Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 7
Cleveland 3
WP: Bailey (1-0)
LP: Ohka (0-2)

–Smilin’ side of the scoreboard!

–This was absolutely the best lineup that Dusty Baker has put on the field all year long. Kudos to the dusty one. Plug a healthy Edwin Encarnacion into this lineup, and you’ve really got something.

–Paul Janish got on base two times and his defense was nothing short of exceptional. He has so much range out there, and his arm is a cannon. Heck, even Chris Welsh and George Grande (President and VP, respectively, of the Alex Gonzalez Fan Club) were praising Janish all over the place.

I don’t know how Janish will hit over an extended period of playing time, but watching him play shortstop next to Brandon Phillips is a joy. Best defense up the middle that we’ve seen in Cincinnati in a long time.

–Three hits for Jerry Hairston (1 double), and two each for Chris Dickerson (1 double), Joey Votto (1 double), and Laynce Nix (both doubles). Offense! I like it!

–Top two guys in the lineup were 5-10. Take note, Dusty…it helps the offense when the top of the order gets on base.

–More good work by the bullpen: Nick Masset, Arthur Rhodes, Francisco Cordero, and some other guy combined to shut out the Indians after Homer Bailey left the game.

–Jay Bruce was 1-2 with a homer, a BB, a sac fly, and 2 RBI. We’ve said it before, I know, but he looked a little better at the plate tonight. Keep your fingers crossed.

–None, really. I guess you could put the first item in the “ETC.” section below into the “negatives” column, but I’m torn on it.

–Can’t put David Bailey’s performance tonight in either the positive or the negative column. In many ways, it looked like the same old Homer. Seven walks is terrible. Period. Someone needs to smack Homer in the head and tell him to challenge hitters.

On the other hand, Bailey had velocity unlike I’ve ever seen from him in his major league starts. He was 93+ the entire game, and was hitting 98 around the 100 pitch mark. The splitter doesn’t look bad, and those walks were from a failure to locate his fastball. If you’re trying to look at a glass that’s half-full, you’d note that Bailey’s command of his fastball in AAA has been exceptional, so maybe it’s an anomaly.

In the end, not a good start, but there is reason for hope. I think. Maybe.

–I love those uniforms the Indians were wearing tonight.

–Okay, Reds can win the series and even up their record on this road trip with a win tomorrow afternoon. Let’s do it.