I was working on the Draft Tracker for the Reds and noticed something…the normal stuff, 23 pitchers (3 left handers), 7 middle infielders, 7 center fielders, and 6 catchers.

But also…

3 players selected from University of California, Santa Barbara. (Matt Valaika #20, Shane Carlson #32, Forest Cannon #34)

Not too strange, that’s where Chris Valaika was from (in fact, Matt is his younger brother) and I’ve heard it’s a known baseball school. But 3 out of 51 from the same school seemed a little odd.


2 players from Taylorsville HS (Mississippi)? (#2 pick Billy Hamilton, #49 pick Darlon Hamilton) Brothers? I doubt it, I’d think some media person would have picked up on that if it were true.

2 players from South Forsyth HS (Georgia)? (#16 pick Chase Fowler, #45 pick Brian Adams)

2 players from Young Harris College? (#24 pick Derrick Lowery, and #48 pick Kenny Swab) (According to their website, Young Harris is a 2 year residential liberal arts school in Georgia, for those like me that had never heard of it before.)

I’m not questioning any of these picks, I don’t know anything about the players involved, but picking 9 of your 51 players from 4 different schools just seems strange and makes it seem like the scouts weren’t throwing their nets out very wide.

Heck, 4 of the picks (South Forsyth and Young Harris) are within 100 miles of each other (according to Google Maps). What are the odds of that?

I hope I’m wrong…they surely know more about this than I do, I just thought it was odd.