Forgive the less-than-delicate headline; just a little play on “Willy, Mickey, and the Duke.” Yes, I know, I’m ever so clever.

Anyway, how about this comparison?

Willy Taveras, Reds CF/leadoff hitter, through June 13, 2009:
.229 batting average, .283 on-base percentage, .289 slugging percentage, 572 OPS

Corey Patterson, Reds CF/leadoff hitter, through June 13, 2008:
.195 batting average, .232 on-base percentage, .352 slugging percentage, 584 OPS

Dusty Baker for Manager of the Decade!!!

7 Responses

  1. jason1972

    Dusty’s teams have historically made the playoffs despite his presence in my opinion, they guy is just an awful manager.

  2. A.

    “but I don’t know that Earl Weaver himself could’ve coaxed 4 runs/game out of this bunch.”

    Put JH JR in for Gonzo, bat Hanigan 6th or 7th, not 8th, and play Dickerson over Taveras vs RHP (and LHP for all I care). Then we’ll score 4 runs/game.

  3. Max

    Dusty isn’t responsible for the talent level, but he IS responsible for getting the most out of what he’s given. Players do not have to have great talent to do things fundamentally correct. Are the Reds executing? Who’s responsibility is it? Is the best line-up available to him being put on the field each day?

    Dusty was a horrible choice from the beginning. He’s a good, nice man….but is inept as a manager. Once the Reds went to trying to play small-ball offensively, it was only a matter of time before Dusty’s inability to TRULY MANAGE would be exposed.

    Here we are folks, he’s being exposed.

  4. Brian

    We can blame Dusty all we want, but the Reds simply need better options to put in the line-up. The players that we have that should play everyday on any team is Votto (DL), Phillips, Nix/Gomes (I like them as a platoon), Bruce (even with his slump).
    As bad as Willy is, I don’t believe that Dickerson is the answer in CF, should he be given a shot, yes, but if you remember he played awful to start the year and played is way out of being the starting LF. So yes, he should be given a shot but he is not the answer there.
    I also like the Hernandez/Hanigan duo at C, I think that Hernandez started to come on the past month and then Dusty started hitting him 4th and 5th and he just isn’t that good. If you keep him and Hanigan as a platoon at C and keep them hitting 7th and 8th then there numbers will look much better than having Ramon hitting 4/5.
    Other than that, our Bench, there is no one that should be an everyday player. Janish I think deserves more of a shot cause he can flat out pick-it and I have no doubt he could put up similar numbers to the SS in Tampa has this year and did last year (can’t think of his name right now).

    Simply put the Reds need an infusion of a middle of the order presence and lead off hitter. It is a shame to see the great bullpen (minus Lincoln) and rotation go to waste night in and night out. They have to go get someone soon (in my opinion) because Votto and Phillips need someone else in the lineup whether it be a leadoff type guy or middle of the order type guy. There are enought positions that are holes for the Reds to where it doesn’t matter where the guy plays in the field.

  5. Pinski

    Janish could not hit as well as Jason Bartlett this year.
    Bartlett’s current numbers in 44 games this season – 373/.418/.596 (OPS+ 161)

  6. Brian

    Pinski very true, I did not realize he was having that good a year. However, right now Janish is right around the career numbers of Bartlett and I don’t think it is absurd to think he could potentially keep those numbers given he plays more than once a month to develop any kind of consistency at the plate. Yes, Janish is more of a glove guy but who knows given the opportunity what Janish could do.

    SEASON .373 .418 .596
    CAREER .285 .345 .384

  7. Max

    The point is Brian, is that Dusty is being paid 4 mil per year to get the most out of his team? Is he?

    Do they really all suck this bad or is he not coaching them up/pushing the right buttons?