Ummm…the Reds just got swept by the Royals. Here’s the box score if you really want to re-live today’s “action”. Suffice to say that the entire team looked like Little Leaguers today.

The Reds scored six runs in the entire series. They scored just 15 on the six-game road trip. Thirty-four hits in those 6 games (with 15 coming in the first two; that’s 19 hits in the last four games), making pitchers like Shairon Martis, Jon Lannan, Ross Detwiler, Kyle Davies, Luke Hochevar, and Brian Bannister look like Cy Young candidates.

The Reds are no longer over .500. They went 2-4 on a road trip in which everyone seemed to agree that they needed to go 4-2, at a minimum.

Yes, I think you could safely describe this road trip as a disaster.

My head hurts.