I don’t know about you, but I kinda enjoyed yesterday’s off-day. Maybe fatigue is setting in, and here we aren’t even to the dog days of August yet.

Oh well, another game or two like the last two in Cleveland, and I will have caught my third wind.

The Reds host Arizona tonight to close out what has been a fairly miserable month of June. This month has seen the Reds go just 11-14 (and that’s after the two straight wins over the weekend). The Reds are now at .500, three games out of first and three games out of last place.

So, how much ground have the Redlegs lost after this miserable month? Well, as June began, the Reds were three games over .500…and 3.5 games out of first place (5.5 games out of last).

That’s right; the Reds have played under .500, yet they’ve gained a half-game in the standings. Ain’t life in the NL Central grand?

Bronson Arroyo tonight, and who knows what to expect from him as he faces AZ’s Dan Haren. Keep your fingers crossed and discuss the game here….

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  1. Ramrod

    I’m excited for this game. I want to see this offense continue to stay alive! Let’s go Redlegs! No negative comments here, let’s get back above .500!

  2. Glenn

    Haren’s always pitched us tough. Lets hope the bats are there tonight.

  3. Kevin

    “Hernandez still giddy about being named most outstanding player in the famed Ohio cup” says Marty

  4. Jason

    Wow. I really shouldnt be suprised, but i am, and also very disappointed in the crowd reaction for JV’s first AB. It was like half of them didnt even know he was out for nearly a month and the other half could care less. My brother went tonight just to welcome him back and im guessing he was the only one who gave him a well deserved standing ovation.

  5. Jimmy James

    Just got home. I hate to hear that about Votto’s first AB.

  6. ramrod

    bronson looking good so far. hopefully we can HAVOC a few runs our way. bruuuuuuuuuuce what a throw

  7. jshaw7

    what is that on dusty’s arm, around his elbow??

  8. ramrod

    I missed the bottom of the first… how did wee willy t get out?

  9. ramrod

    need more at bats like hairstons.. have to make haren work if we want a chance.

  10. ramrod

    just like nix is doing right here. ten pitches so far!

  11. Jimmy

    Year after year, it seems
    Reds are swell in April
    Okay in May
    Swoon in June
    Goodbye in July
    Bust by August
    I don’t even remember September.

  12. Kyle

    This one is over. I don’t think we’re getting much for Arroyo.

  13. Jimmy James

    Nice defense to gun down two runners at the plate…

    …then a terrible throw by BP puts the Reds right back into trouble again. It was a great fielding play by Phillips, though. His range is off-the-charts.

  14. Jimmy James

    Funny, Jimmy. Not funny, Kyle. Hope you aren’t right, but I’m afraid that you are.

  15. CarolinaReds

    more of the same Arroyo :poke:

  16. CarolinaReds

    You know, this could easily be 6-0 by now…and Arroyo is being consistent, picking up where he left off with his last start :-(( :emotion:

  17. REDS1

    Just got in. Arroyo stinks again! He is really an albatross right now. I guess the positive side is the way Haren is throwing any of our starters would probably lose tonight. So why not use our batting practice pitcher tonight.

  18. GRF



    ๐Ÿ’ก ๐Ÿ‘ฟ :love: :emotion: :clown:

  19. al

    harren has a good shot at a perfect game tonight.

  20. CarolinaReds

    al: You must know the Reds line up pretty well. Don’t forget Votto is in the line up…otherwise he has a great shot at it, besides it isn’t like we have a .320 guy on our bench along with a better CF that is a lefty…too bad the manager decides to leave them on the bench…along with a .320 hitting OF in Gomes

  21. Jimmy James

    This is a frustrating team.

    What may be more frustrating to me is that I know I’m going to love this team for the rest of my life. I’m stuck.

  22. ty

    carolina, dusty’s getting tired of explaining his terrible lineups to all you front runners

  23. CarolinaReds

    and there’s your “fast” great defensive center fielder…Dickerson would have had that for sure! X(

  24. REDS1

    Jimmy: I know what you mean. I am also an IU football man. I can’t help it I born into it. But I console myself in knowing that I am not a Cubs fan.

    Another nice play by WT.

  25. CarolinaReds

    Wow, here’s our .245 hitting catcher…wonder how frustrating it is to be on the bench knowing that you’re better defensively and are batting consistently .100 over this guy? Can’t do too much for morale.

  26. Kyle

    I didn’t expect Hernandez to hit for average, but I did think he’d have more power than what he has shown.

  27. CarolinaReds

    Janish can’t possibly hit this guy

  28. Kyle

    Jay Bruce ruins the no hitter. Now all we need is a couple of walks followed by a Willy Taveres grand slam.

  29. Jimmy James

    Yeah, at least we aren’t Cubs fans.

    This is what it has devolved into.

  30. CarolinaReds

    Kyle: Do you have insider notes from Dusty?

  31. al

    with the way this team is hitting, i think it’s an accomplishment that we didn’t get no hit. you just have to look on the bright side.

  32. al

    and don’t look now, but bronson may just turn in a quality start. an ugly quality start, but another silver lining none the less.

  33. CarolinaReds

    Looks like Arroyo may end up with a “quality” start :p

  34. earl

    Arroyo has settled in a bit. The guy kind of pitches ugly when he is doing OK. Phillips getting that throw away when he lost his footing might have gave away a run. I don’t think it matters until they can get into the d-back bullpen, as Haren is flat out dealing. I guess it could be worse and Haren could still be a Cardinal.

