Got an email from a loyal reader, and it brought up an interesting point:

I keep hearing Red fans talking about how excellent our rotation has been, but we all should be giving the credit to the defense.

tRA is a pitching stat from that basically neutralizes luck and park effects, only including the stuff a pitcher can control: K’s, BB’s, LD%, GB%, FB%, HR%, ETC, with a formula that puts weights on the correct pitching aspects.

Anyway, the Reds’ rotation, based on tRA, is about 24 runs above average. The defense, however, has masked the rotation as being 6 runs above average, as it has taken away about 31 expected runs. Obviously the staff has the potential to be very good once Volquez comes back and Arroyo can log enough innings to not have his stats inflated by the two rough starts at the beginning of the season, but right now, it’s all about the defense.

Just wanted to give something else to consider.