Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 7
Toronto 5
WP: Cueto (7-4)
LP: Camp (0-3)
S: Cordero (18)

–Smilin’ side of the scoreboard!

–Seven runs? Fifteen hits? Who are these guys, and what have they done with our Reds?

–Have we mentioned that Joey Votto is back, and we’re happy about that? Votto came out slugging tonight, going 4-5 with a double, 2 runs scored, 3 RBI, and the homer that put the Reds on top to stay. The guy is just clutch. Give him a honey-baked ham; he’s the star of the game.

–Jonny “Not Darnell McDonald” Gomes continues to rip the ball. Two more hits tonight, including a double, a run scored, and an RBI. Heck, he even threw in a base on balls too. Gomes’ BA is .351; his OBP is .449. Someone explain to me why Gomes hasn’t been on the roster all season long.

–Some guy named Paul Janish played shortstop tonight. He did okay, I guess. Just two hits (one of those a double) and a run scored, plus some great defense. Still, he’s no Alex Gonzalez (according to Chris Welsh; see below).

–Outstanding work by the bullpen, after Johnny Cueto tried his hardest to blow the game. Nick Masset, Francisco Cordero, and some other guy pitched three scoreless, hitless innings to close out the game.

–Clearly Willy Taveras is a superstar and Dusty Baker is the smartest manager alive. A 3-5 day brings his June numbers up to .074/.074/.074. And now we’re going to see Taveras in the leadoff spot for the rest of the season. Woo-hoo!

–Johnny Cueto blew another big lead, for the second straight start. Not good. Not good at all.

–Wee Willy had an excellent game, but there is still no justification whatsoever for having Taveras at leadoff and Chris Dickerson hitting ninth. An absolutely ludicrous decision, and that doesn’t change just because Taveras lucked into a couple of hits. Unfortunately, all it’s going to do is embolden Dusty. He’ll be more stubborn now. After all, he knows that he’s always the smartest man in the room.

–Joey Votto!

–We love Reds broadcaster Chris Welsh. He’s the best. But he said tonight that Janish was “not that much of a step back” defensively from Gonzo. Sorry, Chris, but that’s just absurd. You’ve got it backwards. Paul Janish is so much better defensively at shortstop than 2009 Alex Gonzalez, it’s not even close (2004 Gonzo, maybe you have an argument). Janish was dazzling tonight.

So much fun to watch a guy that can pick it out there. Janish and Brandon Phillips are an outstanding combo up the middle.

–Okay, good win. Reds avoid the sweep. Let’s hope the good guys can take two of three in Cleveland this weekend.