A quick comparison after 24 games….

Darnell McDonald: 24 games, 0 homers, 1 RBI, 9 TB, 3 BB, 40 AB, .175 BA, .250 OBP, .225 SLG, 465 OPS

Jonny Gomes: 24 games, 2 homers, 9 RBI, 30 TB, 7 BB, 49 AB, .327 BA, .433 OBP, .551 SLG, 984 OPS

If you will recall, Walt Jocketty thought that McDonald was a better option for the Reds out of spring training. Can someone explain that?

At least McDonald always played hard. We can’t say that for everyone on the current roster.

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  1. GRF

    There is no explanation, but at least they finally caught the issue and fixed it, as opposed to the current situation we have been flogging to death.

    Was good to hear Walt say he expects us to be buyers, now we will see if he knows what to buy.

  2. Glenn

    McDonald had a pretty good spring and my theory is that WJ thought that the former #1 pick (I think?) had finally gotten his act together. It sure didn’t pan out once they started playing for real.

    The good news was that WJ was able to realize his mistake and he corrected the situation.

    I’m hoping the same thinking dawns on his regarding Taveras.

  3. Glenn

    That should read “dawns on him”.

  4. Dan

    Well, the Gomes up/McDonald down decision was Walt’s. The decision about playing Taveras is Dusty’s.

  5. Travis G.

    I’d like to see Taveras hit the 15-day disabled list to rest his hammy and give Stubbs an audition.

    Taveras could try to regain his timing during a minor-league rehab stint, and if he can’t, then cut him loose and eat next year’s salary. Hopefully, Stubbs will have shown he can stick. If Taveras gets back to the player he was through mid-May, then he can help this team.

  6. Glenn

    Sounds like a plan Travis. Unfortunately, the Reds won’t follow it…too much logic.

  7. GregD

    It’s different from organization to organization, but the trend in a lot of organizations is increasingly for the front office to make the call on playing time.

    And even if it is not that dramatic, the manager doesn’t operate in a vacuum. The GM and manager are on the same page about the role of each player on the current 25-man roster. Jocketty is not unilaterly moving people up and down and letting Baker unilaterily decide what to do with those players.

  8. David

    To bring up Stubbs, the Reds would have to make room on the 40 man roster. That would be difficult right now. Also, while I am a huge proponent of calling up Stubbs to man CF, the Reds do have Dickerson, Taveras, Gomes, Nix, and Bruce already. Adding another Stubbs when the Reds clearly won’t bench Taveras hinders the situation.

  9. GregD

    Which still leaves me scratching my head why they made room for Richar? Still, they’ve got at least 1 or 2 guys who could probably clear waivers.

  10. Travis G.

    According to this roster, Bray isn’t on any disabled list. Which, obviously, is not correct.

    They’ll need another spot on the 40-man roster whenever EdE’s ready to return, but they can clear that by moving Castillo to the 60-day DL. I forgot Stubbs wasn’t already on the 40-man, but I don’t see a problem with starting his option clock this season if the alternative is more Taveras.

    If Bray’s already on the 60-day DL, then they’ve got to expose someone to waivers (who?) or move Lincoln to the 60-day.

  11. GregD

    According to Asst GM Bob Miller:

    grf1212: Why hasn’t Bray been moved to the 60-day DL to free a spot on the 40-man roster? Is there a chance he will be back in the next 2 months?

    bob_miller: Bray is actually on the minor league disabled list and not the Major League disabled list. To put him on the 60-day at the Major League level we would have to recall him and place him on the Major League DL. Then he would get Major League service, which would make him a free agent a year earlier, which wouldn’t make sense. Bill is out for the rest of this year and we hope he’ll be ready for Spring Training next year.

    IMO, waive him, he doesn’t get claimed on waivers, and then sign him to a minor league deal. Though, I’m not sure if there are rules against that for players on the DL.

  12. GregD

    Stubbs wouldn’t use an option this year unless after being added to the 40-man roster he was later sent back down. If he’s called up and stays all year, no option is used.

    Also, we’ve already passed the date for Super-2 arbitration. So that sometimes problem of calling up prospects early in the year has passed also.

  13. mike

    hey Glenn, I just how what you say is not the truth
    EVERYBODY knows players don’t “get their act together” at age 30

    just doesn’t happen

  14. Ben

    While I agree that Jocketty should get credit for cutting bait on Darnell, let us not forget that it took him six weeks to reach the conclusion that 99% of us reached before Opening Day.

    In other words, he wasn’t exactly ahead of the curve on that one. Anyone with a brain knew that Gomes would be better than Darnell.

    Even worse, Jocketty took a chance on losing Gomes in order to keep McDonald. (Not that Gomes is some super-valuable player, but his skill set is much more valuable to this Reds team than McDonald’s lack-of-skill set.) It makes so little sense on so many levels, it’s just insane.

    So, yeah, give him credit for making the correct move eventually. But if he knew what he was doing, he never would have kept Darnell in the first place.

  15. Steve

    I know that one “insider” concern about Gomes in the spring was whether or not he had “batting practice power” – meaning he looked great hitting home runs in simulated situations, but might not hit well enough in MLB competition.

    Not saying I agree with that, just passing it along. Obviously, having D. McDonald on the roster instead of Gomes may have cost us a few games.

  16. mike

    I remember reading something like that this spring.
    But I also remember reading that he could hit, draw walks but his defense was very suspect

    Of course the hits in practice is a strange idea
    This was a guy with a career 105 OPS+ and 66 HR in over 1400 plate appearances before this season with clear L/R splits

    so it’s not like he can’t hit. Nothing to write home about but perfect as a part time player vs lefties and pop off the bench when he’s not starting.

  17. Bill Lack

    And that hustling play he made backing up 3rd base, with a throw to the plate was one for the highlight reel (no matter what the idiotic ump at 3rd base said about interference by Rosales)…

  18. Jimmy James

    Nope, it was definitely Gomes.

  19. AnnapolisRed

    I don’t believe Bray can be released if he’s on the DL. I’m not so sure somebody wouldn’t claim him either.

  20. Pete

    I’m sorry Bill, I was confused. It was Gomes that made the hustling play.