From this AM’s Enquirer:

Baker’s comments today are a mix of the SOS and new comments that are indefensible.

In the SOS category:

“First they want (Laynce) Nix to play instead of Dickerson,” Baker said. “Now they want Dickerson instead of Taveras. It’s a long season, and you’ve got to go with a guy’s track record as well as what he’s doing now too.

Let’s examine this….Laynce Nix is putting up .264/.315/.520 numbers (3rd on the team in OPS, 2nd if you eliminate Votto who has played in just over 1/2 the team’s games) and leads the team in doubles. Would I like to see the OBP higher? Sure, but I’m thrilled with the job he’s done.

At the time, Dickerson was struggling both offensively and defensively.

So, Dusty, the fans were right and you made the change a few days after claiming that you “weren’t a front runner”.

And in the “track record” category, let’s examine that also.

In his 4 previous major league seasons, Taveras has posted OBP’s of .325, .333, .367, and last year .308. (We won’t even talk about his power numbers, they don’t exist.) Right now, his OBP is .270 AND HE’S LEADING OFF!

In the new comment category:

“Quite honestly, I’m getting a little tired of having to justify who I play and why, and how long and when.”

My reaction?

A) Being second guessed is part of something any manager should have learned to deal with LONG before he was in his 16th year as a manager.

B) Make decisions that are reasonable to anyone with a lick of common sense and you won’t have to deal with it.

Taveras is 1 for his last 46. He has not drawn a walk since May 23rd. His OPS for the month of June is .024(correction) .048. YES, you read that right… .048 on the 20th day of the month. He has been on base ONE TIME IN JUNE (though to be fair, he did miss 5 games with a hamstring issue).

From Lance’s blog:

During his 14 game hitting streak: 24-59 .407 average
All other games: 23-156 .147 average

Since May 13 (the final game of his hitting streak, he was 0 for his last 2 that night):
8-96 (.083) with 3 walks

So, Dusty, not only do you continue to play him nearly every single night…you continue to hit him in the first or second slot in the order!! Nothing like getting the worst offensive player presently on your squad as many plate appearances as you can.

Then in today’s Enquirer, it says Taveras will return to the lineup tonight and tomorrow against two lefty Chicago pitchers, despite the fact that Chris Dickerson got more hits last night than Taveras has gotten all month.

I know we’ve covered all this, and other than the fact that he’s playing at worse than replacement levels, none of this is Taveras’ doing.

Right now, the management of this team is not doing everything it can to help this team stay in contention. At some point the GM of this team should have called Baker and said, “Taveras again tonight? REALLY?”