Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 4
Kansas City 7
WP: Davies (3-6)
LP: Arroyo (7-5)

–None. Absolutely none. This is quickly turning into a disastrous road trip.

–Six stinkin’ hits. TOS*

–Where do I start? Why not start at the top of the lineup, with Dusty’s leadoff hitter. Willy Taveras was 0-4 again. He has not had a hit this month. He is 0 for his last 32 at-bats. His OBP is .283. Dusty Baker should be fired for putting this guy at the leadoff spot. That’s just gross incompetence.

–Oh, and let’s not forget that Taveras looked like a little leaguer, making an error tonight, too. You know, with Corey Patterson last year, at least you knew he was always trying as hard as he could. I’m really not sure that’s the case with Taveras.

–Jay Bruce is playing just terribly, and he hasn’t been good in a while. I love the guy, and he has a great future, but he has been simply awful for as long as I can remember. I want to know when he’s coming out of this slump, because the signs of an emergence are few and far between.

–Aaaah, I’m not wasting my time going down the entire lineup. They all stink, with one exception (see below). I can’t stand to watch them right now.

–Please hurry back, Joey Votto and Edwin Encarnacion. Please? I’m begging you.

–Okay, maybe I could have put Ryan Hanigan as a positive tonight. He had two more hits, including a double, plus he reached base another time on an error. He had two RBIs and scored a run. He is the only hitter on the team that is playing well now.

–You realize that the Reds are thisclose to being swept by one of the most inept teams on the planet? You realize that, don’t you?

–I hope Johnny Cueto throws a no-hitter tomorrow.

*This Offense Stinks.

UPDATE: Sounds like Dusty Baker is upset with Brandon “Face of the Franchise” Phillips. I can’t imagine why. BP has been giving it his all since day one, hasn’t he? Hasn’t he?