A few items for a Monday morning….

–Bronson Arroyo is thinking about having carpal tunnel surgery in the off-season, as it’s still bothering him. Many of you may remember that I had that exact surgery last May. It fixed the problem — or, at least 90% of the problem — but it took a long time for the strength to return fully in that hand/wrist.

Carpal tunnel sucks. If Arroyo’s doctor thinks surgery will fix the problem, I’d urge him to get it done.

–Ramon Hernandez won some award for being the best player in this year’s series of games against Cleveland. I imagine there must be some huge trophy, and probably a substantial cash prize, for such a prestigious award. Hernandez narrowly edged out Jonny Gomes and Arthur Rhodes for the honor.

The 2008 winner of this award plays for the Natinals now, but he sucks anyway because he took too many walks and never tried hard and he kinda smelled bad sometimes and he only hit homers when the game was already out of hand and he couldn’t hit a sac fly if his life depended on it and he looked like Will Ferrell a little bit.

Doug advises us that Zach Stewart has been promoted to AAA Louisville. I was a bit dismayed to see that the Reds were going to be moving Stewart back to the bullpen for the rest of the season, since Stewart has been light-out this year. Doug has a reasonable explanation:

Good move with the bullpen given his innings already this year. I have to imagine he is still viewed as a starter, but the Reds want to play this one on the safe side and I don’t blame them one bit. Stewart is, at least in my opinion, the best starting pitching prospect in the system.

He also discusses Homer Bailey, so go read Doug’s entire post.

–Happy birthday to these people. And me.