  35. earl

    I spoke too soon. Criminy what a blast.

  36. Ramrod

    Wooo, Bronson is dealing. Dealing fatties over the middle of the plate.

    Get out of the rotation Bronson, your time is up.

  37. CarolinaReds

    Spoke to soon…no silver lining on Arroyo there al, time for me to get ready for bed, I need a good night sleep…thanks Bronson appreciate it, you suck :poke: :-(( :emotion:

  38. Kyle

    Haren has thrown 79 pitches after 5 for what its worth. The reds have actually done a decent job of making him throw pitches.

  39. al

    haren’s now at 79 pitches. assuming arroyo comes out and dickerson pinch hits for him, it’s concievable that we could have a big enough inning to make him use 25 pitches.

    that might be enough to get him out of the game and give us a few shots at their pen.

  40. Kyle

    Wow, Haren with a HR as well. Reds back under .500

  41. CarolinaReds

    Dusty, pretending to know what he’s doing (eyes roll)

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome…you need to go Arroyo

  42. Jimmy James

    Arroyo’s trade value keeps going up and up. Or not.

  43. Ramrod

    Send him to the DL. Trade him. Anything. Please, I don’t want to see his stupid hair, or watch another 5+ run outing out of this guy.

  44. BigRedMike

    This sucks, this will make it more difficult to trade Arroyo. Taveras sucks.

  45. al

    it’s getting pretty late in the year for bronson to be carrying an ERA near 6. Is it time to start thinking about the DL for him and his carpal tunnel? or at least his inflamed ERA?

  46. The Mad Hatter

    That double switch is just idiotic, what was the thinking behind it?

    Little man in Dusty’s head “Gee, how can I make the defense any worse than it is right now? Oh, take Janish out, move Hairston to short and put Richar at third, that will really screw things up.”

  47. BigRedMike

    No pinch hit, Richar to 3rd, Hairston to SS. Richar will become a 3B if Dusty has any say in it.

  48. REDS1

    Clearly Arroyo has zero trade value.

  49. BigRedMike

    Dusty just does not like Janish, that is pretty obvious.

  50. Matt B.

    What exactly is the point of taking out Janish there? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  51. CarolinaReds

    I started hearing of the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome since this April…this is ridiculous

  52. CarolinaReds

    I keep thinking that the morale must be low on a team that the manager continues to do things like that to people who perform well…just terrible management.

  53. BigRedMike

    Janish comes out since there is no way that Dusty’s boy Hairston would come out of a game.

  54. REDS1

    If the Carpel Tunnel is that bad than just dl him. Because I am positive that we can get at least this much out of anyone.

  55. REDS1

    But again we probably weren’t going to win tonight with anyone so it may as well be Arroyo getting saddled with the loss.

  56. CarolinaReds

    Heisey went 3-4 tonight with a HR and 2rbi’s now batting .368 at AAA, plus going to futures game…him and Travis Wood were only 2 players unanimously elected to the AA all-star game

    Of course if he was in MLB Dusty would just bench him. I’ve decided that no matter how good the team is, if there is a hole somewhere then Dusty will use it to lose. 2011 is the year for the Reds as his contract ends in 2010

  57. CarolinaReds

    and that meaningless hit solidifies keeping Harriston in all games no matter what…is it bad to wish a trip to the DL for someone? ๐Ÿ˜€

  58. GregD

    I don’t wish a DL stint for Hairston. I do wish the manager would make moves that puts his players in a chance to succeed. Hairston at SS does not do that (defensively).

  59. Y-City Jim

    I really hate nights when the Reds just all out suck.

  60. Kurt Frost

    I just came in from outside…why is Taveras playing against a righty and why are the Reds losing 6-1?

  61. Y-City Jim

    and is there a correlation between those two factors (Taveras playing against a righty and the Reds losing)?

  62. REDS1

    This pitching change is a little excessive.

  63. Kyle

    It would be nice to get something going here.

  64. Y-City Jim

    Nice to see Willy beat out one out for a change.

  65. REDS1

    I think the one Brandon swung at was the actually a ball. I’m not sure about the other two that he took.

    Nix with a poor at bat.

  66. Chad Dotson

    I thought Sabo was the human Spuds Mackenzie?

    You’re right, though. Now that you mention it, Nix looks eerily like Spuds.

  67. Y-City Jim

    Another RHer for Arizona tomorrow and we’ll see Dusty trot out Willy again.

  68. Greg

    Another game where Arroyo gives up more runs by the end of the 3rd, than the reds score in 9!!! It’s like he’s making sure the Reds can’t trade him… oh, wait. It’s been this way since the second half of his first year w/ this club!!! ๐Ÿ™

  69. AnnapolisRed

    Comment #5-I was stunned. It was pathetic. I was very disappointed.

  70. AnnapolisRed

    Phillips did cost the Reds a run by a terrible throw, but so did Laynce Nix on the very next batter when he overthrew the cutoff man and nearly overthrew the catcher on a play he had no chance to get the runner out at home. Of course that goes unmentioned. To be fair they were both terrible throws, they both cost the Reds runs, and regardless we still would have gotten killed tonight.

  71. preach

    You consistently groove 83 MPH fastballs across the inner third all night and I don’t care if you have gold glovers at every position, it will not be enough.