Joey Votto is with the team in Toronto. This is great news.

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  1. Matt B.

    It looks like Dusty confused the 30th with the 23rd. It’s ok; it happens.

  2. pinson343

    It is great news, but I’m a little concerned that the sudden return could result in a relapse.

    I’m surprised that WJ and Dusty, given how conservative they are on the side of safe decisions, let Joey convince them that he’s ready. He must have been very convincing.

    I think it’s being Toronto, Joey’s hometown, was a factor and having the DH option for him was a very big factor.

    Welcome back, Joey !

  3. mike

    pinson I’d agree with you if the issue was physical but the issue seemed to be emotional/mental.

    so if a player is having an emotional/mental issue with the game and they say “I’m ready” I think you have to go with it

    either way, now it’s just a matter of EE getting back and the team could really start to roll. That is, if Dickerson is the CFer

  4. RiverCity Redleg

    It’s a glorious day for the Queen City!

  5. Sultan of Swaff

    I’m sure he’ll DH tonite so you can keep Hernandez and Hanigan in the lineup at the same time. Ease Joey back into the flow.

  6. Glenn

    Let’s hope this all is behind Joey and he puts some offense into this sorry lineup. Without Votto, the Reds are a very lackluster team.

  7. GregD

    Just as I said the with Encarnacion comment yesterday, I think the Reds were intentionally conservative publicly with their timeframe for Votto. That way, if he comes back for the Toronto series, he’s ahead of schedule, but if he needs the extra days, it’s all going according to plan.

    It’s interesting how EVERY media member correctly “guessed” that Votto would return for the Toronto series.

  8. nick in va

    Good to have him back. I hope he has successfully worked out whatever issues he was dealing with.