From Lance’s Blog:

Alonso to the DL
From Jamie Ramsey of the Reds
1b Yonder Alonso (Carolina) broke his right hamate bone (a hand bone) yesterday in the nightcap of a doubleheader at Tennessee when he swung at a pitch….he has been placed on Carolina’s DL.

Guess now we know why Spotlight Player Logan Parker replaced him in last night’s game.

UPDATE: This morning’s Enquirer (6/20) is reporting that Alonso will “probably have surgery and be out at least 6 weeks.”

It also has some info on Reds #1 pick Mike Leake, who reportedly was going to be shut down with tendinitis, but threw Friday night for Arizona State.

4 Responses

  1. doug

    While Lance and others keep saying hand bone, the hamate is more wrist than hand. Its not good for power anytime soon, as its known to sap a players power for about a year after its healed. No long term issues are likely though.

  2. shane

    I changed my mind then, don’t call him up

  3. John Joyce

    Surgery for this actually is a good thing, it makes it heal faster. Conservative recovery is 6-8 weeks, but with the surgery he will be rehabing quicker than without it.