Ummm…the Reds just got swept by the Royals. Here’s the box score if you really want to re-live today’s “action”. Suffice to say that the entire team looked like Little Leaguers today.

The Reds scored six runs in the entire series. They scored just 15 on the six-game road trip. Thirty-four hits in those 6 games (with 15 coming in the first two; that’s 19 hits in the last four games), making pitchers like Shairon Martis, Jon Lannan, Ross Detwiler, Kyle Davies, Luke Hochevar, and Brian Bannister look like Cy Young candidates.

The Reds are no longer over .500. They went 2-4 on a road trip in which everyone seemed to agree that they needed to go 4-2, at a minimum.

Yes, I think you could safely describe this road trip as a disaster.

My head hurts.

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  1. brublejr

    Simply terrible….that is all you really can say :poke:

  2. A.

    Where the hell is Drew Stubbs or Chris Heisey? I know the jump from AA to The Bigs is a big one, but just look at Heisey’s numbers.

  3. Matt B.

    And Walt Jocketty still doesn’t want to do anything.

  4. Jason

    With our Redlegs being only 2.5 games back (thanks rest of division for sucking equally as bad of late), Jocketty will stay with whats got us here in hopes of Votto, E2 and Volkkie returning will cure all of our issues. I think you can safely mark me down as saying that it wont.

  5. pinson343

    With that defense behind him and that offense, Cueto had no chance. We’re now closer to last place than first place, guess which direction we’re headed ?

    Can’t pin this one on Dusty, our level of talent has been exposed this week. Whether WJ expected 2009 to be a washout or not, the sum total of his off-season moves is looking bad right now. I remember hearing Castellini in a pre-season interview, he was bubbling over about how this team was going to win 90 games.
    I wonder what his current projection is.

  6. Dan

    They’ve had some stretches that have been better than expected (early May) and some stretches that were worse than expected (like now), and overall it comes out to what I think a lot of us expected back when the season started — .500 ball. 262 runs scored, 266 runs allowed — that’s a .500 team.

    And I wouldn’t trade 2 or 3 prospects (unless they’re marginal) for a bat, b/c I think it’s moot this year. I don’t think one hitter would matter enough. I’d rather stay young and improving.

  7. Dan

    I would like to see Dickerson get more time in CF though, and Fast Willy get less. I’d go with a Dickerson/Taveras platoon in CF and a Nix/Gomes platoon in LF… and honestly I’d like to find a way to get Gomes even more AB’s than that. He’s been productive, and I love his energy out there too.

  8. Tom Diesman

    I’d rather see them target some buried prospects from other teams rather than veterans who’s names we’ve heard of like Dye and DeRosa. I’ve got my eye on SS Brandon Wood and catcher Jeff Clement right now. They are both at AAA and doing well right now and could both step in and contribute now and for years to come. I’d be willing to deal any of Arroyo, Weathers, Rhodes, Taveras, Hernandez, Gonzalez, Hairston, Thompson, Ramirez, and Francisco to try to get them.

  9. Glenn

    Its about time to dip into AAA for some spark.

  10. GregD

    How many of the runs the reds scored the past 6 games were unearned? Today’s sole run was due to an error from the other team.

  11. Chris Garber

    At some point in the very near future, I’m going to dig through the archives to see what everyone said about the various off-season moves when they were announced.

    Yeah, I’m petty enough to want to revisit threads like these:

    and one of my favorite all-time threads:

  12. preach

    I can proudly say that I stand by my posts in those particular threads. There are some ‘baseball insiders’ and those with insider smugness however who may not be able to say the same thing…..

  13. preach

    I didn’t watch the game (again) but just read the box score. The only way we scored was on an error!?!?!? Nix’s average is down to @.250. Wow. This team is terrible.

  14. GregD

    They’ve played 13 games in June.

    Scored 40 runs total (3.1 per game)
    Only scored 32 earned runs (2.5 per game)

  15. CeeKeR

    My comment from one of the threads Chris linked to:

    Is it bad that I’m already sick of Taveras and it’s not even spring yet? Heck, I even pulled his card in a pack of baseball cards today…I was tempted to try and return the pack.

