A few items for a Monday morning….

–Bronson Arroyo is thinking about having carpal tunnel surgery in the off-season, as it’s still bothering him. Many of you may remember that I had that exact surgery last May. It fixed the problem — or, at least 90% of the problem — but it took a long time for the strength to return fully in that hand/wrist.

Carpal tunnel sucks. If Arroyo’s doctor thinks surgery will fix the problem, I’d urge him to get it done.

–Ramon Hernandez won some award for being the best player in this year’s series of games against Cleveland. I imagine there must be some huge trophy, and probably a substantial cash prize, for such a prestigious award. Hernandez narrowly edged out Jonny Gomes and Arthur Rhodes for the honor.

The 2008 winner of this award plays for the Natinals now, but he sucks anyway because he took too many walks and never tried hard and he kinda smelled bad sometimes and he only hit homers when the game was already out of hand and he couldn’t hit a sac fly if his life depended on it and he looked like Will Ferrell a little bit.

Doug advises us that Zach Stewart has been promoted to AAA Louisville. I was a bit dismayed to see that the Reds were going to be moving Stewart back to the bullpen for the rest of the season, since Stewart has been light-out this year. Doug has a reasonable explanation:

Good move with the bullpen given his innings already this year. I have to imagine he is still viewed as a starter, but the Reds want to play this one on the safe side and I don’t blame them one bit. Stewart is, at least in my opinion, the best starting pitching prospect in the system.

He also discusses Homer Bailey, so go read Doug’s entire post.

–Happy birthday to these people. And me.

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  1. brublejr

    Chad, I liked the description of the 2008 winner (The Will Ferrell part cracked me up) 🙂

    I would tell Bronson to get it done as soon as the team is out of contention (during the season or offseason) The sooner the better, get back to 100% by next year.

    I don’t have a problem limiting his innings…besides they may move him back to start if somebody gets hurt. Heisey had a very nice game last night too.

  2. RiverCity Redleg

    Bruble, let’s not put the Reds out of contention just yet. I’m still working under the assumption that they will remain in contention ’til October.

  3. preach

    Agreed RCR. If we can get the type of production from our number 5 like we did yesterday and this bullpen holds up, we can hang around for a while. A couple of guys hitting an offensive groove, a division where no one wants to run away with it, and one more decent bat is a recipe for the post season.

  4. Jose

    Happy B-day Chad
    its also my sisters B-day

  5. jason1972

    If Adam Dunn hustled, played defense, and had a personality his name would have been Jay Bruce.

  6. brublejr

    I wasn’t meaning they are out of it now…but if something should happen to the point they were, then I think he should shut it down an get it taken care of. Hopefully he won’t have to do that until November 😀

  7. Wire to Wire

    Bronson would probably be ok if they could get him to lay off the guitar for a while.

  8. Dan

    This division is nuts! After 75-ish games, only 5 games separate first from last place!

    Best run differential is +20 (St. Louis). Worst is -30 (Houston). Reds sit at -11.

    Last place team (Pittsburgh) has a better run differential (+6) than one of the first-place teams (Milwaukee at +3)!


  9. Dan

    For perspective, best run differential in baseball is – get this – Tampa Bay at +87! 2nd is the Dodgers at +84.

    Worst, by a good margin, are Washington at -98 and San Diego at -82.

  10. John

    Wire to Wire, we would all be okay if Bronson laid off the guitar.

    Seriously, though, if Bronson is pitching through carpal tunnel, and that’s why he’s been blowing up lately, they need to do something with him other than running him out every 5 days to blow up some more.

  11. Dan

    Anyway, I looked that up to get an idea of whether or not it makes sense for the Reds to be “buyers” this year.

    I think the fact remains that we have basically a .500 team here. True, we are only 2.5 games back, and true, anything can happen in a short playoff series… but is it really worth it to trade off good young players (which I assume is what we’d be doing) to make our longshot odds slightly less longshot-y?

    I, for one, don’t like it. We’re just not that good this year, and not even someone like Matt Holliday will change that. He might get us from 80 wins to 82 or 83. Is that really worth it?

    I say, be patient, stay young, and keep the horizon as long as possible.

    I think most people here disagree w/ me on this, yes? Just wanted to get the question out there. There are good arguments on both sides.

  12. REDS1

    Dan: You make some good commonsense points. However, at what point does the team actually address the problems. Is the front office just going to wait for something to happen? How long will that take? How many years have they been doing that with no success. I just really hope they have a plan. If they have a plan I can deal with that. But good points by all. I almost think we could roll anybody ot there and they would be as sucessful as Arroyo.

