I know we’ve all discussed much of this, but I wanted to post it up for those who may have missed the news. First of all, Joey Votto was in the dugout yesterday, in uniform, and lookin’ good. He took batting practice and is expected to head out on a minor league rehab assignment this week.

Other news:

–Edwin Encarnacion took batting practice today — 25 swings. “It feels good,” he said of his wrist/hand. “Couple more days, I’m going to playing.” He was referring to a minor-league rehab. Baker cautioned: “He’s been close before,” Baker said. “We’ve got to make sure he’s not sure the next day.”

–Edinson Volquez threw from 110 feet today. He’s take a day off, then throw from 120. After that, he’ll throw off the mound. He’ll also go on rehab — either in Dayton or Louisville. “We’ve got to build him back up,” Baker said. “It’s not around the corner. It’s around a couple of corners.”

So there you go. Maybe the cavalry is on its way and the Reds can start to rebound.

UPDATE: On Votto:

Joey Votto took BP today. He hasn’t lost his stroke. He says he is leaving tonight on his rehab. More details to follow.

Oh man, I hope he’s going to be in Carolina, since I’ll be watching them play a couple of games this weekend.

In other news, Mike Lincoln has been placed on the disabled list with a bulging ERA. Josh Roenicke has been recalled. Welcome, Josh!

UPDATED: Mr. Hal McCoy reports that Votto’s rehab starts tomorrow in Sarasota.

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  1. Travis G.

    In this case, no gnews is good gnews.

    Despite all of our constant complaints this month, it’s amazing that the Reds are only three games back and a game over .500 without their two best hitters (one of whom stunk in his very limited action so far).

  2. Rich

    Just heard that Josh Roenicke will be called up to the Reds in time for tonight’s game in Atlanta.

  3. Steve

    Still pretty unbelievable we are playing with 13 pitchers, even with this opportunity to fix that. I mean, that’s a joke. Our hitting has been terrible and our pitching pretty solid.

    Drew Stubbs isn’t a better all around player than Willy Taveras? One of our IF not better than Adam Rosales has been playing? Come on, give it a try.

    This is all about (small amounts of) money, stubbornness and unwillingness to make a mistake.

    I wonder if we lost another hitter to injury if we would carry 14 pitchers! or 15!

    Terrible player management. Discouraging.

  4. David


    Considering how many extended extra inning games and rain delays we have seen so far this year, having 13 pitchers has probably been helpful.

  5. Sultan of Swaff

    We’ve got 99 games left. We have to win 58 of them to get to 90 wins. With our full squad I have no doubts we can play .580 ball, but with the ragtag bunch we have now it’s unrealistic. Our season may hinge on our ability to hold the fort down until the cavalry arrives.

  6. GRF

    FWIW, BP had its comparison of the 3 competitors in the NL Central. They praised the defense (maybe they have been reading the threads here) they had the following to say about where we go from here:

    Taveras broke an 0-for-32 slide last night, and while Dickerson may not be a world-beater, his .240/.364/.362 line looks like Rickey Henderson next to Wee Willy’s .228/.281/.286. At the very least, he should be starting in center field and leading off against righties. Not that it would kill GM Walt Jocketty to do something besides watch this offense bleed out, which is exactly what it’s doing; the team is hitting .202/.284/.303 this month while averaging 3.3 runs per game. With Encarnacion dealing with a wrist injury, a return to productivity is no guarantee. Alas, the Reds face financial constraints, which make a major move a longshot. Even so, Mark DeRosa would make a particularly useful pickup, and there’s probably a bargain to be had in sifting through the Nationals’ bin of irregular outfielders.

    Help could come from within. Center fielder Drew Stubbs, their first-round pick from 2006 and now the team’s third-best prospect, is hitting .306/.392/.429 at Triple-A Louisville. Todd Frazier, their first-round pick from 2007 and now their second-best prospect, is hitting a searing 331/.377/.508 at Double-A Carolina; he can play left field, first base, third, and shortstop, though not necessarily well. Homer Bailey has gone 6-5 with a 3.13 ERA and 8.1 K/9, and might either augment the pitching staff or serve as fodder for a deal which minimizes the amount of salary the team has to take on. While none of these solutions is perfect, at least the Reds have options, not to mention a shot at their first .500 record since 2000.

  7. Y-City Jim

    Taveras and Gonzalez are prime examples of this organization’s refusal to own up to mistakes. They know that few, if any, other organizations are willing to take them off their hands so they play them everyday even though there are more productive players that could take their places. The Reds success will be limited as long as they adhere to that mentality. You succeed when you put your best players on the field.

  8. Y-City Jim

    Add to that most of our best prospects are stuck at AA because there are career minor leaguers standing in their way at AAA. Demote the career minor leaguers and promote the true prospects.

  9. Y-City Jim

    Same line-up as last night against the RH Javier Vazquez (4-5, 3.31). Contain your excitement.

  10. Y-City Jim

    Joey Votto took BP today. He hasn’t lost his stroke. He says he is leaving tonight on his rehab.

  11. GRF

    Lincoln suffering from the dreaded inflamed WHIP and ERA.

  12. brublejr

    Sounds like good news. I agree with Steve and wonder why another pitcher. Why not Barker for a few games on the bench to pinch hit or give Ramon/Ryan a day off? I really wish Lincoln doesn’t return to the Reds…ever…he is my Weathers/Graves combination.

  13. brublejr

    BTW fellas…Bailey pitched another outstanding game today. 8 IP, 7 H, 1 BB, 7 SO, ERA now under 3 for the year. Last 4 starts…31.3 IP, 24 H, 1 ER, 5 BB, 30 SO. I would say that splitter is doing well for him 🙂

  14. Glenn

    With Lincoln leaving the team ERA probably dropped by two points.