    Is it bad I STILL feel that way?

    Unless this team makes some moves Monday, there won’t be any joy in Cincinnati once again by the end of the summer…the thing people need to remember is that the Reds HAVE pitching for once – any improvement to the offense and this is a team that actually could win a best of 5 or best of 7 series…they just have to get there. Frankly, I’m sick of the “wait ’til next year” approach, we don’t know if next year Harang gets hurt, or Cueto, or Phillips, or whoever – at some point you have to say, screw it – we’ll try to win now. If it works, great – if it doesn’t, well, at least they tried…something that hasn’t happened much of this decade.

  16. preach

    Exactly. Give me a good rotation and a decent back end of the bullpen and you can stay competitive in a short series. All you need to do is get there. Score some runs NOW. And actually CeeKeR, winning isn’t something that’s happened much in the last two decades.

  17. mike

    Jason I think if Votto, EE, and Volquez return and return to form they will cure our ails

    but right now those 3 doing that is a big IF

  18. AnnapolisRed

    CeeKer-I am with you. I am sick of waiting until next year. This division is so winnable it isn’t even funny. The future is not guaranteed. Go for it when you have a chance.

  19. Travis G.

    I think they have to make an attempt to improve this offense, because future success can be elusive. Look at Cleveland, Arizona or Colorado in recent seasons.

    And it would not set back this franchise to go out and land a bona fide hitter to play LF. It would basically cost prospects, of which the Reds have several, or cash, which Castellini might be persuaded to spend. I don’t think, under current market conditions, the Reds would have to ship out Homer Bailey to land a couple of months’ worth of Jermaine Dye.

  20. Dan

    I don’t know… we’re a .500 team, just like a bunch of us thought. Why go for it when you’re just average? I don’t think this is the year.

    I mean, it may not take a Bailey to get Dye anymore – that’s true. But they’ll want someone. What if they want Heisey? There’s no chance I’d do that.

    I think we need to be realistic about where we are, and we need to be patient. Luckily, things actually are turning around. This isn’t “Haynes, Wilson, Serafini” patient. This is “Cueto, Volquez, Bailey, Votto, Bruce, Stubbs” patient. BIG difference.

  21. Dan

    (The one guy I wouldn’t mind trading out of the minors — if he has value now — is Juan Francisco. His K/BB ratio is exactly as bad as last year. His OBP is below .300 again. And he’s keeping Frazier from playing 3B! I just don’t think Francisco is going anywhere, ever. If he could bring us something, I’m OK with it. But most of our promising young guys, I don’t want to sell off. Let’s stay young and improving!)

  22. Behind In The Count

    Is Dusty suppose to be the manager or a counselor? Is it his job to put the best players on the field to give the REDS a chance to win? Too many times I see Dusty trying to keep his players from being down rather than giving us the best 9 players. You perform you play, it’s that simple.

  23. Jared

    A .500 team with a good pitching staff and weak offense will get a bigger boost from a single big bat than the regular old homerun-fest we saw before last year. As bad as it feels watching the team, this is probably the best chance there’s going to be in a while. Could it hurt to win some games this year?

  24. Dan

    Well, it depends who we’d need to give up, of course. Are you willing to part with Heisey or Frazier, for example, to get a bat for a long-shot run this year? I’m not.

  25. preach

    What do you have prospects for? To win ballgames. Truth be told, most of the names that have been mentioned in this thread will never make a significant impact in the major leagues. Get someone who can be a difference maker today. As long as you don’t mortgage the farm, tomorrow will take care of itself.

  26. Travis G.

    Heisey’s going to turn 25 years old in December, so I don’t mind trading him (or Francisco, Frazier or Valaika) for someone the Reds can plug into the cleanup spot for the rest of this season.

    Unless, of course, the front office knows something about Votto and Encarnacion that we don’t.

  27. shane

    Chris Garber: while you’re doing that, check and see what everyone was saying about Dickerson about that time

  28. taoistlumberjak

    Ok, so I was at Bonnaroo this weekend…and the Royals swept the Reds?
    Did someone slip me the brown acid and I’m just now noticing?