Mark Sheldon called out Dusty Baker a bit this morning, under the headline, “Hot hitters squeezed out of Reds’ order“. Yeah, it was mild, but good to see nonetheless:

Some of the hottest bats the Reds have right now never left the dugout during Tuesday’s game vs. the D-backs.

Outfielders Jonny Gomes and Chris Dickerson weren’t in the starting lineup, nor was backup catcher Ryan Hanigan.

Gomes, who was the Reds’ designated hitter in all nine Interleague games, is batting .360 (18-for-50) with four home runs and 11 RBIs over his past 18 games. He was responsible for three of Cincinnati’s past six homers.

Dickerson, who is batting .277 overall, is hitting .452 (14-for-31) over his past 12 games and has hits in 10 of them. He struck out as a pinch-hitter in the ninth inning on Tuesday.

Hanigan is batting .321 for the season.

“You can’t play everybody,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “I have a plan on how to keep them sharp and productive for themselves and us at the same time. We knew that could potentially happen when we started. You don’t have a good team unless you have too many good bodies.”

I think Dusty Baker is good at many parts of his job. Unfortunately, I’ve lost all faith in him to put the best players on the field every day. I have no confidence in Dusty at all.

Enjoy this final nugget from the dusty one, regarding his refusal to put Ryan Hanigan in the game:

“Ramon has been one of our best, clutch RBI guys,” Baker said.


6 Responses

  1. RampantRedsFan

    Wow, Dusty’s lack of understanding of how the game of baseball works is amazing. I’m not saying that I know more than him, but the guy is just not smart enough to realize that baseball is more than about one stat (RBI’s) How about the runs RH would have produced if he would have been higher in the order?

    Please Walt, fire Dusty, I don’t care if we make it to the playoffs. IF we do make it to the playoffs it would be in spite of him, not because of him.

  2. Glenn

    GRF, now that you mention it Dusty did arrive in Cincy with a rep for abusing the starting pitchers. I haven’t seen any evidence of that here.

  3. Andy

    Love it Preach, good stuff!

    “Or being down by a field goal in the bottom of the seventh and trying to get in one more play by the two minute warning with your big man on the bench with four fouls.”

    I agree it is a long season and easy to blow one game out or proportion, however, Dusty’s lineup construction this season has been about as good as a monkey throwing a dart at a wall with the 25 man roster taped to it.

    I think he does an excellent job managing a clubhouse, but that is about it.

    As mentioned above, I am pleasantly surprised he has managed the pitching staff. There have been a few head scratchers (Harang in the extra inning game against San Diego last year), but I don’t think he has done anything to make me seriously worried about the health of Volquez and Cueto the last two seasons.

  4. Alpha Zero

    Dusty does tend to make some unsual decisions, and while he definitely deserves criticism for playing Taveras over Dickerson, I didn’t have much of a problem with him playing Hernandez and Nix over Hanigan and Gomes last night. Against a tough righty, it makes sense to start the lefty half of your LF platoon in Nix regardless of the fact that Gomes has been fairly hot. In addition, Hanigan has been outstanding, but it’s not like Hernandez has been a slouch either. Both guys are quality starting catchers.

    So while I feel that Dusty is being ridiculously stubborn about the Taveras situation, I don’t think that it’s really fair to pile on about every other mildly questionable decision that he makes after each and every loss.

  5. Plowboy

    I agree that if that the Reds make the playoffs that it will be in spite of Baker, not because of him.

    I might change my opinion on that IF Dusty would simply explain (rationally, please, if that’s at all possible for him to do) the following:

    1. Why Taveras over Dickerson
    2. Why Gonzalez over Janish
    3. Why Hernandez over Hanigan

    It’s that simple. I don’t mind T-Virus, Gonzo, or Ramon playing 3 times a week even, but to PREFER those guys over the others doesn’t make ANY sense to me (and seemingly everybody BUT Dusty).

    All I’m asking for is a rational explanation because statistically, none of this makes sense, and since yes, we as fans DO pay the bills, we’re entitled to a proper answer.