No, we haven’t given up on the current season, but let’s talk about the future. First of all, it appears that Chris Heisey and JC Sulbaran have been selected to play in that All-Star Futures game that I ignore every year during the All-Star break. Heisey will play for the US team, while Sulbaran will play for “the rest of the world.” I’m not sure where that country is located, but I think it’s near Iceland.

Of more interest to me is this item from minor league guru John Sickels that I’ve been meaning to link. He puts into words some of the things I had been thinking about this year’s draft class for the Reds:

While some might consider Arizona State RHP Mike Leake an overdraft at eighth overall, I don’t; I think that’s an excellent pick. He has very good stuff, and his excellent pitchability makes it all play up. USC RHP Brad Boxberger in the supplemental round needs to sharpen his control, but he is also an experienced college pitcher with good stuff, and also a legitimate pick in that spot. Second round Mississippi prep shortstop Billy Hamilton is an incredible athlete; quite raw, but with very high upside. University of Houston lefty Donnie Joseph looks like a sound choice in the third round, on the basis of his low-90s fastball, good slider, and strong college numbers. Fourth round UNC catcher Mark Fleury has decent power, a measure of patience, and should be solid with the glove. Dan Tuttle, fifth round North Carolina HS RHP, is a raw arm, but adds some youth to a college-oriented draft. Sixth round Oral Roberts RHP Mark Serrano and seventh round Cal State Fullerton OF Josh Fellhauer are steady college performers who won’t be stars but should get to the majors in some capacity. I like the mixture of skill picks with some tool picks.

I love the mix of college guys that the Reds drafted. It’s way too early to draw any conclusions, but I’m satisfied at this point that the Reds did a pretty good job this year.

One guy that I’m very interested in watching is Hamilton. I’m wary of toolsy high-school guys, but I’m also prone to do the same things scouts do: drool over these guys. Everything I read about Hamilton is that he has a huge upside, and he’s still young, so there’s room for a lot of growth. Plus, the guy had a scholarship to an SEC school to play football. That ain’t beanbag, as the man says.