There has been some good discussion in the thread below, some of it spurred by this article over at FSN. The author, Jon Paul Morosi, basically says that the Reds were hot and heavy on the trail of Mark DeRosa (who was traded to St. Louis over the weekend), and that they are working hard to procure a right-handed bat.

It’s nice to know that Walt Jocketty is not asleep, I guess.

The names mentioned, let’s be honest, don’t excite me very much (of course, I can’t figure out why they’d want DeRosa either). Josh Willingham. Ty Wigginton. Gary Matthews, Jr. (I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.) Julio Lugo.

(I’m not sure why the Reds would want any of those left fielders as a platoon partner for Laynce Nix. Are any of them substantially better than the current right-handed part of the LF platoon, Jonny Gomes?)

Use this as an open thread to discuss anything you want, but the interesting question is whether you think the Reds should be buyers or sellers right now? Or neither?