  13. Dan

    And *IF* we are buyers, what should we really be buying?

    I can understand looking for upgrades at SS, but why are we looking into mediocre outfielders? Are Josh Willingham or Gary Matthews Jr. really ANY better than Jonny Gomes? I sure don’t think so.

  14. GregD

    Where would Derosa have played if the Reds would have been successful trading for him (as they were rumored to be in the bidding)?

    I agree partially with Dan. I don’t want to see three top prospects in AAA/AA traded for 2-3 months of a player rental. But I’d be willing to move the “2nd best” prospects for a helpful part. Without knowing the exact players involved, it’s really hard to speculate.

    Would you move Maloney, Roenicke and Francisco for Holliday? Would you go much higher than that in terms of prospects?

    I still think the best bang for the buck would be going after a Peralta or Tejada or someone like that for SS. Don’t know who in the SS world is available.

    As already mentioned, the Reds could get the biggest bang for their buck playing the best 8. That includes

    Hanigan more than once per week
    Edwin at 3rd when he’s activated
    A Gomes/Nix platoon in LF
    Dickerson, at least vs RH starters in CF

  15. GregD

    Where would Willingham play?

    Thankfully, the Matthews “connection” appears to be writer speculation only because Baker played with his dad. I don’t see the Reds taking on that kind of contract (5yr/$50M thru 2011)for someone who had just one good year three years ago.

    Lugo is an interesting name at SS. His production over his career has been so inconsistent that you don’t know what you’ll have with him, though likely a better top of the order option than A-Gon or Janish.

  16. GregD

    “Yes, the Cincinnati Reds wanted Mark DeRosa in the worst way. And on Sunday, two industry sources said the Reds are still very much engaged in their search for right-handed hitting.”

    Geesh. Still the fascination with RH hitting. And they already have a lineup that could sport 6-7 RH bats vs. vs LHP.

    And they’re supposedly looking for a part-time RH bat who would replace one of the better part-time RH bats (Gomes) that they have? How would playing Willingham (or insert name of your choice here) instead of Gomes help this team in the win column???

  17. Mark in CC

    Sounds like Arroyo is more concerned with his guitar playing than his pitching.

    Chad: Be carefull talking about the Will Farrell look-a-like. You don’t want to get yourself that arroused this early on your birthday.

    Greg D: They might be able to play 6 to 7 righthanded hitters against a LHP but when Jeremy Sowers can shut you down you better be on the lookout for better ones.

  18. doug

    Well that didn’t work at all did it? I think I forgot to close the tags….
    Lets try this one more time. These guys are reportedly included in the PTBNL group that can be chosen from.

    Daryl Jones

    a href=”http://firstinning.com/players/Jess-Todd-a/”>Jess Todd

  19. Dan

    Don’t fret, Doug. I’m sure you do some other things well. Do you make a nice souffle? Write touching love songs? Anything?

    Blogging is hard… maybe it’s not for you.


  20. GregD

    Doug – I had some problems last week with that tag. I believe the following works:

    #a href=”http://url.com”%Enter title here#/a%

    # with

  21. GregD

    Mark in CC – I don’t disagree. My exact sentiment this past offseason. Replacing Gomes with Derosa or Willingham isn’t my idea of getting better ones.

  22. Glenn

    Greg, I would have loved to have had DeRosa on the roster if for no other reason than to keep him from killing the Reds!

  23. Matthew

    Call me crazy, but if the Reds are willing to step up to the plate and make a trade it should be for a difference maker. I would love to see the Reds trade for Cliff Lee, who will take pressure off the Reds staff. Yes he will cost us a boatload of prospects, but the guy is a stud and I bet he will be traded this season. Plus he is under contract at reasonable numbers. In order to afford his salary, the Reds should dump Arroyo or Harang on some other team.

  24. Y-City Jim

    Fay first said he thought that Encarnacion would be back Tuesday but now he says probably not until Friday based on his conversation with Walt Jocketty. I don’t have a problem with management’s argument that EE was starting from scratch and do not want him to be struggling. I want to see him come out firing on all cylinders.

  25. Y-City Jim

    I can live with the Reds staying pat if Dusty will platoon Taveras and Dickerson, play Janish at SS a majority of the time, and give Hanigan substantial playing time behind the plate. Let’s just stay with the plan and allow the club to mature with the talent in the system.