You know, we all had a good laugh at this absurd article from The Onion that accused Brandon Phillips of taking pretzels to the field as a between-pitches snack. Funny, right?

Well, the best humor is always based in truth. And the truth is that Brandon Phillips is a lazy player who does not always have his head in the game.

We’ve documented this trend many times this season. Now this, per Hal McCoy:

Brandon Phillips made a la-de-dah throw from second base, a lob that bounced in front of first baseman Joey Votto and skipped past for a throwing error that led to two unearned run (sic). Then Phillips hit one that he thought was a home run and went into his strut, but the ball hit the top of the wall and bounced back in.

Phillips is being short and snippy with the media since we all reported that he refused to look for a sign from the third base coach in Kansas City and swung at a 3-and-0 pitch when he had the take sign.

Embarrassing. Embarrassing. Embarrassing. Phillips has too much talent to piddle it away.

If you are tired of The Brandon Phillips Show, stand up and be counted.