

  41. pinson343

    The two top web gems on ESPN’s Baseball Tonite (yes ESPN is crappy) were:
    2. Brandon Phillips’ 1st inning play on the grounder up the middle.
    1. Jay Bruce’s throw home.
    They showed that a couple of times, talking about his perfect form and the power and accuracy of his throw.

  42. David

    Even though Jay is having an awful year at the plate, his defense has probably won two games. Not to pile on Taveras but I’m sick of runners getting to third base on a bloop single to CF.

  43. nick in va

    The whole lineup construction issue is unbelieveably frustrating. Is there another manager who is worse than Dusty? Willy’s ABs yesterday were terrible. He’s not even making the opposing pitcher work.

  44. Chad Dotson

    I think Hairston gets too much grief on this site.

    pinson, I disagree with you here. First of all, look at what I wrote in the Recap. I wasn’t hammering JHJ, I was hammering Dusty for doing exactly what you said in your post: putting him in a position where he’s likely to be unsuccessful.

    I applauded the decision to bring JHJ back because of his versatility. But he’s not a good player, and there’s no way to spin that otherwise. He’s not good. He can help a good team in lots of ways, and I don’t mind having him around as a spare part, but if you are depending on him as a #2 hitter or as an everyday SS, you’re in big, big trouble.

    At any rate, your point that Dusty should get the most grief for mis-using JHJ is absolutely correct.

  45. AnnapolisRed

    Hairston is a good player in his role. To say he is not a good player probably is not fair if not more broadly defined. He is not a good #2 hitter and SS, but he is a good utility guy.

  46. Chad Dotson

    I see what you are saying, but I’m saying that, if you take all major league caliber players and look at them together, JHJ would not be in the “good player” subset.

    I don’t even know if he’s a good player in his role. His role with the Reds is a #2 hitter and everyday player. His ideal role — supersub, playing 3-4 times a week at various positions — well, I think he’s adequate at that, but I wouldn’t call him “good”. He’s not a guy I would object to having on my team in that role, though (and, in fact, I haven’t objected to actually having him on the roster).

    He can’t hit and his defense is average, at best. His only value lies in the fact that he won’t KILL you at a number of positions. True, there IS value in that, but I still don’t think there is any way to stretch the definition of “good” where JHJ is going to fall under that heading.

  47. pinson343

    Chad, I agree with much of what you say, especially the Dusty part. But I’ll still maintain (along with AnnapolisRed) that he’s a good utility player. As you say, he doesn’t kill you on defense on any of the multiple positions he plays. He’ll screw up sometimes but he’ll also make a sparkler sometimes, especially at 3rd base.

    Same thing at the plate. He’ll screw up sometimes but he’ll also come thru in a big moment sometimes, more often than many of the position players on this roster.

    My main point is that when he screws up, you can bet it’s going to get a lot atention on this site. When he comes thru, it’s ignored. Yesterday after he came thru with the big leadoff single in the 9th and then screwed up with a chance to win the game in the 10th, I knew in advance that his failure in the 10th was going to get ample attention and his hit in the 9th would not be mentioned by anyone except me.

    He has had emergency value to this team, given the injuries to EE and Gonzo. Without him we’d be seeing the likes of Rosales and Richar at 3rd base, and we would be further down in the standings.

  48. Chad Dotson

    Who gave any attention to JHJ’s screwups last night? Not me.

    All I said is that he isn’t good. And he isn’t good. He is a well-below-average hitter and a below-average to average fielder. He has a long history of not being good.

    Now, I’m not saying he doesn’t have any value at all. In fact, I specifically said the opposite. But he has to be used correctly, because he gets exposed when he is used to much. Because he isn’t good.

    If you really think JHJ is a good player, then we are just going to have to agree to disagree. There is nothing that is going to convince me otherwise, since all the evidence says he isn’t good.

  49. Chad Dotson

    I changed my mind. There is one subset of player under which JHJ is “good”. Compared to me, Hairston is not only good, but he looks great.


  50. Jimmy James

    You guys are arguing whether he is “average” or “good” as a utility player. Fine, whatever.

    The point of all this is that we all agree, I think, that his ONLY value is as a utility guy. So why doesn’t Dusty realize that?

    Because Hairston is absolutely killing us as a starter and number 2 hitter.

  51. Chad Dotson

    Although, technically, I argued he was adequate, not average. But I tire of these semantic games.

    Yes, the point is that he is being used incorrectly. Its a problem.

  52. mike

    a little more on JHJ

    I think there is another subset of players where JHJ is average

    The super sub. The bench player who rests a player once in a while. But not an every day starter

    I took a quick look to find super-subs and really there aren’t that many
    I looked at active players who have played 2B, SS, AND CF. Those players can probably play ANY position. I looked for players with who have played all 3 of those positions with at least 1500 PA.

    There are 21 active players that meet that criteria. The top 4-5 are every day players who have happened to fill in at the other positions or moved their primary position; Soriano, Mora, Upton and Figgins.

    Of the remaining 17 players, JRJ’s career OPS+ falls 7th.

    I don’t mind JRJ on the bench. He’s just not an every day player

    for example, the Reds don’t face that many lefties and Dickerson is really having trouble with lefties. If Hairston started in CF in a platoon with Dickerson when a tough lefty is starting we’d be in much better shape than we are with Taveras starting.
    Hairston’s OBP vs lefties this season is .321 with a 96 OPS+