The Sporting News’ front page article:

They don’t mention the Reds’ needs (they’re talking about “contenders” and apparently don’t see the Reds as such; honestly, I don’t either)…but they do mention some other team’s needs.

Phillies/Brewers – Starting pitching

I don’t know what they have available in young players that could help the Reds (corner OF / SS / C / 3B?) and I don’t know that I’d be willing to make a deal with the Brewers, but I’d see if the Phillies had any interest in Arroyo (hopefully) or Harang.

Tampa – Closer

If they felt like a closer could make a difference, what about Cordero to them? Again, I don’t know what they have available, but on this team an expensive closer still seems like an extravagance.


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  1. Andy

    Agreed with Mr. Redlegs. The Cordero contract is a real albatross for this team right now. If the Rays are in contention at the dead line they might add someone without long-term financial commitments (i.e. last year of contract), but that would certainly preclude Cordero from the conversation.

    We are lucky that he’s at least performed so far this year, but he’s worth nowhere near what we’re paying for him and I’ll eat my shirt if he’s still an elite closer two years from now. It was and always has been a stupid contact. The Reds couldn’t afford to sign a better left fielder last off-season because almost 16% of payroll is committed to a guy who throws 2-3 innings a week. I would be ecstatic if we could find some sucker to on his contract for a few minor league scrubs, but most likely it would be a big market team.

  2. Andy

    I was trying to think of a couple of buy-low options on a prospects that were THE name and have dropped off in recent years (like Brandon Phillips was).

    Andy Marte 3B – Still just 25 and currently in AAA Buffalo for Cleveland
    Brandon Wood SS/3B – Just 24 with the Angels

    Can anyone else think of some others that I am missing?

  3. The Mad Hatter

    I think we can plug a hole and it won’t cost neither Taveras or Gonzalez, Jermayne Dye for Homer Bailey, Chris Dickerson and Paul Janish. We don’t want to use them so someone should.

  4. per14

    #14: On a good team, okay, maybe. But I put a .400 OBP player near the top of my lineup regardless of his speed or his power. Any other viewpoint doesn’t understand baseball. It’s all about not making outs and giving Votto and BP changes to drive in runs with their power.

  5. Glenn

    Given his salary for the next two years, coupled with his total lack of production, I can’t imagine any team taking Tavaras off the Reds hands. Wrapping him up in a deal would more likely be looked at as a deal breaker than a pot sweatener. Unless they eat his salary, Tavaras will probably be with the club all year.

  6. Glenn

    I’ve heard a lot of talk about benching Gonzalez and putting in Janish based on Janish being a better hitter.
    IMO switching one out for the other would just be a wash. He started the season out pretty well, but in the long haul I’m just not sure at all that Janish is a better hitter. He might turn out to be as good as Gonzo at the plate, but no where in his development has J been thought of as a difference maker with the bat. I’d have no problem with Dusty playing him more than he does but I don’t think the Reds are going to be any better offensively with Janish in there.

  7. Glenn

    I’d have to agree with you Travis. The team has a winning record. No one’s running off and hiding in the NL Central. There’s no sense in trading key (producing) players off this roster at this point in the season. Let’s wait and see how this plays out. If the team goes in the tank that approach should be rethought.